Kyu Jong Reveals That Yoo Bin Is His Ideal Type

Kim Kyu Jong revealed frankly that Yoo Bin of the Wonder Girls with whom he had appeared with in MBC We Got Married last month was his ideal type.

Kyu Jong ideal type is Yoo Bin

This frank admission came during a recording of Mnet My Favourite where he talked and discussed about his ideal type. Kyu Jong is now in the midst of promotions with Triple S members Young Saeng and Hyung Joon.

Kyu Jong was responding to the news that actress Oh Se Jung had confessed her love for him, “Although Oh Se Jung is not bad, but I have a liking for Yoo Bin more recently. Frankly, I like girls who have short hair and a round face. If time permits, I hope to have ja jyung myung (black bean paste noodles) with Yoo Bin.” Kyu Jong also took the chance to record a video message for Yoo Bin.

This episode will be shown tonight on MNet.


61 thoughts on “Kyu Jong Reveals That Yoo Bin Is His Ideal Type

  1. i know this is freaking late reply but i couldn’t stop myself from worshiping this couple. only that this is absurd cause one is in korea and another one is way away from korea.

  2. *Jealous*!!!! But they are so adorable!!! Yoobin accept Kyu Jong’s date!! He’s very sincere and a good choice of man….
    If WGM has them as their next couple, I will def watched all epi without fail! But I read from somewhere that Yoobin did not reply to his date request and that Kyu Jong commented that he’s sorry that he has caused big burden on her after the WGM show… Poor Kyu Jong. Will always support your choice of ideal girl. GO GO GO!!! Kyu Jong hwaiting!!

  3. its nice for him to confess those things…
    usually…it takes a lot of courage and determination to confess something regarding love and crushes..
    i really love him and the other ss501 members,.,.
    check out my friendster account..
    youd be really surprised about how many pics i have of ss501…
    i havent watched or go into any one of their concerts..
    my parents wont allow me..
    theyre ok with me singing korean songs that they dont understand..
    to sound more believing..
    i memorize their songs…
    all korean..

  4. yea.i saw that on WGM too.and KJ just reply honestly that he has always been interested only in one of the wondergirls which is yoo bin.but sorry can i ask,why ja jyung myung?

  5. Oh yes…
    I just love the KyuBin couple…
    Hopefully their will come again in WGM…
    As one of the married couple…
    They will become most attractive couple ever..hehe

  6. WAAAAA!!! i luv dis couple i watched der pairings in WGM over and over cant get enuf!! specially wen dey wer doin nobody!!



    Although I’m a WonderBanger, and I rode the Toobin wave for awhile, KyuBin is much cuter and lately, much much more active! Hahaha! I think TOP lost points from me after the performance with Hyori. XD

    Kyujong’s really cute, and I think Yoobin and him would be adorable. If WGM were able to get them on the show, WGM will be back on track, but I kindof doubt it because Yoobin and the WG will be very busy, and WG is not known to be on variety shows and stuff like that much.

  8. What the hey hey!? I’d like to see them together.. But not on WGM.. That show’s getting really tedious for me and I really only watch the lettuce couple now and skip everyone else. And even if they don’t go on a show, I’ll always have the trusted coolsmurf to keep me updated. (Much appreciated by the way, thanks :])

    ps. I want some ja jyung myung =[

  9. wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wo wow wow wow

  10. @ cute: I’m sure he likes her for other reasons too. You’re right when you said that there are plenty of other girls who have short hair with round faces, but he picked HER. That should say that there is more to her which is attracting to him.

    KyuBinnie ftw!

  11. i’m a little disappointed…i thought that he was attracted to her personality or something. this is why all of them are the “Same” which is stupid. ok there are plenty of girls who have short hair with round face. yoo bin is more than that. she’s not just a sexy girl who has really dark skin. i hate it. stop being so shaddy peeps.

