Wonder Girls @ 9th Korea Visual Arts Festival 081127

The Wonder Girls picked up another award this afternoon at the 9th Korea Visual Arts Festival, the Most Photogenic Singer Award. The Wonder Girls expressed, “We are very happy to be receiving this award for the 2nd year running.” Congratulations to them. (credit to gomdorii for translation).

Never thought this outfit would make another appearance.

Wonder Girls @ 9th Korea Visual Arts Festival

Epik High and Jang Yoon Jung were joint winners.

Wonder Girls, Epik High, Jang Yoon Jungpp08112700044

And of course they performed Nobody.


Awards given out were judged by camera PDs.


33 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ 9th Korea Visual Arts Festival 081127

  1. clap clap clap!
    I can’t keep up! exactly how many awards did they rack up this year?!? haha congrats to the girls!! yay!

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  3. hmmm… sun ye is too small here ^^

    when they do ~ i want nobody nobody but u~ —> how silly

    the photographer is! ha ha ha!

  4. @Anna, i thought the makeup unnies did a good job and i guess its because i dont dwell too much on the makeup but i dont mind it… i think they look very beautiful with their makeup or without….

    well the camera PD’s should know because theyve been seeing the WG’s all year long, i would say theyre one of the most covered idol groups, considering all the air time they get… which is alot!

    but the girls look lovely although i want to see them in actual award dresses from like big brands such as Valentino, Versace and such… hopefully we’ll get to see them in real elegant dresses or cocktail dresses for the Golden Disk awards…

  5. LOL
    Definately most photogenic.
    Those girls are BEAUTIFUL in just about every picture I see them in!!
    LOLLL@Sohee’s blowfish face..
    I hope they’re starting to realize that these awards aren’t just because their songs are hot but because they actually deserve them through all the hard work!
    Well this award is for being photogenic.. but they work hard at that too so it’s ok. 😛

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. omg i love the dresses… they are soo pretty on them! They should do other colors in this style too! BUT the people who do Sun Ye’s make up are starting to bother me a little, here eyes are big but those lashes are like…totally covering them up… why do they do her make up like that?!?!?! Its like most of the time she’s half asleep… like = =…

    anyways congrats to our girls!

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  8. what was the stylist thinking?? never wear an outfit twice, and in less than a month too…sigh…anyways, they look so lively and YAY for the second year in a row

  9. wow. like coolsmurf said i also never thought that they will wear those outfits again! but they are so pretty in it and i love the outfits too^^

    congrats to our girls they deserve this award and i’m sure everyone knows, they are photogenic=]


  10. omgosh..YeEun look really pretty! ahh..I LOVVEE hER!!
    SunMi and Sohee look cute ^^
    WG fighting <3333333333333333

  11. ^^ I hope they thanked the photographers for making them look good… (heh not that they aren’t gorgeous already! but photographers do a lot of the work, too.)

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