Wonder Girls and Tae Yeon Joint Stage at KBS Open Concert

Popular girl group Wonder Girls and Seo Nyeo Shi Dae leader, Tae Yeon had a surprise joint stage recently during a recording of KBS Open Concert.

Wonder Girls and Tae Yeon Joint Stage at Open Concert

The recording which took place on 2nd December saw the Wonder Girls and Tae Yeon coming together and singing If Everyone Was An Angel.

According to an Open Concert production staff, “We decided on Tae Yeon and the Wonder Girls to have a joint stage to achieve a beautiful and pure performance. The economy is pretty bad right now so we decided on a special stage to cheer the people on. We had the Wonder Girls and Tae Yeon dressed up as angels and performing like they were angels descending onto earth, performing and providing encouragement for the people to cheer them up.

Besides the joint performance, the Wonder Girls also performed Tell Me and Nobody while Tae Yeon sang Can You Hear Me from Beethoven Virus.

This episode of Open Concert will be shown on 7th December.


43 thoughts on “Wonder Girls and Tae Yeon Joint Stage at KBS Open Concert

  1. taeyeon’s outfit here IS really reminiscent of sunmi’s hairstyle & coordi from the tell-me days


    i’m not sure if you’re just a SNSD-fan or a troll in this forum, but oversensitive much?

    no one here called snsd sluts.

    it’s just visually unpleasing to see those dark tights all of a sudden on a stage of white.

    it seems to me that the dark tights was done on purpose to differentiate taeyeon from the Wonder Girls, but it probably would have been better to go for a different style of white entirely than copy a famous WG look.

  2. OMG!


    their outfits are great! so cute ^^

    but .. i think tae yeon’s black legging is out of the concept,

    he he he!!

  3. @ANTI SOHEE: True he is a delusional. Aren’t you not very wonderful by having anti sohee as your name? Sorry I couldn’t help noticing. -_-

    Thanks for uploading the pics, all of them look really good in the pics, though I thought taeyeon could have worn white leggings perhaps?

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  5. Wah! Sun Mi’s and Yoobin’s outfits are so cute!! They look adorable!! And Ye Eun looks really gorgeous in her outfit. =] Maknae here is the most covered!!! =P

    Sun Mi must’ve been excited and very happy!! ^^ I’d like to see her reaction backstage. Haha!

    TaeYeon kinda sticks out though. The grey leggings ruin the whole pure white image.

    My favorite girls on one stage! Fantastic!

  6. SunMi must’ve been overjoyed!

    Angels fo sho! The girls looked heavenly in white ^__^

    I’m glad this is being aired

  7. Wow at first glance I was ‘how come theres 6 wonders girls?’ TaeYeon looks cute and so does Wonder Girls! Sunmi must be extremely happy! 🙂 SunMi’s outfit is so adorable!

  8. So many Wonder Generation here!!! ^^
    Yoobin looks so cute!!!
    Love them all =)
    Taengoo looks so adorable! But I think it would have been better if she wore white pants or white leggings. They fit her more than the grey ones.
    But I love her anyways!

  9. Sorry, but Sohee has the best outfit. Taeyeon being there doesn’t make any sense. Taeyeon stylist has bad taste. End of story. Thank you.

  10. all I know is my girls are looking flawless!!!
    Those beautiful legs, nice beige outfits….
    Sunye looks divine…. and that charisma even
    oozing from the pictures….hahaha…thank u for the
    new nickname.

  11. @acuaylk
    i hope you’re not calling us wonderfools! you are misunderstanding the situation… people have their own opinions too… maybe some people think those leggings aren’t so great, but it doesn’t mean that they are bashing her or calling her names! i think that legging suited well with her outfit, its cute!

  12. acuaylk :
    i think what other people meant was that taeyeon’s legging got to go because as you can see everyone is wearing white and suddenly there’s a grey legging?
    i have to admit,tho i don’t like taeyeon very much,she really looks pretty in that performance (well,except for the grey legging)
    and don’t you call us wonderfools!!
    we love wonder girls as much as you do too..

    Wonder Girls look freaking awesome in that performance..
    i can’t wait to watch it..
    Yoobin unnie must be pretty cold.. T_T
    and sunmi is lucky to see her idol,taeyeon unnie^^

  13. when snsd wear skirts, they’re called sluts.. when taengoo wears leggings to make up for her short skirt, ppl call it ugly..

    look at your wonder girls and how much more skin they’re exposing compared to taengoo.

    yet no one said anything.

    double standards morons.

    i love WG but i utterly hate wonderFOOLS.

  14. tae yeon looks like sunmi!!!
    sunmi must be really happy because she’s
    a tae yeonnie fan~
    does yoobin really have to wear earmuffs when performing
    haha cute and dorky yoobin~~
    yeah tae yeon can survive on her own~

  15. ooh i can’t wait to see this. tae yeon’s my fave in snsd. and sunmi got to see her again^^

    i must say the three on the left is wearing very nice outfits whereas the three on the right is. i love sohee and sunye’s outfits especially.

    can’ wait to see their performance to comment anything else but their clothes

  17. ^ Uh you have got to be kidding me. Out of all the SNSD members, Taeyeon is the one that can survive on her own. She doesn’t need Wonder Girls to boost her popularity.

    It’s a cute once-in-a-lifetime special stage. Accept it.

  18. SM’s sneaky way of getting SNSD back in?
    got to hand it to him though way to make the quick decision to push TaeYeon in when her and SunYe were getting the attention …
    well anyway as always

    Wonder Girls hwaiting! ^^

  19. angels!!! at the end, yoobin unnie was talking to taeyeon unnie, and if i’m not mistaken taeyeon unnie patted her on the back!

  20. Poor Yoobin, her legs must have been freezing!

    @ Steele – “Sunmi #2” (aka the girl in the middle with the gray leggings) is Taeyeon. Sunmi had pigtails that day. Though I must admit, Taeyeon’s outfit and hairstyle is very “Tell Me”.

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