Giant Wonder Girls Crown Bakery Poster

When I mean giant, it’s really gigantic. Crown Bakery wishes you a Wonder Christmas! 5 different poses, 5 times the wonder, they are Wonder Girls!

Wonder Girls wishes you a Wonder Christmas!

Download original sized poster


32 thoughts on “Giant Wonder Girls Crown Bakery Poster

  1. They all look very pretty,and lol @ Sun Ye,she looks cute,although by the look in her eyes she look very tired.

  2. coolsmurf have you turned into a Kara fan lately? their new song is catchy, i’m glad they are getting attention… they are my third favourite girl group…
    1) Wonder Girls (off course!)
    2) SNSD
    3) KARA
    I just hope this comparing over girl groups is going to be over soon! but for me, WONDER GIRLS will always be the best girl group i’ve ever known in my life! WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAITING!!!

  3. SO CUTE!
    SunMi is soo damn adorable here!
    Looooooove the hats and the cake and of course them.

    thanks coolsmurf

  4. i LOVE this poster…. 😀
    the girls look so pretty in red. compliments their pale (an tan ^^;) complexions.

    are those adorable hats available @Crown Bakery then? i have to get one! XD

  5. i agree, something strange about the way sun ye looks in this photo… i think it’s the bright red lipstick with the pale skin tone… and the awkward positioning of her hand perhaps. and sunmi just looks fantastic

  6. Happy Holidays! ^^
    That cake looks so delicious like, way too perfect for words lol

    Red is definitely their best color. They all look great wearing it and I love how Sun Mi’s bang flips. So cute XD
    Btw those SO look like Big Bang’s Baskin Robbin’s hats lmao

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