JYP Family Out In Full Force for One Night Stand

The sequel to Park Jin Young’s Bad Party concert tour, One Night Stand will see the entire stable of JYP Entertainment artistes performing this year.

JYP Family Out In Full Force

JYP Entertainment announced today, “Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM and Joo will perform during Park Jin Young’s concert tour in Korea. Last year, JYP’s Bad Party concert tour only included a little bit of the Wonder Girls, with the rest mainly Park Jin Young performing on his own. The upgraded version of Bad Party, One Night Stand will be a stage comprising of singers from JYP Entertainment.”

The spokesperson added, “The Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM and Joo feel honored to be able to perform on the same stage with their CEO/sunbaenim. For Park Jin Young, he is proud and happy to be able to perform together with his 17 proteges for which he has groomed over the past few years.”

Their performance items have yet to be confirmed but we can expect to see an excellent performance from them. Starting from 13th December, the JYP One Night Stand concert tour will be in Bucheon, Cheonan, Daejeon, Gwangju, Busan, Daegu before ending it in Seoul on 31st December.


24 thoughts on “JYP Family Out In Full Force for One Night Stand

  1. wow…i can’t wait to watch them all…all my favurite korean artist…yey…especially WG….ur the best korean girl group….

  2. haha this is good 🙂
    but on the poster…i noticed what JYP is doing & how that girl is watching him….slightly disturbing i must say

  3. …nvm…i guess he does…i just noticed the pic….but for all the english phrases…does it really have to be that one?

  4. ….sometimes i wonder if they know what they are saying…(meaning for titles of songs, etc)

    …like one night stand….. i wonder if he really knows…..i think he does…but it makes you wonder…

  5. OHMYGOSH! THE SIBLINGS! HOORAH! The siblings and their father! XD

    After JYP’s one night stand, he is left with his 17 children. XD

    I’m glad he’s putting Joo into action. I wish he would publicize Joo more and give her more amazing songs. I mean, Namja Ttaemune was an amazing song. I was even listening to it in my car yesterday and today. 😛


    My favvvorite singers in the JYPE in fact.
    No offense to Gsoul or anything.
    And no the girl at the bottem is Joo not Hyuna.
    Hyuna left JYPE and went to ..some other one..
    17 siblings<3
    Hurrah for JYP familyy.
    Totally envious of those who are going.

    thanks coolsmurf

  7. is jyp married??? i don’t like his performances, its not suitable for people my age… it freaks me out… don’t get me wrong, i love his music! he is a fantastic producer, composer!!!

  8. **QUESTION**

    Please correct me if I’m wrong butttt:

    Is that girl in the picture with JYP HyunA? She kinda looks like Hyun A from the more recent post… same hair XD

  9. I want to see the WG perform and all but JYP really creeps me out, especially that ad with him in it. That girl in the ad looks hella young compared JYP, who is almost forties year old, not to mention what happen in his last concert. Plus isnt he married. If i was able to go to the concert, i don’t think i would be able to put up with watching JYP perform just in hope of seeing Wondergirls. He is a good producer, but as a artist, he needs to know his age.

  10. JYP Family is love..
    i love seeing all the 17 siblings together on stage..
    too much love =)


  11. YAY!!
    but WG are so tired lately…
    kinda sucks that they will be on a mini
    tour on top of all their own activities..

  12. OMG!!!!
    this is what i’ve been waiting for!
    the 17 + their mentor together onstage!!!
    can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

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