  12. awh 😀 im really starting to love Kyubin!
    im starting to lose a bit interest in toobin lol.
    i better go and watch the wonderbang special
    stage again lol

  13. I’m a TooBin fanatic but i think KyuJong and Yoobin would be great couple too..
    just look at how KyuJong acted during the WGM episode..
    they’re so cute.. ^^

    sorry top,but the kiss was not a mistake..

    haha rofl.. =)

  14. haha he wants to eat jajangmyung with her on the first date…that’s awfully messy hhaha can’t wait to watch his message for Yoobin!!

    Kyu jong seems like a gentleman…I approve of him Yoobin ^^

  15. OMG!! This is so much better than WGM XD lol.
    Still,another reason to have them on WGM!!!
    This totally made my day 🙂 Thanks coolsmurf!

  16. LOL at Shinnie’s reply haha.
    awwwwwwwwwwwwww kyujong is sooooo cute!!!!! It’ll be awesome if kyubin can be the new couple in WGM hehehe.

  17. oh godd!!!!! i would love them to be together since TOP cheated on our yoobin!!! But seriously im still sad over the “end” of toobin..i mean they r MADE for each other! their looks voice cuteness hotness….oh god!!

  18. couple alert! couple alert! couple alert!

    “I hope to have ja jyung myung (black bean paste noodles) with Yoo Bin.”

    oh my gosh!
    YuBin he wants you to read between the lines!
    he is literary asking you for a date!
    i can tell he really likes YuBin!
    JYP let them have a ja jyung myung together!
    atleast before they left for the state!

  19. Ahhhhhhhhhh that’s adorable!
    He’s so cute :D.
    I agree they should totally be featured on WGM even if they are really young still..
    Poor Top..
    Well I guess he can always go to Hyori..
    Kyubin? Definately for now.
    Toobin is over. 😦
    I read that Kyubin kept in contact and text regularly! ^^.

    thanks coolsmurf

  20. @beebee, I think it talks about the reunion of Wonder501 since WGM and someting about Hyungjoon and Yoobin on their knees? Maybe someone can better translate. Interesting though. I doubt Hyungjoon would get on his knees for Yoobin, Kyujong would have a field day if it were that, lol.

  21. Exactlly the bit of news I was waiting for! Very brave of Kyujong, never expected this kind of confession but I’m all for the coupling!

    I doubt JYP will allow her to date him if she were to share the same feelings as he stated that the girls were only to concentrate on work and how hard/much they want it. Gosh, I’m hoping that he’ll give way, but I’m more hoping that Yoobin will accept Kyujong’s confession. Ja Jyung Myung date!!!!

  22. omo..this news totally made my day…i just cant stop grinning…he looks shy, but it is very brave of him to confess like that..hopefully, they’ll have jajyungmyung together..and please let them be on WGM next season..then i’d die a happy fangirl…hehehe…

  23. OMG! dang! i think i found myself a
    new coupling to love! and this one’s
    LEGIT!!! no more trying to prove the
    love that is implied (sorry to Toobin fans,
    although i was one myself…)
    cus this one has it! im just wondering
    what will Yoobin’s response be!!!

    omg! this could actually turn into the first real
    official idol couple… spazz spazz spazz….

    i know i know im getting ahead of myself!
    but seriously these two are so cute
    together ever since WGM…

  24. i know huh? if WGM were to have kyu jong and yoobin as their new couple in season 2, i’d be in heaven!!!!!! XD but it’s probably not going to happen.. 😦

    it’s really cute of him to confess!!! i love the fact that he likes yoobin for who she is.. people lately are just commenting like crazy like “oh, did yoobin gain weight?”.. -_-;;

  25. =O


    who else wants a WGM spin-off with just KyuBin?!
    first episode: their ja jyung myung date! ^^

    i’m so curious to see his video message
    and what will our yoobin’s response be? 😉

    thanks for sharing!!

  26. hahaha!!! kyubin is love… i was a huge fan of toobin but i guess kyubin is better… kyu jong oppa is cute, so brave of him confessing like that… can’t wait to see yoobin’s response…

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