Wonder Girls To Conclude Nobody Promotions At Year-End Music Shows

Popular girl group, the Wonder Girls plan to finish up their Nobody album promotions in December before starting preparations for their concert.

Wonder Girls To End Nobody Promotions At End of the Month

JYP Entertainment revealed on the 2nd, “They (Wonder Girls) plan to end their album promotions at the end of the year music programs (gayo daejun).” They also added, “During this time, thank you for loving Nobody so much. Without promoting a follow-up song, the Wonder Girls will work hard in preparing for their own concert after concluding the Nobody promotions.”

The Wonder Girls would be involved with the JYP Tour 2009 in January and then their own concert in February. The Wonder Girls who debuted with Irony in 2007 have continued to create hits such as Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody and have been playing an active leading role in reviving bokgo (retro) mania.

translated by gomdorii.


21 thoughts on “Wonder Girls To Conclude Nobody Promotions At Year-End Music Shows

  1. @ zxy
    it could be worse tho.. they couldve scheduled an end-of-year concert (which usually sells better) ALONGSIDE the gayo daejeons – which is exactly what BB did the past 2 years.

    it was hella chaotic, and way too overwhelming for the boys.
    so the girls actually hv it pretty good.
    after the EOY shows..they get the month of jan to prepare.
    a whole month is a long time, so i think the girls will be alright =)

  2. It will definitely be boring next year.
    Though,I’m anticipating for Suju’s comeback,without WG is not the same.
    Can’t wait to watch fancams of the concert though!!
    The 1st girl group ever to do concert since FinKL! Hip Hip Hooray!

  3. I think I saw something about them going to Cali and NY next year?? not really sure….might be crazy….

    hopefully the girls will get a few days to relax before doing their concert!

  4. Wow, the girls are hella busy X__X

    As much as I’m excited for the girls to have their concert, I’d rather have them rest. And I’m gonna be sooooo emo when they head off to america T_T

  5. @sohee jjang. i’m hoping for a full second album , next year. But i read (correct me if i’m wrong) the girls going to stay in America (after their frist concert) to maybe winter of next year x[.

    blah next year the only comeback i’m looking forward to is super junior (& one day of course). It be boring next year without BB and WG (since both going to America & I’m thinking DBSK will return to Japan.) hmmm but i guess i’m fine since around March i be in Vietnam.

    now the girls going to get BIG rest. woot woot.

  6. too many activities… i love them.. i hope they’re getting enough rests…^_^… stay healthy everybody…

  7. i hope they release a dvd of their concert. i’d definitely get one for myself! 😀 and yeah, hope they’re resting well. they must be working like crazy right now to prepare for the concerts and program shows.

    i wonder if they’ll have another album (or a mini one) before they go to the states. they’re still going, right? next year?

  8. yay they have a concert now!! but i cant go unfortunately..umm ill just stay at home and cheer for them! =)

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    I cannot wait for their concert.
    I mean I won’t be there. but I’m so excited nonetheless!!!
    That’s so exciting and just think how excited they must be!!
    TOTALLY agree with iknewthat
    REALLLLLLY hoping they’ll release a DVD of their concert!
    Damn Texas and it’s hot humidity.

    thanks coolsmurf

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  12. I can’t wait for their next album then!!! Good luck Wonder Girls ^_^ I think I’ll be able to go to the concert in New York on the 8th of March.

  13. i think january is the jyp tour… their solo concert is in february… so when is their 2nd album coming out? i hope its before their concert… WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!!

  14. Aww I seriously hope they’re getting enough rest.
    They’re probably practicing like crazy for all the EOY shows coming up..
    And then right after that, they have to practice for their concerts.. >_<

  15. hold concerts in January AND February???
    Am I reading this wrong?
    Am I missing something?

    Anyway, can’t wait for the Golden Disk award and all the
    Gayo Daejuns!!!! Last year was awesome!

    I’m so psyched about this!

  16. ah, hopefully they get some good down time for some r&r before their concert preparation.
    hooray for their own headlining concert! :]

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