Ye Eun SendVoice Message Response 081125

Remember the Sendvoice service that the Wonder Girls advertise a few months ago? Well, basically the fan gets to leave a message for the Wonder Girls through this, much alike a voicemail or answering machine.

Wonder Girl SendVoice Fanclub Service

The following is Ye Eun’s reply to a fan uploaded on 25th November.

Ye Eun’s reply (starts from 2:21) | Alternative Download

Hello/ How are you wonderful Junhee? It’s me, tough girl Ye Eun. First of all, I want to apologize for worrying you. I’m not sick at all. You know me, my problem is that I’m too healthy. haha as you know, after the “nobody” single came out, we’ve been very busy, so…to be honest, I’m just slightly, miniscule, very small, tiny, a tad bit sick. really just a little. However, even if I do feel tired, when I hear our WonderFul fans cheering us on, all my tiredness disappears.

So Junhee, please don’t worry too much. I truly love each and every fan and want to thank you all. And also, Junghee~I’ll wait for you! I seriously hope you get into Kyunghee University. when you get in, I’ll show you around campus, and then we can eat together at the school cafeteria. that day will certainly come soon! I, Ye Eun, am so happy I was a source of inspiration while you were studying. I love you too, Junghee.

many thanks to wonderkid for translation!

51 thoughts on “Ye Eun SendVoice Message Response 081125

  1. pls ye eun if you love your mam and your best friend and isos also you should love alah the anther god >>>>>god of muslim >/\\\\you should love isos and love alah
    alah:god of musilm

  2. saranghae =) ***_ye eun_*** 2 years i just want to talk 2 the wonder girls pls ye eun come and sing in kuwait pls pls >> i need YoU and say 4 all the wonder girls there is some one from kuwait love you so much pls

  3. ohh…i hope i can get into korea….
    ye eun is really sweet….and if i’m that lucky fan…i think nothing can stop me from getting into kyunghee university..haha




  4. The fans are so lucky.. x3
    I love Ye Eun.. she’s so cool.. and omg, lmao.. her ending xD She’s so cuuuute~

    Hey, btw.. what’s that song playing?! 😮

  5. That’s the sweetest message from her to a fan!
    Omg I think Yeeun is always sweet to her fan. That Junhee is so lucky because he’ll be going to Kyunghee university T_T and Yeeun get to show her around campus!

  6. ah ye eun is so cute, i love her cute voice. the way she replied is so cute AH. LOl, i love you for ever . ME TOO LOL.


  7. i really love Park YeEun shes one of the person i look up to
    she has all the traits of a great role model.
    shes beautiful shes talented shes smart she has an amazing personality and attitude she appreciate everything big or small she is a christian everything about her is just great how can you not fall inlove with Park YeEun?
    amazing amazing amazing young lady!

  8. ye eun is so nice no wonder she has a lot of friends.
    makes me want to study at kyunghee university but even if i dont study there ill do my very best in my studies.


  9. the wonderful kung hee sounds creepy but awww!
    omg he’s soo lucky! awww.
    just too cuteeeee!
    Ye eun fighting!! ^^

  10. LMFAOOO!
    *man voice* I love you forever, me too.
    Agreed completely with lad33x!!
    Hahahah oh man
    I hope she does feeeel tooooooons better soon though.
    And lucky fan. She gets to show him around campus personally and eat lunch together!
    She’s so nice. ^^
    Ah man.

    thanks coolsmurf

  11. Ye eun unnie is super sweet!!! i really like her voice, she’s amazing you can tell that she is so happy and sincere in her words! I wanna eat with Ye eun unnie too, since i love eating!

  12. Oh,I forgot yeah I wish I went to Kyunghee uni. I wonder if well get to see a message if she does show him around the uni.

  13. ahhh ye eun is the cutest thing ever. she’s so sincere and even though it’s obvious that she’s sick and tired she still tries to hide it so her fans won’t worry. i seriously love her!!!

  14. YeEun is the tough girl. She fights her way to the top. And I’m very proud of her. “i love u 4ever, me too”! cheese- smile. haha!

  15. omgosh..YeEun is sooo sooo nice and kind-hearted!!
    if i was that fan ill be crying wen im listening to her voicemail..ahhh im be like thnx..i ll try my best to let that day come true too..!! and YeEun said she ll be showing him around the campus..eating lunch together?? awww…that was soo sweet to say..she encouraged him to get into the university =)
    YeEun ur so nicee i lovee you too =)

  16. Awww! Ye Eun is very sweet to all of her fans,I would probably scream my butt off if I talked to her in person. lol…That was nice of them ”I love you forever too” ahaha

  17. Aw, Ye Eun’s so sweet, and I love how she’s so down to earth and acts like she’s just everybody’s friend. ^^ It’s like she’s no idol at all! I love her. =]

    I wish Ye Eun-sshi would show me around campus and eat lunch with me!! =D

  18. first to comment. Ye Eun is always so sweet to her fans.
    Really, ye eun want to eat together with her fans?
    How nice!

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