Wonder Girls Peripera Wonder Line Download Bonanza

And finally on the 1st day of December 2008, Peripera has updated their website with loads of pictures, including videos of the Wonder Girls who had participated in creating their own cosmetic line, Peripera Wonder Line.

Warning! This is a lengthy post!

Wonder Girls Peripera Wonder Line

First up, we have a video interview with the Wonder Girls where they talk about what each of them lacks or wants from their makeup. Stream | Download

The Wonder Girls are brainstorming and producing the product. They also talk about the concept behind their makeup product. Stream | Download

Wonder Girls Brainstorming

Finally, they get the job done. Behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes

Individual shots in their multi-layer colored outfits.


Individual shots in casual.


Close-ups of the Wonder Girls in casual.


Wonder Girls Brainstorming Session.


Behind the Scenes.


Job well-done!


Peripera Wallpapers


Download 1280×1024 | 1024×768


Download 1280×1024 | 1024×768

Have also zipped up all the pictures excluding the 2 videos in a file.
Download (UU) | password: peripera


42 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Peripera Wonder Line Download Bonanza

  1. T_T the latest star golden bell episode with the WG in it will be aired next week in our country.. (PH) we are sooooo behind…maybe its the same for the other user who commented about SGB

  2. Is there larger/hq pic of the 2nd collage pic, Or individual pictures instead of collage form?

    I’ve been hopelessly navigating the peripera website to find it… I’m just itching to icon sunmi’s square-boxes-eyed face and sohee’s wink!! ><

  3. @ Josie
    She really wears the mascara 🙂 You can see that behind the scenes.

    The girls are gorgeous with natural makeup.
    I love the behind the scenes picture!
    Are they brainstorming for the cover of Peripera product?

  4. I WANT IT lol, was sohee wearing false eyelashes or does the mascara really make ur lashes that way? it was pretty =] anyone know if i can get this in new york?

  5. wowwwwwwwwweeeeeee.


    they deserve to be called the WONDER GIRLS…….


  6. The girls look so lovely! Wouldn’t you love to have some Peripera products?

    Thank you so much for the download!!

  7. i can’t stop thinking that sunmi is growing to look even more like Ha ji won, she is just so GORGEOUS! SHE LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY, LIKE the way her hair is and that dress it gives her such a natural look, and sohee, is just TOO cute!T_T_T

  8. i love all of the pictures!!! the behind scenes were fab! i wanna watch the interview, where can i find it? hopefully the girls will get some rest during the christmas holidays with their family!

  9. OH MY GOD!
    SunMi is GORGEOUS!
    Like with or without makeup she is just too damn pretty!
    Less is definately more.
    I love this so much!
    It’s so simple and light yet it creates such a natural beautiful look!
    Sohee does look mature and yet adorably cute at the same time!
    SunMi just looks hot and sexy gorgeous any way!
    SunYe leader Min looks sooooo pretty without heavy eyeliner and dark lipstick. I really love her look this way
    YEEUN! I love her hair like this just flowing gracefully with the simple look. She’s soo pretty.
    Yoobin! her closeup shot smile is a little mischievious looking but also extremely adorable.
    LOL@Sohee at the behind the scenes. Where she’s just sitting there with a hehe. smile. xD SO CUTE!
    I LOVE SunMis hair like that. I cannot help but spazz!
    A long post deserved a long response xD

    thanks coolsmurf

  10. i seriously hate those wigs . i just want to burn them all up T___T but other then that; the girls look gorgeous; and the make up looks like a well done job ❤ so proud of them

  11. YeEun looks so pretty in the interview! It reminds me of when Sun Mi said YeEun looks a little like Han ChaeYoung. She does kinda resemble her in this interview!

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