Wonder Girls @ Mnet Wide Entertainment News 081126

It was a long interview so the following are just excerpts from the news article. Hopefully, Kay can find some time to do a summary of this interview.

Sun Mi, Sun Ye and So Hee

The Wonder Girls revealed that the person they most wanted to have a special stage with was global popstar Rain. Sun Mi expressed, “We also want to be on wire (Rain had made his entrance on wire for his performance) and it seems to be a very fantasy-like thing to be doing the wire thing together with Rain.” When asked by the MC what concept would Sun Mi have while doing the wire thing, she replied, “It would be great if we wore taekwondo uniforms while doing that”, showing her 4-dimensional character once again.

They also talked about Big Bang and Lee Hyori special performance, especially the kiss between T.O.P. and Hyori which made headlines for several days. The Wonder Girls were also very envious of Lee Hyori’s sexiness.

Ye Eun and Yoo Bin

The Wonder Girls also revealed behind the stories snippets from the 2008 MKMF. The Wonder Girls who teared freely after winning the big award expressed, “Although we have the desire, but we really never thought we would also win the Daesang (Song of the Year) after winning Best Female Group and MV. Compared to on stage, we teared even more off the stage.”

They also talked about what happened after winning the awards. They got a call from their boss Park Jin Young who was in America, “Congratulations. Must work even harder”, showing encouragement. The Wonder Girls expressed, “Usually we just eat side pork but we ordered spare ribs that day.”



22 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Mnet Wide Entertainment News 081126

  1. Haha, the last sentence was funny. ^^

    Sohee looks so mature!! Her hair has gotten so much longer!!

    A special stage with Rain and WG would seem kindof weird, but it’s like the reunion of JYP’s bred winners, y’know? Their images would seem to clash, but I think if they DO make a special stage, it would be amazing, although I’m afraid Rain might overshadow our girls.

    And Tae Kwon Do uniforms? XD Sun Mi’s so 4D! Haha! Maybe she wants to look like ninjas!!! ^^

  2. haha
    they had kalbi ?! wow $$$$
    kalbi (spare ribs)>>>>>sam gyup sal (pork)
    I’m glad! ^^

    Sunye’s been sporting leather jackets recently, I love that look on her!

  3. LOL Sunmi! Wearing taekwondo uniforms XD
    I agree with Maria too!
    Sohee is the one that made me noticed first because she looks kinda diff with her style. The middle parting of her hair totally make her more gorgeous and mature.

    aww they wanted to collab with Rain? JYP family love XD Though Rain isn’t in JYP anymore,WG is still his dear hoobaes right?

  4. huh, why rain? if i were them, i’ll choose to perform on stage with the best boy group ever-DBSK!

    i choose dbsk over rain anyday and anytime.. sorry for rain fans.

  5. I agree completely with Maria about Sohee wearing black and about the middle parting.
    I said before that middle parting didn’t work well with Sohee when she went to some other red carpet thing with her simple black dress and GORGEOUS heels but now I think it’s the middle parting with long gorgeous straight hair works and not so much curled.
    She looked so beautiful and mature in this interview I forgot she was only 16! (Western age).
    But then I remembered again when at the end of the interview the MC’s asked Sohee to say a last farewell greeting from the Wonder Girls since she said very little through the interview.
    She was so shy and cute during her farewell speech especially when she said “Thank you very much” at the end of it she just put her head on the table and everyone just started laughing at her cuteness :DD
    (After she recovers she sits up and exhales a “ho ho ho” kind of sigh and quietly says “That’s not how it should be..” it’s so cute! xD)
    Oh sorry I just gave a Sohee spoiler. ;x

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  7. when sunmi said that she wanted a SS with Rain with Taekwondo outfits i had to laugh! OMG! she makes me laugh too much! shes been thinking about the Ivy Club shoot too much…

    i really cant help but notice Sohee here more than the others, (im sorry Sunmi ah!) her hair looks awesome and the middle parting makes her look really mature, the middle parting works for her better here than for the previous awards… i dont care what others say about her being too young to wear black, this girl wears it better and considering her personality, its a good fit for her, because its a serious color, she knows how to work dark tone clothing, its a good contrast to her soft features…

    WAAAAH! i really want a SS with Rain and the WG, more like the JYP fam, even though Rain isnt with JYP anymore, he’s still part of the family! instead of taekwondo outfits it should be secret agent outfits!!!!!!

  8. when talking about big bang and lee hyori’s kiss, i was waiting them to say” we want a special stage like that too” dang!!if that happens i’ll be ready to die.

  9. i really want to watch this, where can i find it? Its really nice to see the girls growing beautifully… sohee looks so pretty! sunye unnie really likes to wear leather jackets, it really suites her! sunmi is so cute, ye eun has a very clean look which is always amazing on her… yoobin is just hot, even in winter! hahaha… WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!

    I agree with coolsmurf/Alvin I hope Kay unnie can summarize!
    LOOOOOOOOOOVE MiSo’s outfits!
    I probably wouldn’t wear Sohee’s but it looks sooo good on her especially with her hair.
    She looks so mature and beautiful I’m glad people are starting to notice!

    thanks coolsmurf

  11. I like Sohee’s new look. She’s very mature looking. All of the girls are getting prettier and prettier now days. Thanks.

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  13. yoobin’s first acting role? yay! i’m so happy for her! i remembered her saying she wants to try acting
    go binnie!!!

    maybe they can incorporate sun mi’s wire idea for their solo concert! that would be great and the girls have their own kind of sexiness!

    thanks for the summary, at least i understood more now 🙂

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