Tae Yeon and Sun Ye 3rd Most Search Term on Daum (Yesterday)

“Tae Yeon Sun Ye” is the 3rd most searched keyword right now (actually yesterday) on daum and its been steadily climbing up the charts.


What’s the reason behind this? Apparently, a netizen had made a UCC (user created content) video comparing the two lovable leaders and now netizens are buzzing about how they are so similar! so true~: they’re both petite, they look like the maknae of their group, they’re full of energy, they’re talented, they both sang a duet with Shin Hye Sung, and they’re both just..oh so lovable!!


this was translated by wonderkid.


52 thoughts on “Tae Yeon and Sun Ye 3rd Most Search Term on Daum (Yesterday)

  1. actually in the whole SNSD group i only like TaeYeon and the rest…i jsut dont like the…..and m like a die hard fan of WG……so im more of a fan of SunYe than TaeYang

  2. I don’t think that sunye look like maknae…but tae yeon was…
They both pretty, dork, has a great voice.. And same age! 
Lols…but beside i luv wg..i luv tae yeon more…hehehe!

  3. i love you forever (3x) your my energy;) Sun Ye i love it when sing it;) co’z your my energy you have nice voice really cute^.^ wish you all the best in your group Wondergirls love yah all see yah next year;) many blessing to come more power;) go go go …..

    Sun Ye-4-EveR;)

  4. I REALLY LOVE THEM BOTH. Taeyeon is the most talented member in SNSD. Her voice is awesome. And both of them are a very nice leader 🙂

  5. yeah!

    i agree with you, guys!

    our sun ye is BETTER ^^

    at least, tae yeon doesn’t have a painful past like Min Leader


    Min Leader is stronger, more responsible!

  6. They may have a few similarities but our Sun Ye is A LOT more leader-like. I don’t think Sun ye looks like the magnae either. SUN YE JJANG!!!

  7. oh i like both… but they are not my favorite from the groups…
    wonder girls- ye eun
    snsd- sunny
    they are all cute and funny…
    wonder girls and snsd FIGHTING!

  8. They are awesome in everything!!!
    My favourite members! ^^
    Our rice cake girls jjang!
    I think it was a week ago since Taengoo was asked about who would she want to invite to Chin Chin Radio as a guest and guess what she said…..
    Sunye!!!!! =)
    She said she would want to drink a coffee with her and talk sice they’re both leaders, went to the same school and have many things in common ^^
    Love Wonder Generation!

  9. its true that both of them went to the same school
    i think i was high school before Sunye move to school with SooYoung, so Sunye she’s the same school with TaeYeon and SooYoung, and now she will go to the same uni with yoona hehehe she really close with SNSD’s member ^^

    i love them both, great leader but Leader Min win for me ^^

  10. i have to disagree with the “look like the maknae” for sunye. cuz when i first saw wg, i thought either sunmi or soh was the maknae. don’t forget, they both sang ost! and both like rice cakes, that’s so cute!

  11. Both are pretty and charming in their own way,but if I have to choose the best leader,it would be Sunye of course.

  12. what the heck, they look nothing alike! they each have their charms and pretty sides, and sunye looks ALOT older w/out make up.

  13. nobody is hating on leader min here, we are over that phase, please stop reashing bad memories…thank you

  14. i think it was sooyoung and sunye who went to school together… i could be wrong… they are both pretty, when i first saw snsd i thought that taeyeon was the youngest and yoona was the leader, cuz she was always in the middle… i think they want to be friends but they don’t have the chance, their not in the same company but its not impossible… i mean look at Micky, jj, hyunjoong and TOP’s friendship… it would be great to see the girls going shopping or hanging out together!!!

  15. @lilmissfatty90,

    it was Sunye and Sooyoung who went to the same school together.


    and may I remind wonderfuls to stop all this unneccessary hating on Leader Min.

    Leader Min and Little Kid Leader Taengoo FTW!

  16. I cant read korean, but im interested on what the rest of top 5 most searched terms are, so yea, if anyone can clarify that for me, thanks in advance.

  17. i think sun ye is a lot more beautiful!
    she has more charisma than tae yeon!

    also i think wonder girls is better than snsd b’coz they have only 5 members and you can see their talents individually…

    love you sun ye!!!!

  18. they have done some similar things….but they aren’t similar at all….i shall wait until this weird hype dies down.

  19. don’t forget about their love for rice cakes! lol, my favourite members form each group!!!i really hope they can become friends!!! both leaders are talented, pretty, dorky, and loveable!!!

  20. for real, man that’s what this world needs more of: love

    rofl but seriously, enough with the inter-fan-rivalry crap. I’m sure the all the girls have nothing against each other, so why should we? I haven’t seen that UCC vid yet cuz I’m a bit busy, but I would love to see it.

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