Hyung Joon Goes Downs On His Knees For Yoo Bin

The news of SS501 member Kim Hyung Joon going down on his knees for Wonder Girl Yoo Bin has created some interest after it was made known.

Hyung Joon On His Knees For Yoo Bin

In Introducing Star’s Friends, Hyung Joon pulled out all the stops in order to hook up his friend with another from the female entertainers side. This episode recording was made particularly interesting thanks to the appearance of Kyu Jong, Hyung Joon from SS501 and Yoo Bin, Ye Eun from the Wonder Girls. Hyung Joon even went down on his knees for Yoo Bin which shocked everyone.

This episode of Introducing Star’s Friends will be shown on 6th December.


63 thoughts on “Hyung Joon Goes Downs On His Knees For Yoo Bin

  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.hyung jun is my love.he most be my b.f most.please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeee.

  2. ^ Woah, that’s a harsh post!

    I’m guessing he’s on his knees pleading to her to hook her friend with his, either that or for her to go on that Jajjangmyun date with Kyujong, haha.

  3. hwang bo!!!!!!you started all this!!!!!you bitch!!if u are nt a star i am so gonna kill you!!!i hope you die!!!in 5 seconds!!YOU GO DIE!!!!ASSHOLE!!!i don’t blame wonder girls!!it’s hwang bo!!!

  4. love yoobin and TOP…
    they belong together…
    stop that hyung joon…..
    she’s TOP heart and soul…

  5. dude some of you are missing the point
    he got on his knees to beg for his friend and yoobin’s friend to get together.
    please read
    there’s no love triangle
    Hyung Joon only likes YeEun

  6. WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! It’s all about KyuBin now, and Hyung Joon’s trying to start a love triangle! No, LOVE SQUARE! Hyung Joon’s supposed to be with Ye Eun!!!

    Introducing A Star’s Friend made a smart move putting these four back together. ^^

    Despite the fact that Yoobin seems to be gaining weight recently, she’s still gaining more lovers! It’s because she’s just so damn gorgeous! XD MORE TO LOOOOOOVE~~~!

  7. haha welllll……….Im nt surprised. afterall, yoobin is damn gorgeous and pretty LOL. now her other admirers have some pretty stiff competition here :::)

  8. I also hope he went down on his knees to hook up KyuJong with YooBin xD Wow KyuBin is everywhere kekeke x) Love’em ❤ WonderBang, WonderDay, WonderJunior, Wonder 501 so cute couples =D

  9. guys, he’s on he’s knees so he can be hooked up with yeeun who’s yoobin’s like bestie… or he wants to hook kyu up with yoobin. it’s so unlikely that he likes yoobin when he only had eyes for yeeun throughout the filming of wgm. we should just grit our teeth and wait for this episode 🙂

  10. really?
    oh my,there are a lot of guys want to date our binnie these days..
    but i’m a kyujong-yoobin fan..
    remember wgm? hehe ^^
    but DoubleWonder is just love..

    lately i’ve lost my interest in toobin T_T
    that kiss was not a mistake!! T_T

  11. thanks for translating this coolsmurf!!

    i think hyungjoon was begging yoobin to go on a date with kyujong..hahaha!

  12. i like yeeun unnie with daesung oppa better!!! no offence, i think yeeun unnie has better chemistry with daesung oppa!!!

  13. I think he was just asking her to be with his friend? So, he was begging on his knees? Because KyuBin is cuter (though, not as cute as TooBin =/).

  14. O_o oh my… yubin unni is such a heart rob…i thought i was just confused…since i dont know the guys… the articles are an eye dropper… hhhhhhhhh…

  15. Still think Wonderbang PWNS all .
    ROFL. Sorry Yeeun belongs to Daesung.
    and Yoobin belongs to TOP.
    Okay maybe Belong isnt the word.
    More like should be together.
    Hehe. Sorry.

    Well I like Yoobin and the one she was paired up with in WGM.
    Dont know his name. I dont follow SS501.
    I like Yeeun with that guy who was her partner.
    kidding, I’m on my wonderbang high.
    Sorry If i sound like an idiot.

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  17. Are you guys reading the article right at all?
    He got down on his knees so that Yoobin could hook up his friend with her friend. He didn’t get down on his knees for her.
    Guys, don’t read between the lines.

  18. …. I wanted a ye eun and hyung joon and a kyubin pairing… I dont care about ur friend hyung joon!!! Listen to your heart!! Ou want Ye Eun

  19. i like kyubin better! i’m not a fan of SS501, but since WMG i got to know them better… I hope TOP will do something!!! everyone is after binnie, but i guess they’re not meant to be… kyubin all the way!!!

  20. this is reallly cute but i hope it doesnt create anything bad/anti fans for yoobinnie

    im all for TOBIN if it ever happens again lol but if not
    im liking the KYUBIN couple
    ha.ha.ha. lol 🙂

  21. Well it’s not much if he just did that so he can hook her up with one of His friends,now the real competition is between HJ’s friend, TOP, and KJ…ahaha…

  22. oh what!?! What is up with Yoobin having SS501 boys liking her. Yoobin got game :D…lol
    Sorry baby but I’m all for KyuBin & he should have went down on his knees for YeEun instead.
    I can’t wait to see this episode…oh man but this is funny..KyuJong & Hyun Joong on Introducing a Star’s Friend w/ Yoobin & Ye Eun..those four are always together from what it seems…
    PD’s must really like them.

  23. WTH! why not go down on his knees for YeEun!!
    hook up her friend to his friend…

    im wondering if YooBin brought the same friend or
    a new one, probably another hottie that all the
    boys wil be going gaga over… that would suck for YeEun’s friend…

    anyway im sooooo looking forward to this episode!

    dang WonderS501 LOVE seems to be everywhere these days!

  24. no no no ! yoobin is supposed to be with
    TOP, Tae Yang, or Kyu Jong! NOT HYUN JOONG!
    hyun joong is supposed to be with ye eun !

    but i cant wait till it airs! =]

  25. binnie, you might have hard time down there. ss501 members fighting to win Yoo bin’s heart! but hey hyun joong, didn’t you sat yeh uen was the one? lol!
    but i love yoo bin too. so how?

  26. end of exxageration,

    yeah he did that to hook his friend up….
    *i was joking about YeEun, u still can have her*

  27. teehee, begging her to hook their friends up together? cuuuute~
    though, I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few guys have gotten down on their knees begging Yoobin to date them! Yoobunnie is sooo cool!

  28. WHAT!!! Kim Hyung Joon!!!! *messing up with my plans dude*
    YeEun…u got confused, YeEun is your her name….u got the wrong person…Binnie belongs to either TOP or Kyu…now go away, u don’t deserve YeEun either…wishy washy

  29. lolz…this is getting more interesting..well, judging from the article, i think maybe hyungjoon did that so that yoobin would hook her friend with his friend..but that is just a guess..guess we’ll have to wait till it airs..but God, with all this excitement, i just cant wait anymore…XD

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