Yoo Bin Will Cameo on MBC Sitcom That Person Is Coming

Remember the sitcom cameo that So Hee did earlier for MBC That Person Is Coming? Guess what, Yoo Bin will also have a cameo role where she will form a triangle relationship with JunJin and Seo Young Hee in the sitcom.

Yoo Bin to Come in Between JunJin and Seo Young Hee

Fans are anticipating for Yoo Bin’s cameo role especially since So Hee had a successful cameo the last time round. Yoo Bin’s character will come in between JunJin’s PD character and Lee Young Hee (Seo Young Hee). And just like what Yoo Bin did to T.O.P. in last year’s SBS Gayo Daejun drama skit, stealing him from Sun Ye, she will do the same thing to JunJin, creating lots of funny moments as she launches love attacks on JunJin to get his attention.

Yoo Bin already being typecast as a 3rd party?

In the sitcom thus far, JunJin has been playing a fiery television producer who is at loggerheads with the primma donna star Lee Young Hee (Seo Young Hee) but of course they have an affection for each other. Exactly how will Yoo Bin’s cameo appearance affect their relationship remains to be seen.

Yoo Bin will film her scenes on 1st December and this will be shown at the end of the month. The Wonder Girls will be on all 3 music shows this weekend.


27 thoughts on “Yoo Bin Will Cameo on MBC Sitcom That Person Is Coming

  1. ohh omg cant wait to watchc it yoo bin is awesum junjin ish kute but top and yoo bin should do a movie together aww?!

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  3. yea!!! cant wait!!! but a month is too long 😦 well who cares at least there is one!!
    hopefully shell have lines last time in SBS drama with bb she didnt say a single word!!!!!!

  4. ha ha ha!

    “Yoo Bin already being typecast as a 3rd party?”

    because she is sexy and so hot! lol ^O^

    she is always a funny WG! i think she will do sitcom very well!

    poor ye eun! ha ha ha!

  5. hahaha… maria i agree… can’t wait for this episode! yoobin unnie had always dreamed to act!

  6. WAAAH! so cool and yup i agree with Ab, hopefully the rest of the WG’s can go on as well!

    but im really excited to see what Yoobin’s role will be like, hopefully they give her a mature character, to contrast Sohee’s youthful and young character…

    omg! i wonder how Yeeun must be feeling, i know she’ll be happy for Yeeun but i find it too funny that when Yeeun likes a guy(Kyujon & Junjin), they somehow get associated with Yoobin ROFL! and Yoobin is a super fan of Sechskies Eun Jiwon but he chose Yeeun! omg! too funny… i wonder how they deal with this cross love…

  7. LOLLL Yoobin stealin everyone’s mannn.
    Hahaha I would love to hear her thoughts on her character. Especially after that minidrama with BB where it was basically the same thing happening.
    I can’t wait to see it!
    Maybe the rest of the WG will also cameo on That Person is Coming..
    2 down 3 to go

    thanks coolsmurf

  8. Congratulations, YooBin! It’s your dream to be an actress too, so hopefully this will be a good step in that direction ^^

  9. LOLS. AWESOME. Yoobin Unni will be AWESOME.
    I wish it was Wonderbang . I love the end of the year mini drama they did.
    It was uberly adorable

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