Wonder Girls @ Suicide Prevention Hope Concert 081129

The Wonder Girls performed last night at the Suicide Prevention Hope Concert which was held at the Suwon Gymnasium. The theme of the concert was aimed towards telling youths that “You Are VIP”. 2PM and others also performed.



Bringing their mic stands off-stage after performance.


There was no Yoo Bin single shot posted.


22 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Suicide Prevention Hope Concert 081129

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  2. there alwaysss something that connects wg and bb, haha ❤ these girls are working hard! i’d be so tired for them, promoting the same song and routine for months.

  3. i agreed with J , but then all wonder girls song is somewhat fun & lively .

    tell me = you love me i’m so happy
    so hot = telling you that you hot & stuff kekekeke
    nobody- nobody but you.

    anyway a very good charity concert. and i’m glad the girls is part of it.

  4. Nobody is definitely a good choice to sing, the lyrics will help the people feel more important etc., hope that this movement was a success 🙂

  5. Whoa, at first I read the title as “Wonder Girls commit suicide.” I was like… WTF?? I didn’t even look at the picture below it… ~_~”
    Phew, Thank Goodness.

  6. I am so happy someone has started a suicide prevention campaign,and best thing WG are a part of it. This is good for Korea,with all the suicides they have in a year hopefully,this campaign get bigger and bigger to slow it down.

  7. so so so so cute avar ^O^

    i really love it!

    WGs are cute even when they yawn! ha ha ha!

    so hee had a good end! hahahaha!

  8. Aw..
    I wonder why they didn’t have a Yoobin solo shot.
    And I agree with sunye!!
    They truly are the best.
    I love that they do all different kinds of charity concerts
    And you can tell that they want to. That they enjoy doing these things.
    Which what makes them the WONDER girls.
    I hope that concert did wonders for the suicide considering teenagers of the world (or Korea) and now when they have bad thoughts they think of the Wonder Girls and their inspirational music to cheer them up.

    thanks coolsmurf.

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