HyunA Spotted At JYP Entertainment Building Entrance

Kim HyunA who was revealed to have switched companies from JYP Entertainment to Cube Entertainment this past week, was spotted at the entrance of JYP Entertainment recently by eagle-eyed fans.


After the news broke of her switch, HyunA posted a short message on her Cyworld, “2008, where should I start from?”, probably showing how much she misses performing and is awaiting her chance to debut.


Many fans left words of encouragement on her Cyworld, “Unnie is making a comeback right?”, “HyunA is making a comeback? Do your best!”, “Are you finally making your comeback? So nervous”, “For your dream, fighting!”.


24 thoughts on “HyunA Spotted At JYP Entertainment Building Entrance

  1. I wish she’d just be the leader of her own group. I’m afraid of her debuting as a soloist because nowadays, it’s really hard to compete with all the idol groups unless you’re a solo idol yourself like Rain or Hyori or have built a reputation like Kim Jong Kook.

    Whatever she does though, I wish her all the best, and maybe one day, we’ll see her in a special stage with her girls, the Wonder Girls!!

    that’s probably why then. haha.
    I hope she goes back to visit and stuff.
    If she’s allowed..
    I cannot wait until her debut!
    She looks sooo good here!

    thanks coolsmurf

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