Ye Eun as Radio DJ @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Program 081125

Ye Eun was filling in for Kim Shin Young who was on vacation on MBC FM Shim Shim Ta Pa radio program on 25th November together with Shin Dong.

Ye Eun 1-day DJ


Just for one night!


Jang Hee Young (Gavy NJ) and Changmin (2AM) were guests.

Group PictureChangmin from 2AM

Bonus picture of Ye Eun and friends again.

Ye Eun and friends

credits: IMBC + Cyworld


23 thoughts on “Ye Eun as Radio DJ @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Program 081125

  1. yay for ye eun! from the beginning i though that she can be a good dj! she has a great personality, great voice and is a fantasitic speaker! I hope Ye eun or any of the wonder girls gets to host a radio show, it would be amazing!

  2. I can’t wait to watch the video,if anyone knows please hotlink if possible. She has a really great outgoing personality,which makes her popular with fans,she is so cute. =)

  3. Hahahahahhahahahahaha
    I wish these radio shows were in vid and not just mp3.
    I agree with iknewthat
    Yeeun should be the great at being an MC!
    Words just flow naturally and comfortably from her mouth!
    Grats to her MCing and such
    Hope to see more of that in the future.
    And I love her selca’s they’re so cute
    It’s like you can’t even tell that she’s this freakishly huge pop star.

    thanks coolsmurf

  4. wah for only one night! Glad they chose Yeeun! WG is really close to Shin Young and Shindong now XD
    Yeeun is soooooo pretty in the pictures!!!!
    Changmin was there too lol.

  5. ahhhh i’m so proud of her hehes. shes so pretty, i love her style . hahas, i’m glad shes doing her own activity, even though its just one day hahas. shes so silly so cute .

  6. aw yeeun is gorgeous!
    and i bet she did great being a DJ
    she’s very outgoing and everything
    cant wait to hear/see it ><

    and wow she always does selca with her friends
    thats really nice to know that she keeps in touch with her
    friends and all.
    yeeun jjang

  7. Awww!!! Congratulations, YeEun!! Even if it’s only for 1 night, that’s pretty awesome! Can’t wait to listen ^O^ And Changmin was there too! Yea~

  8. haha, first to comment.
    Ye Eun is a charismatic speaker
    She has the talent and ability to become a dj.
    Ye Eun,saranghae…..
    I knew that ye eun and yoobin were on intoducing star freinds
    When it will be broadcasted?
    Ye Eun seems to have a lot of friends!

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