Wonder Girls @ Sharing Love Concert 081128

Last night at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium, the Wonder Girls took to the stage for the Sharing Love Concert. Proceeds from the concert will go towards helping children to battle leukemia. Other performing artistes on the night include In Sook Sun (a very famous Pansorist), Davichi and BMK.



19 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Sharing Love Concert 081128

  1. the Wonder girls are always involved in projects and concerts as such
    their so sweet šŸ™‚ and stunningly gorgeous!

  2. Picture 12 is my favourite move in tell me (aka during 2nd verse)! Hehe, glad they captured it.

    @Wonderlover: Thinking about it, them in their pjs dancing tell me would just be so cute wouldn’t it 8D

  3. i agree with Wonderlover. it’s nice to see they don’t wear the wigs… they look so much prettier without it!
    love the pictures, soo gorgeous^^

    and i also agree, they would still look good without makeup in PJs:D although that would be funnyxD


  4. oohh look at SunYe at pic no.7, HOT!
    and pic no.18 *wink*

    friendly yeeun pic no.2
    sexy yoobin pic no.10
    pretty yeeun last pic~
    and they never fail to snap a SoHee “ohmona” pic šŸ™‚
    im kinda glad they’re not wearing the wigs, they look good just the way they are.

    even if they were to perform on stage without makeup and in PJs they’ll still look good. hahahahahaa!!!

    (yes without makeup and in PJs, they would still look good)

    Wonder Girls~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. when are they going to stop promoting nobody? end of this month or end of the year? Can’t wait for their 2nd album!

  6. Ohh thats so nice of them! that just goes to show everyone how awesome and caring they are! and yes they’re very sexy in the first photo! and in all the rest as well.

  7. LOLLL!!!
    I LOOOVE PICS 2,4,7,12, and 17!!!!
    And I agree with wgwannabe completely
    Every time I see them with or without makeup they are always SO HOT!
    Speaking of which, did they perform So Hot?
    I see Tell Me and of course Nobody but..

    Well anywho thanks coolsmurf
    I find it amazing that I can love these girls more each and every day. ;x

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