So Hee SendVoice Message Response 081120

Remember the Sendvoice service that the Wonder Girls advertise a few months ago? Well, basically the fan gets to leave a message for the Wonder Girls through this, much alike a voicemail or answering machine.

Wonder Girl SendVoice Fanclub Service

The following is So Hee’s reply to a fan uploaded on 20th November.

So Hee’s reply (starts from 1:32) | Alternative Download

Hello/How are you Young Hwan dongseng? This is So Hee. You saw me when I went to a university event? Then I guess we’re close now, huh? Rather than calling you Young hwan-sshi(formal), may I call you Young Hwan-dongseng? or Young Hwan-ah? I’ll just go ahead and all you Young-Hwan-dongseng (dongseng = younger sibling)! Young-hwan dongseng, you know that we, Wonder Girl noonas, go to a lot of university events, right? You should have told me which university you saw us in…OH right! let’s clear up that misunderstanding. I did not stare you down. I, So Hee, know how our fans truly feel..but Young-hwan dongseng doesn’t seem to know nuna’s true feelings…

I’m just joking! Of course I know, I can even hear the cheers from inside the practice room. Oh! and, I hope you enjoy your trip to China and please come back safely! Don’t get sick without So Hee nuna’s permission. Young hwan dong seng, should I leave you the same cheesy message you left me? Young hwan dongseng, I love youu too~ I make it sound a little more cheesier, right?

many thanks to wonderkid for translation!

38 thoughts on “So Hee SendVoice Message Response 081120

  1. io you wonder grils are so fit hoe old are you lot?? oo yeh have you got facebook add me you lot are so fit and sexy oo yeh and i am only 13 ^_^

  2. I’d have a complete heart attack if Sohee replied to any of my messages!! =D Lucky guy!

    She’s too adorable for words! Too lovable Sohee!! ^^

  3. kekeke soooo cute. i love how she automatically calls herself nuna. i bet she loves the feeling of calling someone else dongsaeng haha. ❤ sohee is adorable

  4. naaaaaaaaaw! ily sohee !
    her voice is soo adorable..
    i want her to talk to me like that too
    LOOL the message was cheesy xD
    shes so charming * sighs (;

  5. Aww thats so cute! she sounds so dorky and adorable ❤ i’d love to send her a message someday…thats one of the reasons why she’s one of my fave Wonder Girls I LOVE YOU SOHEE! and all the other Wonder Girls too! Wonder Girls Fighting! ❤

  6. ^^*roll eyes*

    anyway she sound so cute, it so nice that she speak loudly & clear. =] plus she so cute with her voice HAHAHA you know sohee can be very funny if she want too right? she have a great sense of humor (from what i see) but yeah sohee jjang.

  7. OMG SO CUTE 😀 I agree, love her cute voice like in headache lol!

    Seriously, I’d die if I was the fan. Like scream really loud and lie on the floor spazzing about how sohee replied.

  8. “Don’t get sick without So Hee nuna’s permission” XD
    Love that one! I love when Sohee being all lively and talky. She’s so adorable.

  9. awww that is too cute as well! ahh lucky!
    it seems like our girls only leave meassages for guys!? younger dongseang. awww
    ahh soo cute!

  10. Hahahahahah I love how she’s so down to earth.
    And isn’t afraid to tell the fan that his message was cheesy. :)))
    I love that!
    She has so much heart. But hides it alot because of her major shyness.
    I hope that she can soon break that shyness and come out and be the lively fun Sohee that I know she is. :D.
    Back to the irony days!

    thanks coolsmurf

  11. OMG, she called his message cheesy – LOL. This was really sweet though – those fans who get responses are really lucky! Ah, SoHee dongseng sounded so cheery and upbeat here – that was nice. Thank you for sharing this! ^^

  12. Sohee is so sweet. Her message is so bubbly and exciting. She’s right about how people/fans don’t seem to know her true feelings. She is loved. I want to leave her a message too? heehee. Thank you.

  13. AHH!! Shes sooo cute and cheerful! Nice to have her in the group but i thnk other group members are also that kind-hearted too =)

  14. Haha, cute. She’s so lively in this message. =] It’s funny to think of Sohee as a nuna. Hahaha! ^^ It’s also funny that the fan thought she was staring at him down. =P

    If I were able to leave a message to the Wonder Girls ever, and one of them answered me, I would just scream and possibly faint. Hahaha! ^^

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