So Hee, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Program 081207

So Hee, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi on MBC FM Shim Shim Ta Pa on 7th December (pre-recorded on 4th) hosted by Shin Dong and Kim Shin Young. Sun Mi’s pet kitten Mango (given by fan) makes her first public (kind of) appearance.

Kim Shin Young, So Hee, Yoo Bin, Pumbaa and Timon

This is their 3rd week doing this after a break last week.

Yoo BinSun MiSo Hee


55 thoughts on “So Hee, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Program 081207

  1. I SEE MANGO <333

    Mango is sooo cute !

    So is SunMi πŸ˜€

    To bad Mango isn't suited in the dorm but also Sohee doesn't like Mango that much.

  2. soooooo cute….

    and when i look at so hee’s eyes, seems like she’s planning something on mango….ahahahaa

    nice pics… yoo bin and sun mi so much!

  3. Yoobin looks so hood!!! XD In her picture poster thing, the bottom left one of her makes her look alot like TOP. XD

    I just adore Shin Dong with Sun Mi like in that first picture. ^^

    Sohee is no longer Sun Mi’s cat. XD

  4. Oh wow, I always love YooBin’s clothes…thank you for posting this. The girls looked like they had a lot of fun and it’s nice to see Mango out of the house. SunMi’s just so pretty~

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  6. haha…i heard it on radio! (: when i was in the hotel in korea…it was kinda nice to hear their voices lol. though i was not fortunate enough to see them…saw song hye kyo though. at the airport…filming the world that we live in probably…haha. what an experience…

  7. i love their style! i like their outfits so much better
    in the clothes they pick out to wear by themselves!
    awh yoobin and sun mi with the kitty! so cute =]

  8. AHH! i want yoobin’s hoody! SO NICE! and it has “play dirty” on it! LOL!

    and i just watched MTV wondergirls season 1 and 3 and i fell in love with wondergirls even more! GO WG! FIGHTING! :D:D

  9. is it me or is sohee smiling more these days? since this “wonder girls get intimate”-or-something-like-that- program…
    I really hope it’s like that ^o^
    wg fighting =)

  10. lol Yoobin and Sunmi wanted to eat Mango XD
    I love Yoobin’s hoodie. She looks so cool here.
    MiSo are pretty as usual.
    Wonder Mango XD

  11. i love yoobin’s outift and her ‘play dirty’ hoodie!!!
    and yoobin unnie, kimbap is better than a cat~
    i wish i have a ‘mango’ too haha

  12. Notice how only sunmi & yoobin are playing with the cat… Haha sohee jealous lol?

    Anw, she looks really lively here. In fact all of them look greaaaaaaaaat πŸ˜€

  13. yoo bin is so pretty!! sun mi looks so mature but young at the same time, she’s so awesome and i love so hee’s pictures, she’s so happy haha mango is sooo luckyy!

  14. OOO… yoobin has an UNDFTD hoodie! OMG… i want one now. Sunmi’s been struttin the flannel, can’t blame her, the winter season just makes you wear it ( i know i do!).

  15. I like Mango. If only cats could stay small.
    I also like the way Yoo Bin can get away with wearing anything. I love that hoodie. She makes it look so gangster.

  16. awww.. i love sohee’s laugh.. she so cute! u can’t see her eyes. ❀
    sunmi is always standing next to her pumba!!! heheh..
    mango is so cute!
    and u gonna love silly unnie yoobin. πŸ™‚

  17. i like yoobin’s hoodie “play dirty” lol she’s adorable.

    sunmi is just gorgeous! cant help but look at her ❀ her kitty is so cute!!! haha mango’s first public appearance πŸ™‚

    Maaaaaaaaaaajor kudos to the fan who gave SunMi Mango.
    Looks like SunMi really just loves that kitten. πŸ˜€
    They’re so CUUUUUUTE together! ^^
    I hope SunMi still has time for Ahn bang ool ee… πŸ˜›
    Is it just me or does Yoobin look extra super sexy hot here?
    I agree with YeEun Sohee does look lively here! :DDDDD
    SunMi is just so damn pretty!
    I cannot get over that!!
    Every time I look at her she’s even prettier than before!
    I LOOOOVE her bangs. they’re so sassy. xD

    thanks coolsmurf

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