Yoo Bin Cyworld Diary Entry 081130

Yoo Bin revealed something about her secret hobby yesterday!


Ha ha ha
My only work of art that decorates my place
Keroro collection~

Everyone sees it and looks at me weirdly -_-

There is a person like me inside the van, so the atmosphere lives!!!

Whatevers -_-;;;

credit to Kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com for translation


36 thoughts on “Yoo Bin Cyworld Diary Entry 081130

  1. owh…so cute…
    i am a big fan of KEROPPI …
    really excited to know yoobin love keroro…
    aww….she’s so cute…
    that was the cute site of yoobin…
    who knows a rapper love that cute keroro..

  2. Yoobin, Yoobin, Yoobin…sometimes i wonder if she’s really the oldest…i think she’s faking her age….haha she’s supa cool!

  3. thats so cute ^^
    and her msg… sounds like a convo me and my friends may have LOL… Yoobin is too cute ^_________^ I want a keroro collection now, too~

  4. haha… keroro!!!! cuteee! ㅋㅋ. Never imagined her having a keroro collection. Cutee! hehe. hmm… another member liking it is probobly… sun mi unniee! :))

  5. Haha, cute! She should get together with SNSD’s maknae, SeoHyun. She loves Keroro, too. ^^

    Then, they should share their cute collections with Big Bang’s DaeSung with his Doraemon collection. Hahahha!

    Idols have weird and cute fascinations. =P

  6. i won’t be surprised if she actually did… i mean, she’s a fan of snsd and Boa… but sunmi is a wonder girl now! maybe she auditioned but didn’t succeed to become a sm trainne… cuz if she was a trainee she would know the snsd members…hahaha shindong oppa so cute! i’m guessing sunmi is a keroro fan too… or maybe sohee??

  7. wow. that pic is kinda old. now im curious about sun mi if she auditioned at SME.

    anyways, haha. LOL. yoo bin is sooo cute! haha. LOL. i bet that secret person is sun mi? keke. isn’t seo hyun of snsd likes keroro too? haha. so cute binie!

  8. did sunmi audition for sm??? so she knew shindong oppa before her debut??? someone please tell me. where can i find her audition clip for sm… did she fail to be sm trainee??? someone please explain… i heard sohee auditioned too…

  9. did sunmi audition for sm??? so she knew shindong before her debut?? some one please tell me! do you know where i can find her audition clip for sm?

  10. Wow, that’s a pretty big collection. I guess Wonderfuls will be getting KF themed stuff for her next time gift time rolls around. xD

  11. “Psh….
    There is a person like me inside the van, so the atmosphere lives!!!”

    hahahah she’s so talking about sunmi lols 😀

  12. LOL!
    That’s soo cuute!
    My bet is that one of the maknaes are the other person like Yoobin. xD
    Although I’m leaning more towards SunMi.
    Taht’s quite a sticker collection..

    thanks coolsmurf

  13. so this is inside their van? Looks like it…hahaha
    binnie you little adorable thing…my bet is Sunmi
    is that person.

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