Wonder Girls Get Closer On Intimate Note

Korea’s Little Sisters, the Wonder Girls were given a chance to improve their relationships with each other on SBS Intimate Note. This especially got a lot of attention from netizens as Yoo Bin and So Hee were paired up together.

Wonder Girls on Intimate Note

On a previous episode of Mnet My Favorite, So Hee and Yoo Bin admitted to still having an awkward relationship, barely having any conversations.

While Ye Eun, Sun Mi and Sun Ye were given a chance to go on a trip with one another, Yoo Bin and So Hee got a special chance to improve their ‘awkward’ relationship. From the photos above, they might have done just that.

SBS Intimate Note starring Wonder Girls will be shown on 12th December. Once again, I like the idea that the Wonder Girls go on yet another variety show with some purpose. Wonder Bakery lets them do stuff they normally can’t. Credit to the program producers and JYP Entertainment for such an arrangement.

credit to Kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com for translation


50 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Get Closer On Intimate Note

  1. Isn’t it WonderBang or what?! Seungri + Top relationship is the same….LOL…they are a good match together!

  2. awww. lol its always hard for the magnaes and the eldest isnt it? just like big bang. XD keke.
    this ep. seems so fun!
    i love sohees hair! its really pretty ❤

  3. Yeah, I agree I like how Wonder Girls are going on lots of variety shows now ^^
    Yeaaah~~~ Jeolsin~~ I just watched the epi with Junsu and it’s such a fun show. Can’t wait to watch this ^____^

  4. i think sohee loves her members very much, and I agree with mandulikesbinnie… i think sohee is comfortable with yubin but she’s more comfortable to tell her problems to sunye, ye eun or sunmi… i hope this show will make their sistership stronger! WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!!

  5. It was a bit surprising when wonder girls said than Yubin and Sohee don’t talk that much and have awkward relationship.

    It’s clear you see more interacting between Yoobin and Sunmi or Yeeun or even Sunye.
    But with Sohee it’s hard to figure what she is thinking, she only really show affection to Sunmi since Hyuna have left them.

    In MTV season 3, it was like Yoobin and Sohee were close together(in many shots) but it was because they was far from home and Sohee didn’t no english so she was leaning on Yoobin a bit, i guess.

    Since they have returned, it’s difficult to see the same interactions they had in US picture, even during keroro fighter show where they was standing next each other very often.

    It seems like they are a bit the opposite of each one,
    Yoobin act cute and childish sometimes(during keroro fighter show yoobin was too much into ayego) sometimes despite she is the unnie, and in the other side Sohee the maknae cleary don’t like to be treat like a baby(you got to see her reaction when people ask about “shabang shabang” or “omona”) she likes to show mature of side of herself.
    That’s why Yoobin have hard time to get close Sohee since Yoobin like too kiss the members so much.

    But it seems for me don’t know really why that Sohee likes Yoobin a lot, more that cameras show.

    Hope we will have more clues soon with this show.

  6. well.. i see everyone keeps putting age into this but sunmi is about the same age as sohee and sunmi and yoobin gets along fine. i think it’s just that sohee is mature while yoobin is… i wouldnt say immature but she’s more active and fun i guess.

  7. i really hope they bond! really really hope!
    ’cause its sad if everyone else is tight and not them.
    but yeah, they looked ridiculously awkward at first when theyre both just sitting there, staring off hahaha

  8. I can’t wait to watch this…. I’m glad I get to see them more in lots of different shows. Bonding is really the key for awkwardness…

  9. i cannot wait too see this! sohee and yoobin
    looks like they are having a good time in the
    preview! yohee lovee ❤

  10. two of my favorite wonder girls!!! ahhhh!!! actually, i love all of them.. i cant wait to see magnae and unnie together!!!! ❤

  11. Is it Yoohee or Sobin? Whatever it is, I’m really happy they are pair up. I hope they will interact more in the future as they take this journey together. Next week, can’t not wait. Thank you.

  12. So Hee is stupid. That’s why few people have good relationship with her. It is so stupid and it is never good with people. In all the videos it looks as if it were higher

  13. LOL the girls are so cute! Yeeun,Sunye and Sunmi are having their own fun while YooHee having their own fun XD
    I didn’t know that they had an awkward relationship because in MTV WG they get along really well.

