Yoo Bin and Chansung on Lee Juck Ten Ten Club Radio 081202

Pictures of Yoo Bin and Chansung of 2PM with DJ Lee Juck on his SBS Ten Ten Club radio show on 2nd December. Both of them host a segment.




16 thoughts on “Yoo Bin and Chansung on Lee Juck Ten Ten Club Radio 081202

  1. my fave in 2 pm s chansung..
    my fave in bigbang is TOP..
    and both of them got yoobin as their partner??

    well, yoobin s my fave in WG too.

  2. This is so random but CHAN SUNG HAS A MINWOO HAT!!! He is now officially my second fave member of 2 PM 😀

    Yoobin and him look SO cute 😀

  3. Yoobin is adorable!
    Yoobin, Yeeun, and Sunye should host their own radio show together! that would be awesome!!


  4. ^ They were the guest hosts of a segment since October, but now it’s over T^T YooBin will be filling in as host in a week though ^O^

  5. I listened to this today and just when they were getting the hang of it to T^T I’m so sad that the segment’s over.. Hopefully someone will post YooBin’s solo DJ stint next week and we can be happy again..

  6. Lmfao she’s so cute.
    I’m guessing this is helping her to not be so shy and quiet in front of cameras and stuff anymore right?
    Now what about MiSo..

    thanks coolsmurf

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