SG Wonderfuls Xmas Gathering on 17th December 2008

Hello to all SG Wonderfuls, as you know, Christmas is around the corner so let’s all come together as we get hyped up to prepare for a new year – 2009. Come join us as we celebrate this festive season together as one family!


The event is organized by SG Wonderfuls especially to bring fans from the various fanclubs in Singapore together in this wonderful festive season. Also, we wish to share and promote the Korean culture to Singaporeans as well as to create a closer bond with our counterparts/affiliates in Singapore.

Program includes games, mini buffet, gifts exchange and also the ultimate Wonder Boys’ sneak preview! Wonder Girls supporters from our affiliate fan clubs are also invited. Bring your friends down to experience not only the Wonder Power, but also the overwhelming Kpop wave in Singapore!

We coordinally invite you to the Gathering

Event: X’Mas In Wonder – SG Wonderfuls’ 1st Official Gathering
Date: Wednesday, 17-12-08
Time: 6:30pm till everyone leaves
Venue: East Coast Park, Area D, Pit 36
Fee: SGD$10 (per head)

** NOTE: Payment Method – Nets or Cash

Please RSVP by 12/12/2008! More details are provided at the forum. Celebrate Christmas the Kpop wave, enjoy Christmas the Wonder Way! Organized by Chris, freisha, wonder-love, ruthh (the planning team).


26 thoughts on “SG Wonderfuls Xmas Gathering on 17th December 2008

  1. wow… y not do it in weekend? isk isk…im from Malaysia…
    weekend would b better… T_T

    errmm… any plans to attend Wonder Girls concert nxt year??

  2. Hi sookyeong,
    It’s best if you sign up as a member over at SG Wonderfuls, since we have a lineup of programmes next year. You can also interact with a lot of Wonderfuls over there too!

    Hi kiki,
    Basically ‘Wonderful’ is a term coined by fans of Wonder Girls, who support all 5 as one. SG Wonderfuls is actually a venue for all Singapore Wonder Girls fans to gather and exchange views.

    Hi MinMaknae,
    WG Spectacle is one of the International Wonderful fanclubs, however it is not official. We still call ourselves Wonderfuls, as this is what the Girls refer us as.

  3. Is there an international wonderful fanclub? Do we still call ourselves WonderFuls?

    Or is it like DBSK? Their fans in Korea are called Cassies and Japanese ones are called Big East.

    I’d like to sign up if possible.

  4. omgosh..WG are gonna come to CA??!! AHH!!!! i wish they will at least someday..i really wanna see them =(
    and i thnk a lot of ppl would want to too..sigh..


  6. i wish i live there…hehehee..have fun guys!!!dont forget us wonderfuls! take lots of pics and vids and upload it for us to see so we can get jealous ( as if we’re not jealous enough)..hehehe..

  7. haha, I say the LA-area Wonderfuls should plan their own get-together.
    Or at least something for the upcoming JYP/WG tour. Haha, and get people to scout the area when the girls get to CA.

    I hope you SG Wonderfuls have fun though :]

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