10-Magazine.Com Wonder Bakery Pictures (34P) 081205

Korean portal site 10-Magazine.com has uploaded 34 pictures from Wonder Bakery Episode 6 on their website. The watermarks are unfortunately obstrusive for us fans but the pictures are definitely not and worth it.



Download (4shared.com) | password: wonderbakery


22 thoughts on “10-Magazine.Com Wonder Bakery Pictures (34P) 081205

  1. Well, looks like they are more lively and since Nobody promotions are rounding out, hopefully they can take this chance to rest and have some non-Nobody fun.

  2. MiSo matching hats?
    SO CUTE!
    I LOOOOVE Sunye’s boots!!
    And I agree I LOVE SunMi’s 1st solo pic she’s so cute. ^^
    Yeeun is so pretty!! Like gahh!
    Yoobin looks so comfy and warm haha

    thanks coolsmurf

  3. i read in other website our girls were picked as the 2008 Overseas Promotion Ambassadors as representatives for Korea in sports, movies and performance of Koreans in the foreign press.
    wow.. that’s good for artist just debut for 2 years..

  4. sunye loves the boots nowadays!..( love em too…hehe)

    she is soo shouting at her partner, understandable cuz he is a bit stiff..she was doing all the work last episode..he looked uncomfortable..

    they look like they’re having so much fun 🙂

  5. omg. hahaha. dear SunYe yelling (?) into the talkie in the second picture…


    sweet yeeun~ (last pic)

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  7. hahahahha. that 4th picture (1st of just sunmi) is fantastic. :]
    if their aprons were green… i’d think it would look like they work for Starbucks.

    i like how in the 3rd pic they suddenly have muffins. :]

  8. Wow they all look so gorgeous
    Looks like they’re having so much fun and cozy in their blankets! (first picture)
    the 2 solo shots of sun mi and ye eun are so beautiful
    and sun mi looks soo cute in her 1st solo pic

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