Wonder Girls MNet Wonder Bakery Episode 2 Photos (160P) 081112

MNet.com official HQ pictures of the Wonder Girls on their reality tv show Wonder Bakery shown on 12th November (Episode 2). There are no pictures of them at Lotte World unfortunately so it’s straight to the kitchen.


As you can see from the headline, there are a staggering 160 pictures, so posting just a few samples. They look really good in their chef outfits. If you view them in a slideshow, press next quickly to see them in animation.



Download (UU) | Mirror (4shared) | password: wondergirls.wordpress.com


23 thoughts on “Wonder Girls MNet Wonder Bakery Episode 2 Photos (160P) 081112

  1. they look so pretty in those outfits… cutest chefs i’ve ever seen! is that a knife sunye unnie holding?? becareful… ye eun unnie eating strawberries.. lol… great show!

  2. *laugh* aw. so cute. they look a bit lost in some of the pics. SunMi was so cute with a bit of flour on her cheek. ^_^

  3. i wish you put it in a folder.. i extracted it to my desktop and had 100+ pictures on my screen. thanks anyways though šŸ˜€

  4. LOL@all the Yeeun pics!
    She’s sooo cute!!
    The one where it looks like she has something in her eye so she’s winking and where she’s eating the strawberry is my favorite.
    Ahhh soo adorable!
    Oh and she’s also got a smudge on her face. šŸ˜›
    Leader Min looks hard at work haha :DD
    I wish there were some pics of Lotte World. too bad though

    thanks coolsmurf!

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