Wonder Girls @ Park So Hyun Love Game 081202

The Wonder Girls appearing on Park So Hyun Love Game radio show on 2nd December. Recording took place on the same day as Open Concert.

081202 Park So Hyun Love Game #1

081202 Park So Hyun Love Game #2081202 Park So Hyun Love Game #3081202 Park So Hyun Love Game #4081202 Park So Hyun Love Game #5


33 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Park So Hyun Love Game 081202

  1. Sun Mi and Sohee look very beautiful! They’re growing to be amazingly pretty! And Ye Eun! She’s becoming more gorgeous when I see her!

  2. Netizens are floored by Shin Hae Chul’s recent blow to the Wonder Girls, and rightfully so!

    The Details:

    Apparently, during Shin Hae Chul’s recent showcase for his new album, Shin was quoted as saying, “I definitely think that there are people who are irritated with Wonder Girls’ bum-shaking music. I made music for those kinds of people.” Immediately after, he tried to redeem himself by saying, “Oh, Wonder Girls’ can’t hear this…can you please delete that part.”
    Fans are outraged that Shin would single out WG and call WG’s music “bum-shaking music.”

    *note: Shin Hae Chul is a famous musician in Korea and is known for being out-spoken.

    However, after visiting a few WG fancafes, a lot of Korean WonderFools are trying to ignore his crude remarks by brushing it off and calling Shin Hae Chul a mere “noise-maker.” they think Shin is running his mouth again to promote himself and get himself in the most searched list again.

    Credit: psyon@newsen.com + wgstarzone

  3. Our 5 angels look so pretty here..
    they all look happy and relaxed..
    SoHee is too cute for words.. ^^

    i love the first and second pic.. =)

  4. ah~ they look like angels here. heehee
    so relaxed.
    even their hair looks relaxed, so nice~

    haha i realised SunYe likes baggy tops when she goes on shows like this… so adorable in the first picture…

  5. omg Sunmi @_@ She look so pretty! She becoming prettier and prettier each time I see her.
    Sohee and Yeeun both has a middle-parting hair XD
    They looked gorgeous!

  6. I am in love with SoHee hair! I orginally cut all my hair off b/c I loved Yobin’s hair….so now I’m growing back my hair b/c I love SoHee’s and SunMi’s hair styles!

  7. Sohee looks so tall, I’ve noticed whatever hairstyle sojee does yeeun does too.. Like the half ponytail, the little apple ponytail and now the no bang part in the middle hair…
    I like Sunmi and sohee clothes~
    Thank you~~

  8. Lol!
    Sohee looks to be the most energetic here.
    I’m head over heels in love with MiSo’s outfits.
    Gorgeous girls in gorgeous clothes!?
    What’s better than that?
    Can’t wait to see more of this. 🙂

    thanks coolsmurf

  9. yeeun and sun mi look kind of similar with their hairstyles/colors…and are both gorgeous. and sohee looks cute as always.

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