Wonder Girls Wins Best Dresser Award for Singer Category 081209

The 25th Korea Best Dresser Awards was held this evening at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hannam-dong, Namsan where awards were given to people from all walks of life in Korea for setting fashion trends/best dressed. The Wonder Girls were the winners for the singer category along with Son Ho Young.


At the red carpet


Doing the catwalk on stage


Receiving their Swan award from fashion guru, Andre Kim


Not the best choice of outfits on such a day I feel. Maybe that’s why I can’t be a fashionista. For once, all of them look like they are separate entities.


61 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Wins Best Dresser Award for Singer Category 081209

  1. sun ye and sohee look so bad they outcasted with wut thiere wearing something. Sohee look really ugly as always and why she in blue sunye just why that outfit you aint sun mi you dont have the body like gees.

  2. yoobin is looking sexy in these pics…out of all of there outfits i like yoobin more…but all of them is pretty…i just wish that sunye had on something different….

  3. Eh… I think they look good in their casual clothes, but for this event… I can’t say the same. Sohee has amazing taste for clothes. There hasn’t been a time where I’ve seen Sohee’s clothes out of her costume when I thought that her outfit’s not really working.

    The only outfits here that I thought looked really nice was Sohee’s and Sun Mi’s, and Ye Eun’s is slightly nice, too. But Sun Ye’s and Yoobin’s? I can’t say the same. @.@

    But Andre Kim likes weird clothes anyway. Hahahahha!

  4. omg. they look so GORGEOUS!!!
    they totally deserve it.
    look t YeEun (the pic where she walked out holding the flowers)
    absolut model persona!

    SUNYE!!! look so nice with her hair tied to the side!
    YOOBIN!!!! looking sexy in little black dress!
    SUNMI!!! she just look cute!
    sohee! stands out in the sea of black. πŸ™‚

    omg yeeun totally stole the show.
    and i LOVE SUNYE!!! loving her boots!! WOOHOO!!

  5. Omgosh how weird! I was looking at Sun Mi’s dress a couple days ago. I was going to buy it except in lilac for my Winter Formal but my boyfriend didn’t really like the color. It’s a BCBG dress. :] She looks really nice in it! Wish I bought the dress now ;-;

  6. when i saw sunye’s outfit i thinking to JYP first hahaha
    and i totally sure andre kim must love sunye’s outfit ^^

    i love sunmi’s outfit the best, simple but look good ^^

  7. I sort of agree coolsmurf.
    Their outfits weren’t together as a group but I LOVE Sohee and SunMi’s dresses!!!
    Although I do agree with some here that SunMi is too skinny for a tube top dress. but she does still look soooooooooooo gorgeous in it!!
    It saddens me a bit to see Sunye is pants..
    I personally love her legs!
    Although I guess Sohee is the one known for sexy legs.
    I love that they won an award totally different from singing or popular song.
    They won it for being so incredibly HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT every day!

    thanks coolsmurf

  8. Wonder girls look great except their outfits!! Seriously, this has JYP fashion sense written all over it, especially Sun ye. She looks like she got her clothes from JYP’s closet, lol. Never the less, they all look good.

  9. aww i think the 2 maknaes have really blossomed into mature, young women :] they are 17~

    i have to admit, the 3 older sisters disappointed me.
    ESP. leadermin. -.- the outfit was a disaster. TT_TT

    i could barely see ye eun’s & yoobin’s.
    though yoobin at least showed her sexy legs off hahaha

    i liked sunmi’s outfit. it was sexy and something we rarely see from the 4D girl. hahaha & sohee’s was so cute~

  10. sunmi unnie..she always has the best and fashionable dress in the group…second is sohee third is yoo bin fourth is yeeun the last will be sunye i think its because she’s the leader of the group ha ha go wondergirls

  11. i think they look great! nothing wrong with the stylist, its very fashionable… WONDER GIRLS looks gorgeos!

  12. uhh…sunye’s outfit was ugly! 😦 it looked so manly compared to the others & that hairstyle with that outfit was so odd looking!! i wish they wouldve at least given her wavy curls & unbutton the first two buttons of her shirt…it looks so uptight even though shes smiling so happily.

    yeah, whyd they have ye eun cover up her dress…lame!

    yoobin’s outfit was okay…but she shouldve had a pop of color…too much darkness. she tends to wear a lot of black & dark colors.

    sunmi’s dress was pretty & suited her feminine style…but yeah, she’s so skinny that the sleeveless cut of the dress didnt compliment her very well. but she still looked pretty.

    sohee’s outfit was the overall best look. her hair & dress were pretty & relaxed and well coordinated. but the thing that always bothers me is how they make sohee dress so much older than she is. its kind of disturbing for old-timers like me…okay i’m a year younger than yoobin…but still–i just feel like they should all dress their age…

    i guess theyre trying to make the leader more unique & such and make the maknaes dress older to even out the age range…but still.

    anyway, they still look pretty even if their outfits arent the best. i want their shoes too!! i always love their shoes πŸ™‚

  13. i think yoobin and ye eun looked the best.
    yoobin looks really hot in the black dress and
    ye eun looks really sophiscated in her outfit
    with her hairdo. they should straighten yoobin’s
    hair more often it looks really goood

  14. not their best def. sunmi looked the best and they should take off ye eun’s overcoat. also so hee’s color is noticeably different but the color isn’t so nice and the dress does not do her curves justice. same with sunye, the color is weird and the outfit plus hair looks odd. yoobin looks okay but the dress could be better. the stylists probably had a bad day? anyway i know they have better syle than this lol congrats to them!!!

