Wonder Girls @ So Yoo Jin FM Inkigayo Radio Show 081015

Wonder Girls on So Yoo Jin’s FM Inkigayo radio show for 15th October. The date is correct because they wore the same outfits for MC Mong’s radio show on the same day. It’s just that KBS chose to release the pictures now.

Wacky Ye Eun

Wonder Girls with So Yoo Jin

credit: KBS Radio


28 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ So Yoo Jin FM Inkigayo Radio Show 081015

  1. ahaha, yeeun’s hoodie is so huge! i think sohee can fit into it TOGETHER with her, rofl. anyway, they all look so pretty. love what sunmi’s wearing.

  2. ahhhh!!! Look at YeEun and Sohee xD
    lolz Yoobinniee and Sunye looks pretty .
    annd SunMi’s like…*Smiles*

  3. They all look super pretty!!

    I will never stop saying how Ye Eun and Sun Mi are really pretty. Yes,I’m being somewhat biased,but to me they look really well.

    I love their hairstyles particularly Sun Yes there all messy,yet it says ”I’m ready to work” lol

  4. aww,sohee must really love her bangs.. ^^ she wears it all the time now.. =) and plus she looks really happy.. i feel like pinching her mandu cheeks..
    and yoobin is getting cuter nowadays.. love the *4 pic.. ^^

    YeEun look really pretty here..MinMaknae look so small there..
    MinMaknae must eat eat more.. and sunmi is too cute for words..


  5. woah, why are they so CUTE??
    even without makeup they are still GORGEOUS.
    even with casual clothing,they look GORGEOUS.
    they are truly wonderful.

    no wonder they are the WONDER GIRLS.

  6. Aw thanks for sharing! The girls look great! Their expressions are hilarious. (Esp. SoHee!! Her face is just too adorable!! *ahh dies*)

  7. LOL@first and last pic..
    Yeeun and her shaking leg..
    You know?
    I actually don’t think Sohee’s cheeks are that big.
    I think it’s that since her head is so circularly shaped it emphasizes her cheeks more.
    Which make them seem larger than normal. xD
    Oh and when she blows into them of course.
    It works for her though!
    Soo cute. :DD
    Lol@SunMi 3rd and 4th pic.
    Happy to mad?
    I love these girls~

    thanks coolsmurf

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