    And yeah,JYP is getting better at arranging WG in variety shows 🙂
    The girls gets to attend many variety shows now,unlike in the Tell Me days.
    Even 2AM and 2PM are invited in many shows.
    Way to go,JYP!

  14. yup…i love the fact that the girls don’t go on random shows….

    I’m actually surprised because MTV3 the pics we got daily were always of Sohee and Yoobin together…Almost ALL the pics and that for about 2 weeks…

    I can’t wait to watch this!!

  15. i’ve been waiting for something like this since forever (since mtv wonder girls season 3, lol)!
    soyoo is my fav couple, even if they have an awkward relationship ^^; ❤

  16. Yeah I hope wonder subbers sub this. Usually I’ve observed that people just don’t title their files exactly… so just avoid labelling it “Intimate Note”? I know the episode with Junsu was just labelled “Friends”.

    Although I love miso couple, sobin (?) sounds refreshing XD

    Thank for the preview vid, it looks AWESOME!

  17. awww i really wanna watch this sooo badly with subs too but im kinda doubting that wondersubbers are gonna upload it on youtube cause its “SBS”

    hope a miracle happens lol…

    the girls look soo cute and pretty ^^

  18. Haahhaa. i like how at the end, SunMi is the one giving a “-__-” look as SunYe & YeEun act a bit crazy.

  19. I actually don’t think So Hee and Yoo Bin are as awkward as they say they are I mean ever since that one fan account in SG I think them saying they were awkward was a little lie…no offense to anyone,I love wonder girls,I’m just saying,well yeah…

  20. LOL@Brian in the beginning of the clip, his flying walk/skip was pretty good. 😛
    I’m so glad that Sohee’s opening up to Yoobin now!
    I understand the age difference is a HUGE awkward point between them but I’m so glad they’re getting closer! (From what it looks like with the pics and all).
    Although they probably won’t ever be my fav. coupling (cause that totally belongs to MiSo all the way forever and ever) I’m still suuuuuper glad that now their coupling is out there and fun!
    LOL@SUNMI! She’s such a cutie pie!.
    Yeeun and her excitement. :DDDD
    Sunye and her cute little hand mitten thing at the end! hahah
    Wonder Land. very appropriate.
    Agreed with coolsmurf major props to those who set up these variety shows that are different than most.

    thanks coolsmurf and Kay unnie!

  21. Nimco, Torresnn

    I was thinking the same thing when i read this but i didnt comment cause i didnt think anyone would agree haha.

    (Hey Nad, Its me phe0nixtears 😀 Wonderbang connection much?! Haha, see you at the forum?)

  22. AWWWW YOOHEE MOMENTS!!! YeEun’s laugh= SUPER CUTE!!!
    I LOVE SOHEE and YOOBIN together!!
    I couldn’t even see the awkwardness to me it looked like they were fine in Wonder Girls Season 3 when they’re in the SuperMarket, SoHee and YooBin are walking around together and then with the house party theres that whole SunMi dance in the club thing and SoHee calls YooBin over! But i’m glad they are getting over the awkwardness!!
    YooHee FIGHTING!! YooHee Hwaiting!

  23. This could be very interesting to see. It’s good to see WG in so many different things. It’s kind of sad to not get the chance to see them on classic variety shows like X-Man or Love Letter.

  24. see i know JYP got some really harsh reactions from his very “intrusive” contract with his talents. but i think he is just like thier “older brother” and “father”. im sure he isnt that strict. and i know he learned from rain. SOOO he will let our girls do these kinds of shows. ^^

    btw. was So Hee really close to Hyun Ah? is that why there’s awkwardness?


  25. @ nimco, yeah i totally agree with you!

    the awkwardness btwn yoobin-so hee reminded me of top and seung ri. the oldest and youngest of the groups. it’s great to see them trying to get over their awkwardness 🙂

  26. i like sohee’s new hairstyle. everyone knows she’s mature within her inner self, but this new hairdo makes her look more mature on the outside.

    ahhh i’m looking forward to watching this! =)

  27. Wondergirls look cute as usual.its funny how in Bigbang,Seungri the youngest and TOP the oldest have an awkward relationship and now Sohee and Yoobin do too.wonderbang again.

  28. wait a minute, i though the show was featured with someone else… i’m confused, so they are just there for an episode?

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