Sun Ye and Ye Eun @ Gong Yoo Awaited 20:00 Radio 081203

Sun Ye and Ye Eun were guests at Gong Yoo Awaited 20:00 Radio hosted by Gong Yoo himself who was a radio DJ for the Korean Forces Network (KFN). He was enlisted earlier in the year and now serving his mandatory 2 years.

Another 2ye Moment


20 thoughts on “Sun Ye and Ye Eun @ Gong Yoo Awaited 20:00 Radio 081203

  1. Whatever Sun Ye She’s really cute love yah always;) the best she’s very talented that’s why i like her a lot;)

    Sun Ye-4eveR;)

  2. They’re so damn gorgeous!
    Goodness gracious.
    Sunye looks extra innocent and cute here
    Yay for 2Ye<3

    thanks coolsmurf

  3. i know this has nothing to do with this article, but i just want to share it with you guys! lol, i love key, shinee! he’s such a wonder girls fanboy! this is not the first time i’ve seen him sing a wonder girls song!

  4. omg 2Ye<3
    they’re so pretty^^
    nice to see them together again:D omma&appa love forever(L)

    btw i don’t think they put makeup bcuz of Goong Yoo, maybe they just come after a performance and they have no time to wash the makeup off…but i dunno..=$

    thx for the pic=]

  5. ^lol..u actualy died n back live it feel..HAHA…

    ahhhh,i luv seeing these two..they r so great together..both r too dying too…xP

  6. ^^^

    Nooo!, SunYe is always going to be the omma and Park Oppa the Appa (hehe!)

    they’re tooo gorgeous!. I see they put make-up for Goong Yoo Oppa, dun’t blame them, he’s so cute in the Coffee Prince. I saw this radio show, hope someone subs it cause the girls were going mad giggling. I think Sunye has a crush on him or something, she was all ‘Goong Yoo oppa’ while Yeeun though giggly called him ‘Goong Yoo shii’.

    2ye forever!.

  7. 2ye <333
    Its nice seeing them two, having some
    time alone…mommy and daddy
    (remember the roles changed since Sunye cut her hair)

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