Wonder Girls Appointed Honorary Ambassadors of V-League 081207

The Wonder Girls were at the Daejeon Chungmu Gymnasium this afternoon where they were appointed honorary ambassadors of the V-League (Korean volleyball league). Before the game between Samsung Bluefangs and LIG Greaters, the Wonder Girls performed their standard Nobody and Tell Me routine. No ugly wigs with their multi-layered color outfits.


Apart from the others, Yoo Bin and So Hee sported new hairstyles.


Their standard Nobody and Tell Me routine.



49 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Appointed Honorary Ambassadors of V-League 081207

  1. for some reason, they look better w/ their real hair in these clothes
    rather than those hideous wigs & those clothes lol

  2. i absolutely love the way the look now!

    i now realize that the hair was so ugly, it made the dress look bad, but now it looks great (:

  3. it’s jang SUH HEE not SOH HEE

    jang suh hee was in the same program as sun yeh when she was little. she is VERY talented. she was a really good dancer since she was little. i heard that she was the leader.

  4. yeah, its true hyun ah is going to be in a group… where can i find a picture of jang sohee???

  5. yayyyy love sunmi hair and adorable so hee hope they dont wear ugly wigs again.it made them look ugly except sunmi and so hee

  6. did you guys read about kim hyuna and jang sohee debuting alongside choi gina as another girl group when the summer of 2009 hits?

    the girls look gorgeous! people need to get over yoobin gaining a little weight. its great to know shes human and not some plastic superstar

  7. Lol looks like their stylists went crazy with the curling iron.
    But they all look cute ^^

    I love Yeeun with her hair down!

  8. ah~ they look so good with their hair like that.



    sohee’s so cute with that hair.

  9. woohooo two things I enjoy greatly in life, Wonder Girls and volleyball! oh yeah! hehehe the girls looked a lot better without those wigs!

  10. whats wrong with her hair?. Its cute!. Wish that you’d stop bashing on her. If she wears a wig then there’s a problem, if she doesn’t then her real hair is a problem.

    What do you want her to do? wear a cap all the time? shave it all off? GOD!

  11. is this the same even as last years? i remember back in the tell me days they performed in the tennis courts LOL. but they look absolutely stunning on their real hair! no wigs =)

    thanks alvin!

  12. Hey! Here’s the link to the pointing game 3 people picked Ye Eun haha, 2 picked Yoo Bin,and no one picked the other lady(sorry I seriously forgot her name) That was really weird lol,Anyways I actually thought most of them would have picked Yoo Bin….

  13. but yoobin’s face has always been chubby and cute.. i think this hair actually suits her hehe it makes her look so cute!!! like a doll =D

  14. They look greattt!! I like Yoo Bins and So hees new hairstyle, So hee’s reminds me of the So Hot days, except curled. Omg… Ye Eun ALWAYS looks stunning, i think she’s the photogenic one 🙂

  15. ne da ya new outfit..dh lama ny ki..kat music cre dh pakai la..nway bagus a wig dah xda..bok kacak rupa wonder girls..

  16. yoobin’s hairstyle makes her look chubby… i think they all look pretty, but sunmi, ye eun and sunmi for me looks the best! sohee’s too cute for words!

  17. They should have wore these outfits without the wigs a looong time ago lol Yoobin’s hair does give off the illusion that she’s chubby though. She should grow it out again ^^; I liked So Hee’s hair best during the “So Hot” days. Still nice-looking though ❤

  18. @00001
    u cud’ve only just said the latter part…
    we believe u don’t worry… no need to
    justify it by flaming the other’s ❤

  19. wow… aren’t these new outfits??
    jyp is pulling out all stops!

    their shoes look great as usual too ^^

    somehow, sohee’s hairstyle makes her whole look more 80s, while sunmi’s look is so mod yet modern.
    the girls look beautiful

  20. another trouble-maker enters the ring O_O. When will you learn?

    YooBin is not fat!. As sexy as always!
    SunYe’s hair is not ugly!. As perfect as always!
    SoHee’s as cute as always!
    SunMi’ s as pretty as always!

    YeEun is as hot as always!

  21. theyre so pretty!
    i loved sohee’s hair during so hot promotion
    & this is kind of like that…cept off center & curly..
    it does make her look older but she’s still really cute & pretty with it.
    yoobin’s hairstyle also is older looking but still really pretty.
    sunye’s hair is cute when it’s down.
    too bad i dont like sunmi’s new hair color..it looks like some of mustard yellow-brown. 😦 hopefully it’s the lighting. she looks best with darker colors ’cause of her white complexion.
    and yeah! ye eun’s getting prettier and prettier every day ! i’m so jealous!
    i cut my bangs kiiind of like sunye’s old ones today…but found out they dont suit me ’cause i gained weight in my cheeks and my nose is rather big 😦 poo.
    anyway! go wondergirls 🙂

  22. sohee look older with that hair style
    sunye’s hair is so ugly
    yubin’s hair make her look fatter
    sunmi’s hair is same same
    YEEUN’s hair is the BEST ❤

  23. sunye…I hope your hair grows longer fast!!

    I hope that its shoulder length by your concert next february…please dun’t cut it!!!

  24. wow! i love those outfits! seems like everyone is happy with the wigs gone! lol, i hope they perform more nobody rainstoned remix cuz it suits the cold season in Korea… i’m looking forward for their 2nd album! but no rush, they need some rest… WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAITING!!! thanks coolsmurf!

  25. Woah!
    Sohee’s really trying out all the different hair styles huh?
    Down curly with a cute tail at the top.. not my favorite but it’s not bad either!!
    In other words ADORABLE! Haha
    SunMi looking so pretty and cute at the same time like always
    Yeeun is looking hotter and hotter every day!
    Sunye’s hair’s growing back for a ponytail!?
    I wonder if she’ll fully grow it out or keep it short..
    I love the weight on Yoobin SEXY!
    Grats to the girls!
    I wonder if any of them play volleyball..

    thanks coolsmurf

  26. YES~!!!!!!!!!!! finally NO UGLY WIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    the girls look very stunning !!!!!

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