Wonder Girls Wishes Wonderfuls A Merry Xmas 081208

Messages left by each Wonder Girls for Wonderfuls at Cafe Daum in view of the coming Christmas season. Merry X-mas to everyone as well!



credits: daum + iheartwg + kimyoobin@wordpress + sunmijjang@wordpress + RedMangoLover@wgjjang


41 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Wishes Wonderfuls A Merry Xmas 081208

  1. This is so sweet. Lol. SunMi.. santa grandpa. Hah!. Well Happy Holidays to the WG. Hope they get some time to rest and relax, too.

  2. hahhahah!

    sun mi message is the cutest ^O^

    but yoo bin really has drawing talent! her snow man is very

    cute ^^

    btw, Merry X-mas you guys !!!!!!!!

  3. OMG sunmi’s smiley(?) face is too cute for words!!

    i’m envious of their handwriting XD

    thanks for sharing!

  4. I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.
    Wonder Girls. I love U so much. Thank you.

  5. Ahh, Sunmi’s happy face is so cute! Interesting new name for Santa… Santa Grandpa. xD Happy holidays everyone!

  6. LOL!! YeEun’s msg is soo cute!! LOve itt!!
    and omgosh SunMi’s msg is just hilarious xD shes funny =)
    makes everyone happy while reading hers =D

  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

    To the Wonder Girls whom i adore, i hope you all spend this festive season happily along with your family, yoobin unnie, i hope you can celebrate christmas with your loved ones, since your parents are in the US… ye eun unnie, if i had the chance i would cook you some delicious home made food! lol, make sure don’t eat too much! sunye unnie, don’t stress out or worry too much about your members as you a like their mother, i hope this christmas will be the best christmas ever ! Sunmi and Sohee unnie, you guys look tired lately so i hope you can get some rest, and always be healthy!

    To all wonderfuls, it has been a year since i’ve become their fan… i can’t believe how times just fly by! wonderfuls, we should be proud of ourselves, we always give our love and support for them, i think that is the is the best give the girls could ever wish for… i know that one day wonderfuls will be the largest fanbase in the whole world! This year has ended beautifully… lets hope for a better year next year!

    like jyp said, their fame has only begun… lets make 2009 THE WONDE YEAR!!! WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAITING!!!

  8. As always, the stupid So Hee as antisocial. Hopefully leave the group, it ruins the image sweet and kind to the other.

  9. aww i always love their messages<3

    our wonderful Wonder Girls have very happy and enjoyable xmas and happy new year!^^

    @LoL at Sunmi’s ,,santa grandpa pls give presents”xD
    omg 4D girl<3

  10. wrogn translations for sohee
    “merry christmas
    have a happy and exciting/enjoyable christmas..!!
    happy new year”

  11. @sarangsarang

    I do realize that Insooni and Lena Park are not ‘amateur’ singers. HENCE, the excitement about SunYe participating in this project.

    There is no point talking to you, and really don’t want to get into an argument but your logic about them doing the project ‘right now’ OR ‘never’ is kind of , how do I say this…uhh…stupid.

  12. @MinMaknae

    no, JYPE didn’t said, who said this news is only one resource,
    if it true, they should do right now, this project look like a big project, many people cant wait to see dream girls, it so impossible that they will promote their digital single for a short time, Insooni and lena park is not amature.

  13. @sarangsarang

    umm…are you asking me to wake up and face reality?..and that all news regarding this collaboration is just hearsay?..I f its so I really don’t have a problem. I’m just saying what I’ve read.

    There is absolutely no need to get so riled up and Also, if I’m not mistaken JYP ent. said that SunYe would be going and promoting along with these sunbaes which leads me to believe that this news is in fact VERY AUTHENTIC.

    They will be going to the US after their concert in February, so till then she has enough time to go ahead and promote this song. And also what is stopping her from promoting this song after they come back to Korea?


  14. @MinMaknae
    some news, There’re no sunye collab with lena park and insooni!!
    IT’S JUST RUMOR!!! if it real why i cant hear anything about that news!!
    so sorry, but if sunye was chose for collab with great sunbae, why no news about this?
    or why sunye dont say something when they talk in radio or show?
    why no interviewer or dj ask her about this???
    like you know wgs will stop promote and prepare to go to usa,
    if THAT RUMOR is real, is she’ll have the time to promote their song?
    GET UP GUY!!!!

  15. Completely agreed with MinMaknae!
    They all have their own style and I absolutely love it.
    LOL@SunMi.. showing her 4D side again.. xD
    I will personally go to grandpa santa and demand that he give the Wonder Girls plenty of presents.
    Yay for Sohee! :DD. We’re happy if she’s happy.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to the girls and I hope 2009 brings them everything 2007 and 2008 have.
    Perhaps more.

    thanks coolsmurf

  16. haha i realised that sunye always like to add some musical notes in her letters etc…
    yeeun’s so neat.
    yoobin and her happy snowman
    loving the face that sunmi drew and “santa grandpa please give me present T.T” hahaha…

    and to the 5 christmas wonder, our beloved WGs.

    it’s sure gonna be a WONDERFUL christmas.

  17. Yeah.. We will always be behind you WOnder Girls..
    in hard and happy times.. MERRY XMAS.. love you Girls…..

  18. I really don’t see how you can differentiate between the girls messages. They’re all beautiful and heartfelt. 🙂

    1 love for all 5 wonders (lets try and do that this year!!)

    YooBin: you love drawing don’t you!. Thank you for the wishes and the super-adorable snow-Binnie (yep..thats what I’m calling it). Keep smiling!!!!!

    YeEun : Park Oppa!!..Love you loads and thank you for always thinkin about us wonderfuls…hope YooMin bakes lots of cookies and brownies for you.

    SunYe : MinMaknae..Omma..Minjookie..many names for one extra-ordinary and gorgeous girl..I want you to be happy and hope that luck shines on you forever!!!…ALL THE BEST ON THE INSOONI-LENA PARK collab…Oh and could you please grow your hair (PLEASE!..:) ) we, wonderfuls miss your long beautiful hair!

    SunMi : Don’t despair you’re goin to get LOADS of gifts ( a kiss from binnie again?..keke).. Never change, be a 4D beauty forever.

    SoHee : You’re happy?..Then we’re happy!! 🙂 … Remember we’re always behind you and support you!..The baby of the group, we owe a special duty of care to you.. Glad that you’re coming out of your shell nowadays.

  19. lol Sunmi ask for presents from Santa XD
    Hope the girls has a wonderful Christmas!
    Let’s continue to make wonder next year! ^_^

  20. I agree, Ye Euns messages always give me hope!
    LOL @ Sun Mi! I’ll give you a present Sun Mi!
    Wish all of the Girls a happy Christmas and a new year full of hope, luck and happiness!

  21. woder girls and wonderfuls, MERRY CHRISTMAS
    let’s make 2009 another WONDER YEAR !
    WONDER GIRLS you owned 2008 !
    goodluck in 2009 ~

    i hope you girls have a wonderful happy new year and become the best in the world! Sun mi grandpa santa will come and give us presents i just know it

    the girls are so thoughtful to take time out of their busy schedule to leave a message to us the loving and adoring wonderful fans they seem so happy too! and sun mi still manages to get me to laugh shes so funnY!


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