Wonder Girls as Bakery Clerks for One Day

The Wonder Girls who are currently appearing on Mnet reality tv show Wonder Bakery experiencing the life of a patisseur, was given the opportunity of working as bakery clerks with each member being designated to work at different Crown Bakeries confectioneries around Seoul for one day.

Wonder Girls Works for 1 Day at Crown Bakery shops

Sun Ye expressed, “I have always wanted to try something like working part-time and so I think it would be fun. I am anticipating it a lot”, as she showed her high expectation and positive approach before her working stint.

So Hee showed her “aggressive” side as she herself went out to the streets to approach people and distribute flyers. But people started avoiding So Hee and she expressed her feelings saying. “I don’t know why they are avoiding me. I was really saddened by it”. Yoo Bin and Sun Mi, Ye Eun meanwhile cleaned the store, placing the food on display and also experienced being sale girls.

So Hee Distributing Flyers on the Streets

Kwon Youngchan PD who was in charge of the Wonder Bakery production said, “This was an experience for them (the Wonder Girls and their partners) to see at first-hand what kind of cakes that consumers wants/would be buying from a confectionary. I hope that this experience will allow them to create cakes that will be one grade higher than their previous creations”.

Sun Mi the cashierYoo Bin cleaning up

This particular Wonder Bakery episode will be aired on 3rd December and the translation was bought to you by gomdorii.

Crown Bakery X-mas


38 thoughts on “Wonder Girls as Bakery Clerks for One Day

  1. I would hug Sohee if I were there!! XD
    But I guess it’s the nature of people, always avoiding people who gave out flyers.
    If they are avoiding because it is Sohee,then I guess they are stupid ;P
    This is absolutely a wonderful experience for them since they can’t do all these things now that they are celebrity.
    I’m very thankful to Wonder Bakery. The girls can have experience as a normal teenager.

  2. @ f.:

    totally agree with you!

    so hee is just an innocent and cute girl! she just try to be

    herself and also more friendly with people!

    i’m so disappointed that there are some people who don’t

    understand her and always “attack” her T_T

    the fact is that: she is really cute- fun- attractive in this reality


  3. I’m so happy that SoHee is starting to act normal again! She’s so much happier now! Hopefully people will respond better to her new cheeriness!

  4. hehe i actually work part time at a bakery x]

    Aww, the pics are so cute ^^ All of them look like they’re enjoying the experience πŸ™‚

  5. Well, I like Wonder Bakery in general, so I’m looking forward to this episode. But from what I see, the only ones who are doing anything productive is Yoo Bin and Sun Mi.
    Sun Mi is actually giving change and it seems like Yoo Bin is cleaning the whole time.

  6. I thought Sohee was adorable in ep. 4, she was really talkative and cute while poking fun at her partner.

    I see Sohee as a deer, they’ll jump when they see you and don’t know you but they’re cool once they know who you are and are approachable. She’s so cute like that.

    I envy Yoobin’s partner. Can you imagine what his friends are saying? “Yah, you get to spend a whole day with her. What’s it like?” She’s so pretty, they all are. It was cute how she ate that strawberry last week after Sunye’s partner told her not to.

  7. hohoho! DECEMBER 3RD! my birthday. ^^

    tomorrow, boa will be performing live in NY, and WG concert tickets in LA, CA, and NY will be on sale. i feel special. Hahaha!

    too bad i can’t see boa, AND i don’t have money for the WG concert, BUT i have this to look forward to. ^^

    i don’t understand why they’d avoid sohee though!! when people clamor over her all the time!!

  8. how can they avoid sohee!? that so mean! lol i dont
    understand how some people are ingoring or just
    randomly walking on the streets when there are
    like celebs. walking or by the surroundings. i mean
    like hellllllo?! do you not see a celebritity. lol :]

  9. dude, i love that last picture! they look so good! gah so jealous of our super-photogenic girls. anyway, yeah i would take a flyer from sohee..i dont get it haha

  10. kinda sucks for sohee….shes going back to her cheerful old self but ppl avoid her… i would be sad too if that happend to me….but then agaiin i think ppl are camera shy…(im camera shy well not really but i prefer to be the camera man instead of being the one getting caught) hehehhehwehh lol

    cant wait for this ep.
    sohee ffightng,!!

    wonder girls all the way!!!!!!

  11. “Random People” Y R U avoiding Sohee? If I was there, I would diffidently go up to her and talk to her and of course pretend that I love Crown Bakery so I can be on TV with Sohee. Who doesn’t want that? lol. Poor Sohee, cheer up.

  12. &f. : I agree with you man, I was one of those on youtube who commented back saying how she’s misunderstood. It really saddens me when I read those kind of comments and I’m shocked how they can call themselves wg fans and go on raving about how they think sohee is rude 😦

    She looks so cute here, I can’t wait to see this episode! You can see that all the people behind sohee are looking in the camera’s direction, I guess they wanna see her but not get caught on tv! Haha. I would totally walk up and down to collect flyers from her.

  13. ah, i wonder why they’re avoiding sohee. i really despise seeing those comments on youtube saying that she’s rude and all just because she wouldn’t go back to her partner. she was just joking around 😦 always so misunderstood. when she’s quiet, people accuse her of being a snob, but when she’s fooling around and being dorky, people say she’s rude and mean. poor girl, she’s such a cute and fun person but people are always picking on her.

    /tl;dr ugh.

    anyway. i’m looking forward to this episode! is that sohee’s new partner? looks like she’s smiling and laughing a lot here! πŸ˜€

  14. ohhhh avoiding Sohee cuz they dont wanna be on tv thatss sooo true!! well.. i dont want to be on tv too if i was there..but for the WG! SURE!! =)

  15. can’t wait!!! their hats in the last picture reminds me of what big bang wore for their baskin robbins cf! sohee unnie don’t be sad, i’m sure they’re shy infront of cameras… i miss sohee’s older partner and ye eun’s… but i guess the show must go on! WONDER BAKERY HWAITING!!!

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  18. yeah wonder girls are out and about!
    gonna be fun fun fun!
    i dont think its SoHee they’re avoiding
    its the camera that with SoHee they’re avoiding!
    people are camera shy!

  19. it think they’re avoiding sohee because they didn’t want to be in tv..lol

    can’t wait for the next episode..i think it’ll be more interesting than previous episodes..

  20. why are they avoiding sohee?
    im so sad over it..
    is it true that most koreans dont like sohee cause she is rude?

  21. WHAT?!
    Why were they avoiding Sohee?!
    I’m hoping it was just the PD man telling them to go away before he realized that Sohee wanted them there.
    This looks like such a fun episode!
    Can’t wait to watch it! πŸ˜€
    It looks like Sohee’s already warmed up to her new partner??
    Lol yayy!

    thanks coolsmurf

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