Peripera Happy Christmas With Wonder Girls

In view of the Christmas season, Peripera has slashed prices for the Wonder Girls Peripera Wonder Line products plus others which you can view here with the Wonder Girls in Santarina outfits promoting this special sale.

Peripera Happy Christmas with Wonder Girls

Click for original size picture


34 thoughts on “Peripera Happy Christmas With Wonder Girls

  1. !do7 qoh t764 un6 WONDER GIRLS sup3r p3o n66nd4h4n 4quh k3y yeeun!!!4n6 sexy p4h n! sohee t4s cute p4h c sun m! sn4 punt4 k4u d2 phillipines___idol!!!in64t n7n6 k4u j4n

  2. woww they look super gorgeous*.*
    love love love that picture<3 lol at sunmixD haha soo cute^^
    i have christmas feeling right now..:D
    agree with wondergirls4ever_94, i hope they do a CF for peripera=]


  3. i hope they do a cf about their make up … it would be just adorable! like the baskin robbins cf, i hope they do something like that… 2sun! Sunmi is with everyone, she loves her members so much… they all love each other, its so sweet to see their bond! great chemistry between them, thats why they are always strong to face anything, along with our support, wonderfuls! WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAINTING!!! can’t believe its almost 2 years since they debuted! lets hope for a brighter future next year!

    I totally knew that you would put the new christmas peripera pic as your new ………….. at the top of your site.
    I forgot the word for it and it’s KILLING me because I’m one of those people who can’t let it go when I forget a word but I really just can’t remember this one so if you read this I kindly ask that you tell me what it’s called.. lol!!
    Well anyway back to the picture
    Actually I was totally hoping that you would put it up since it no.. they were just SO HOT!
    Totally agree with kjpop.
    I’m actually a girl (straight) but I’d also stand in line allllll day and again and again if Santa/Ms.Claus was half as hot!

  5. Yeah,there are so many couples,and notice how it’s mostly all Sun Mi LOL, I’m pretty sure Miso is very popular,but I like EunSun the most,cause you always see Sun Mi initiate a EunSun moment,and Ye Eun just follow. Most of the time with Miso So Hee plays hard to get,and thats a tiny reason miso isn’t my favorite,btw I love all of them!

  6. First it was MiSo, then came EunSun, now we’ve got 2SUN!!! LOL Sunmi just keeps moving on xD

    If the santa at my mall looked as good as the girls, I’d be waiting in line all day ❤ And go back in line over and over again xD

  7. ye eun is one sexy ms. claus. i wish my girlfriend was half as sexy as she is. all i want is ye eun for christmas.

  8. omgosh thnx WONDERSMURF!!!
    now i have this as my desktop x)
    and they lookkk sooo pretty!! esp. YeEUN!!! MY Fav. =)

  9. OH MY GOD.
    I started choking on my gum right when I saw this.
    The jingle bells are definately rockin this christmas.
    They’re so beautiful I’m jealous beyond all reason. ;x
    But I love that they’re so gorgeousss!
    Sohee and Yeeun look mischievious hot while Sunye/Yoobin look content smiling hot while SunMi looks soooo cuutely HOT!
    hahaha I think this pic captures some of their personalities for the most part
    New background.

    thanks coolsmurf

  10. Thanks coolsmurf,now I can put it as my background! =)

    They all have grown,especially from their debut,they all look mature,and very beautiful!

    ^Agreed,great angle on Ye Eun,she looks very pretty.

  11. Finally! A group pic with a pretty angle on YeEun!! Thank you, Peripera~ Anyhow, I hope this doesn’t man the girls’ line isn’t selling well -__- Crossing my fingers that they’re doing this just out of the goodness of their hearts. Anyhow, they all look very pretty.

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  13. Whoa, this is much better than their past Christmas shoots. I hope there are more images like this coming out. They all look wonderful.
    What’s up with the “Happy Christmas” though? XD

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