Yoo Bin and Chansung on Lee Juck Ten Ten Club Radio (4P)

Pictures of Yoo Bin and Chansung of 2PM with DJ Lee Juck on his SBS Ten Ten Club radio show on various dates. Both of them host a segment.

Their first time hosting together on the show. Love Yoo Bin’s style.


4th November was the day Wonder Girls and 2PM performed in Singapore so they weren’t around in Seoul to record the radio program.

Yoo Bin wearing an Ultraman hoodie.


Yoo Boo looks so feminine in the 3rd picture. Love the hair.


Yoo Boo all-black style.



36 thoughts on “Yoo Bin and Chansung on Lee Juck Ten Ten Club Radio (4P)

  1. Ahh she’s wearing those sweaters that Big Bang
    was adver. for. i think for colonized sweaters =]]]
    Yoobin is adorable. that’s cool how she got to do that

  2. ^ Oh! Thank God she’s still on the show! And yes, I’ve been trying to find more videos too! I was worried that the PDs might have cut them due to Chansung’s inexperience (though he was awfully cute in their first segment together, NicKhun was cut from YSMM just as easily T^T)

    But thank goodness that YooBin is still there & happy with her cute curls! They’re all so loveable. Lee Juck too!

  3. Anyone have any idea where I can watch or download these episodes? I saw an episode on youtube, but have yet to find others.

    Thanks in advance!

  4. she looks so cute in the last pic! i love her hair like that

    and wow chansung really does look like snoop dogg….


  5. yoobin is so cute xDDD
    i’ve been wanting to get that colonize hoodie that she has but it’s rather expensive lol. she looks stunning !

  6. is that a colonize ultraman hoodie? and yes, i love her sense of style esp the black dress and knee-high boots 🙂
    she looks GREAT!

  7. omg…the third pic is loooove..she look great..the hair, the dress, the boot is perfect!! tanx for uploading~~

  8. I love what Yoobin wearing! She is so adorable especially in the 3rd picture!
    She looks like a doll 🙂
    Chansung is cute as always haha.

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