  15. everybody looks gorgeous! i love love love sunmi’s whole ensemble and sohee’s shoes! ❀ don’t really like what sunye’s wearing though..

  16. I love Sunye but I hate the outfit!. And, I agree, Andre Kim must have LOVED that silver monstrosity (right up his alley.)

  17. sun ye looks like my mom going to a party in the 80s
    i bet andre kim liked her outfit
    poor sun ye i sure it wasnt her that choose wear this
    but i liked her hair it looks nice

    ye eun dress was too bland

    sunmi dress is cute, but she looks too skinny in a not wealthy way in it

    but i liked so hee and yoo bin outfits

    yeah it wasnt the best choice to go when you are receiving best dresser award

    I’m dying to see what they are going to wear tomorrow at the golden disk

  18. sun ye looks like my mom going to a party in the 80s
    i bet andre kim liked her outfit
    poor sun ye i sure it wasnt her that choose wear this
    but i liked her hair it looks nice

    ye eun dress was too bland

    sunmi dress is cute, but she looks too skinny in a not wealthy way in it

    but i liked so hee and yoo bin outfits

    yeah it wasnt the best choice to go when you are receiving best dresser award

  19. My Sohee is always dressing the opposite from the rest of the girls. (This time is color) I love the color she’s wearing including Sunye’s sliver shirt. I want to watch the catwalk. They must feel embarrass but very happy to win such an award. Thanks.

  20. Andre Kim is so scary looking! (O_O)

    I love sunye’s boots!! ( and the silver top is strangely growing on me…must be space-age fashion calling out to me ) πŸ™‚ .


    *all caps off, thank you*

  22. yeah…I’m not really feeling the outfits…the stylist could have done better…BUT i LOVE Sunye’s new hair extensions!

    Congrats to the girls!


  23. I’ve noticed that they always give Sunye the really edgy or experimental look/clothes/hair style , does she like to experiment or something? Its like GD of Big Bang, not always the ‘best dressed’ but always the one who stands out.

    The rest of the members are looking very pretty, they’re all turning out to be beautiful young women.

  24. sunmi has great slim and long legs,but so hee has better legs i think
    i truly think so hee has the best body out of all members
    i didnt like sun ye’s outfit at first,but she still looks nice with it and i absolutely love her hair,so cute as always!
    the others look good though

  25. sunmi is so tall and WHITE!! haha shes truely a princess. i hated everyone’s outfits too…not up to standard, i suppose?

  26. yoobin Is a bit…
    sunmi looked the best.
    ye eun looked like a real model.so hee looked like a different person but as always she is pretty.

  27. Most people don’t know fashion when they see it, they just know commercial trends. I looove Sum Mi’s dress and her shoes as well as Yu Bins! I want those shoes!

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  29. OMG the girls are GORGEOUS!!
    No wonder they won the best dresser for that night. Just look at their style ^_^
    Love Yeeun’s middle parting red hair!
    Sunye and the extensions so cute! Love her style. She looks classy.

  30. for once i tot sunye’s hair grew already(in super fast speed, well lets just say i forgot abt hair extension thingy) – and im loving sunye’s artistic outfit ^^

  31. wow! nice outfitsss!! it’s kind of nice to see them wearing different outfits πŸ™‚ Their Black Heels and Sunye’s boots.. IT LOOKS SO NICE! Too bad I dont wear heels, or i think i’m not old enough? =))

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  33. Congrats, girls!!! ^^ I think they all look good. I would totally wear Sun Ye’s shirt. I’m not even joking lol

    And omg So Hee is that a dress or a shirt? XD She must be freezing.

  34. ooh! They look so pretty! and there outfits are all stunning!!!! Sun Mi’s and So Hee’s one piece are pretty short,but it’s okay they pull it off really well. I love Ye Eun’s hair let down like that it looks beautiful,and although Leader mins outfit is kinda weird,it looks like something made for a leader lol.Yoo Bin’s shorts are nice as well.

  35. also, were they made to walk the ramp?..Looks like it from the pictures.

    Why have they gone back to PANTS for leader?. I wish they had given her extensions without tying it in a side pony!


    Sun ye’s hair looks really nice on the carpet and dayum Yoo Bin looks sexy in black!

  37. sun mi and so hee look so sweet in their outfits!
    yoobin looks fierce, i love it!
    i really like ye eun’s dress but she covered it with a jacket…
    sun ye’s hair looks great. i love everything about her outfit but i wished she would have gone for a more flattering top.

    nonetheless, all the girls looked fabulous that night!
    congrats congrats πŸ™‚ i wanna see them walk the runway too LOL

  38. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BUT I HATE THE OUTFITS THEY WORE TODAY!..except for maybe SoHee’s.

    SunMi’s dress looks awkward, she’s too skinny to wear a tube top dress!

    YeEun, they should have removed that outerwear! Why make her cover up her dress!!..

    SunYe , I love her and I hate her outfit the most :(…she looks like she’s going riding in outer space!! ( why do you stylists hate sunye soooo much!)

    YooBin, I can only see faux fur and crushed velvet… and not liking it.


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