Wonder Girls Vita 500 Bonanza Picture Pack Download

As expected, Vita 500.com website has updated the website with 3 new pictures. I have gone shopping around and gathered up all the Wonder Girls related pictures, etc from the website for you to download at one go.


The above plus the 2 below are new pictures for December. Don’t ask why there is only solo for Sun Ye and Sun Mi. It’s a company decision, not mine.


The following are a few samples from the past few months which you might have already seen but have yet been posted on the blog before. There are no Ye Eun pictures posted here because I felt that it didn’t really do her enough justice. But it’s all included in the pack so you can judge for yourself.


Two new wallpapers for December.

1024×768 | 1280×1024

1024×768 | 1280×1024

This Bonanza Picture Pack Download will contain all the pictures (28P), wallpapers (16P), emoticons (26) and promotional posters (8P). I have excluded cartoonish pictures that I felt didn’t do the Wonder Girls justice. Anyway, you can go to Vita 500.com to get them if you really want everything.

Download Pack (UU) | password: vita500

One thing to note, the webmaster for Vita 500.com website is doing a pretty shoddy job without naming the files of all the pictures properly.


35 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Vita 500 Bonanza Picture Pack Download

  1. omo! Sunye is so darn gorgeous!!!
    Love her style these days!!
    Gosh she looks absolutely stunning.
    Looking at the old pictures of them,I realize how much they have grown so much.

  2. btw, there was no YeEun, Sohee nor Yoobin solo…she wasn’t the only one …the other pics are from march i think… don’t be so quick to cry wolf

  3. Wow… i thought from that kind of comment that Ye Eun’s pictures would be terrible but after downloading the files… they weren’t even bad as what i assumed they would be. And it’s sad because to add on to that, she gets the least attention in these advertisements. To be fair, I’d say some of the other pictures of the girls aren’t so great either. Although I know you mean no offense by saying that, it still seems pretty fucked up anyway.

    Thanks for the posting the pictures though.

  4. =_= ye eun being my favorite , it sad that every CF, or whatever they do she always get the least solo.

    but whatever. anyway i love the last one with them pulling the thing HAHA it cute & i love 2sun clothes with their solo.

  5. It’s because Sun Mi’s a cutie, and she’s just amazing. Hohohoho~~!!

    Then again… all of WGs are cuties!!

  6. They all look really pretty,especially Sun Mi and Sun Ye in the first 2 pics,and So Hee looks cute,Yoo Bin looks more pretty than sexy,which I think is good.

    No Ye Eun solo? Oh,well looks like I’ll have to go to the website to see them =) THANKS for the pics!

  7. omg*.*
    loving those vita 500 pictures<3
    the girls look extremely pretty!
    Min Jookie’s gorgeous in her solo…as always^^
    Miso is adorable as hell<3

    totally agree with Ab, the last wallpaper is so cute!!^^ lol
    (i put it on my screen.)
    i dunno but i think in that picture Sohee and Yeeun look like sistersxD maybe i’m the retard…maybe just because their same expression…lmao.

    anyways thank youu

  8. thank you!

    sorry for the sunye bias!…but omg!…i love her style SO MUCH!..
    those mocassins or whatever you call them (I WANT THEM!)

    and she looks SO much like Eugene from S.E.S here!

    ahh..gorgeous girls! 🙂

  9. LOL@last pic. soo cute.
    2Sun pics are so pretty!!!! I love Sunye’s clothes. She looks adorable as a cheerleader with her side ponytail. xD
    Sohee looks so gorgeous in her december wallpaper one!
    Not just cute but really gorgeous!
    Lol!! Yoobin and her sexy wig on yet looking sooo cute with the present..
    That makes me incredibly sad.

    thanks coolsmurf

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