Wonder Girls Recording Wonder Bakery (24P) 081208

Photos from Star News of the Wonder Girls recording Wonder Bakery yesterday. This particular episode will be shown on 17th December.


PD Kwon Young Chan explained the reality show, “It’s because there isn’t a show where they (Wonder Girls) get to honestly express themselves.”


Download (MF) | 24 pictures zipped


29 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Recording Wonder Bakery (24P) 081208

  1. awww they are so adorablee~~
    yoosoo are cute together! it’s nice to see them fooling around with each other^^ (intimate note is a useful show…) look at them in 2nd picture!:P and the one where maknae feed her unnie!^^ so cute~!
    haha LoL at Sunmi with the huge choco lips!xD


  2. Sobin couple are so romantic. They’re closer now after intimate note show. I wonder what Sunmi thinks of this relationship? Do I smell jealousy? hahaha! Thank you.

  3. wow haha can’t wait to see the next episode of the wonder bakery…I noticed that there are more BinHee Moments there…I am so glad that the eldest and the youngest gets closer with each other…
    So Hee is so sweet trying to feed her Binnie..

    Oh Sun Mi is so adorable with those yummy lip chocolate.
    And Mandu too is so adorable while she blew her face with that spatula…

    Min Jookie looks very amazed….They are so cute…
    Ye eun looks focused…

  4. They are so cute!
    It’s true though,what the PD said. Now WG gets to be in this show. People will get to know them more.

  5. Hehehe they are closer!! I’m really glad that YooSo are closer! ❤

    Ye Eun putting effort into everything she does!! <33

  6. ohhh soo kawiii

    and yooso couple looked really ‘comfortable’
    [not like they were before] but their showing their ‘love’
    awwwwww lol xD

  7. LOL@SunMi!!!!
    She’s so freakn cute with the huge chocolate lips. xD
    harmsupjai… -.-
    Yeeun hard at work 😀 LOVE her for that!
    Sunye seems to be veerrryy fascinated in bakery
    And Sohee/Yoobin just chillin out taste testing?
    Hahaha looks like the girls are having fun
    Can’t wait to see this episode

    thanks coolsmurf

  8. whatever they’re making loooks delcious
    haha chocolate lips im ready to watch this episode looks really really fun
    the girls look like they are having so much fun learning how to bake
    wondergirls please bake something yummy for me too!
    thanks for posting this coolsmurf

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