Sun Mi and her New Pet 081130

Whose kitten is this and what about So Hee?



Fret not, it’s just Sun Mi with her pet kitten Mango, given by a fan.


Sun Mi looks like a cute pet herself with her hairstyle.


Trying to eat it in the last picture.

credit: wonderholic (pictures) + kris@soompi (info)


65 thoughts on “Sun Mi and her New Pet 081130

  1. because im a muslims.its forbidden to touch puppy or dogs(T_T)…but i can take my kitten for a walk,play ball,running together,exercise,playing everything and do everything together because i care of my own pet.its a siamese cat.

  2. cute!!!sun mi and her kitten..the kitten just look like my cat,but its name was meengo.i love cats!!!!i can’t touch dogs because….

  3. i fear that.. after seeing this, more fans will send the Wonder Girls pets… by then the Wonder Girls may have to change their name to “Pet Shop girls”! lol

  4. my luv sunmi…..
    she was realy cute…
    i want to meet her but i can’t cuz i’m from malaysia…
    i hope there will be a concert in malaysia next time…

  5. Sunmi & Mango! A new couple in WG haha. So now Mango is the mascot of WG? XD
    What a cute name for a kitty. Sunmi-ah,take good care of Mango ok? But pls don’t leave Sohee behind too 🙂

  6. AHH!!!! So cute! I had two of the same ones; reminds me of the kitties I had to leave behind in the Philippines after returning home from vacation 😦

    SNSD recently gets a puppy, Wonder Girls recently gets a kitten… why can’t I have a pet?!


  7. awwww

    WONDER Kitty!! mango’s adorable just like sun mi!

    and yeah…what about Sun Mi’s original pet, Sohee? i hope mango and sohee get along well….

  8. OMG this photo just makes me love this little qurky alien even more!
    Shes so pretty ❤

    and mango ^^

  9. i’m sure some of you guys are korean and live in korea… i heard that wonder girls are getting antis day by day, because of wonderbang, korean fans don’t really like this wonderbang love… is that true? i thought that V.I.P’s and Wonderfuls are close and support each other… i really don’t want wonder girls or big bang to get antis…

  10. hey i saw a preview on star’s date? im not sure whats the name of the show…it is basically about stars bringing their friends to set them up on mbc….i saw a preview with WG and the guys fron ss501….is there really an episode?

  11. Sun Mi is completely cuteee with her cat….The cat looks so small though…Be a good cat ok?
    What about So Hee then??? Don’t forget your bang ool ee Sun Mi ah Lol

  12. haha look at the second pic. the cat look so tiny~

    and i have a feeling that somehow some clips of the WGs playing with this little kitty will surface somewhere after some time. hahaaa.

    sunmi’s cute~

  13. ^ @ll_borderline

    hehe, i love the taecmi couple too.
    they’re too cute together! and their love for cats is adorable :3

  14. omo cuties!
    what about SoHee now?
    she is SunMi’s kitty right….
    now that SunMi have a real one! LOL
    oh my gosh yeah TaecYeon love cats!
    SunMi’s nickname for him is Okat right
    because of his love for cats?
    seriously im becoming a fan of TaecMi couple
    after their tango!
    am i the only one?
    i mean when i look back on their music bank perf when 2pm was also there and wonder girls won!
    i didnt know Taec was the one that SunMi was talking with until now and at the end i think Taec said something when they were about to leave the stage that SunMi playfully hit him with her flowers!
    my beauty and the beast lol!

  15. AWWW its so cute! it really suits her, now Yoobin and Sohee will get jealous that shes not paying attention to them lol shes so adorable with her high pig tails! ❤

  16. aw she looks adorable with her high pigtails! and mango is super cute, just like its owner hehee.

    ahem, now i wonder if taekyeon (2PM) would come over more since he’s such a huge cat-lover… teehee :3

  17. Awww~ they match so well!
    lol the last picture is so Sun Mi like~
    maybe she wanted to eat a mango (the fruit not the cat ^-^” )

  18. this is so cute! so sweet of the fan to give her a pet. silly sunmi trying to eat the little kitty haha both of em are so cute 🙂 sunmi jjang ❤

  19. AH!! SunMi isss soooo CUTE!!! ahaha..pretending to eat the cat ><
    She looks cute wen she tied her hair up that way xD

  20. LOL!
    Sun Mi! Nnnnnno! Put that down! That cat is not food! Maybe on your planet but not here XD

    I love her pig tails ❤

  21. SunMi! 🙂
    SO cute!!!

    My friend has a kitty that looks JUST like that one, but name MANDU. heheh

    I kind of like that it was a little kitty and not the stereotypical purse-sized puppy. Even tho those are really cute too….

  22. A fan gave her a pet?…Now that is really cool!

    She looks super cute!!!!!!!!! I love Sun Mi and her clumsiness.

  23. AWW! I would’ve given her a cat, too if I knew she’d want one. =3 I’m afraid of giving someone a living thing (unless of course, it’s a plant) because you gotta take care of it, and it might burden the receiver.

    But that’s uber cute! Sun Mi definitely seems like a cat person. I remember on their reality show, Wonder Girls Season 1… Episode 4? I think that’s the one that focuses on Sun Mi… But Sun Mi kept playing with the sleeping cat during their album’s photoshoot. ^^

  24. LOL!
    hahahahhaha new info that I did not know.
    Awwww soo cute!
    I hope Ahn bang ool isn’t jealous. 😉 (AKA Sohee)
    I remember in MTV Wonder Girls Season 3? the first episode there was a laazy cat just lieing around a plant and SunMi liked it very much

    thanks coolsmurf

  25. Aww, so cute!
    The last picture reminds me of the Japanese idol, Shoko Nakagawa, and what she does with her cats. XD

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  27. that is sooo freakin cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    awwww the kitty looks soo adorable in the shoe.

    and sunmi looks really kawaii!!!!!

  28. Lol I’m scared of cats but this is soo cute!
    Sunmi looks like a cat person.
    And how sweet that it was given by a fan ^^

    But yeah, I wonder if it stays in the WG dorm or at her parents’s house? I wanna see the other members with it too!

  29. aw. they’re both really cute.
    i like that she (or someone else) put mango in a shoe. ^^”
    I wonder if she named it mango or if someone else did.

  30. awww finally one of the wonder girls got a pet!
    ive always wanted one of them to have one. somehow i always knew that sunmi would be the first one! its so cute! and small! Mango is sure lucky to have sunmi. and vice versa. muahaha =D

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