Wonder Girls Vita 500 Promotion Picture

New picture of the Wonder Girls for Vita 500 released to the media this afternoon. No news about what this is for. The news that came with this was the same as what was reported earlier this morning. Love their style!

Wonder Girls for Vita 500

Just means that probably more are going to be released soon!


28 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Vita 500 Promotion Picture

  1. it looks like they photoshopped their heights… maybe they took individual pics and then just added it into a group picture. Sohee looks the shortest with Sunye looking the tallest here.

  2. SO CUTEE! :]

    ill have to say, sunye stands out the most in this picture.
    her pose is so cute, and i love her outfit the most.

    not being biased.

  3. love the pic<3
    they look wonderful. all of them.

    and love the style as well.

    can’t wait for more pictures and hope some cf will coming soon…=]

    thx thx.

  4. Oh my god.
    I am seriously in love with SunYe, Sohee, and SunMi’s outfits.
    SunYe looks SO adorable trying to drink/eat her vita500. xDD
    Sohee looks gorgeous with her long beautiful hair flowing down. And her clothes are always so cute! Love her style.
    I LOVE HER OUTFIT HERE! It’s my fav. out of the 5.
    She just looks soooo cute with the hat and her scarf and the dress itself!
    LOVE Yeeun’s trenchcoat. It really fits her style. And I love her hat. :DDD
    Yoobin’s still lookin sexy but so cute at the same time!
    I say screw TBJ these girls should come up with their own clothing line.

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. wow..that picture has got to be my newist favorite…definitly gonna be my desktop backround for sure

    the girls look amazing…each has grown more beautiful
    and sunye looks soooo cute..minmaknae:)

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  7. omgosh..! LOvee their outfits they lookk super cute!!
    they just look really extra pretty these days =)
    LOvee their smiles!
    WG fighting!! <33333333333333333

  8. o___o loving the pics….LEADER LOOKING BEAUTIFUL!
    Get some vita people! hoping for a new cf…wtv happened to pizza bingo?!? haha

  9. omg!..MinMaknae is looking super cute and even though not in the centre she caught my attention!..
    the others are looking sooo nice too..I love their fashion these days!

  10. SunYe’s just too adorable!!
    and i realised that three in the center are wearing checks~ haha.

    love sunye’s beanie n scarf
    yoobin’s scarf n vest
    sohee hair n shawl
    sunmi’s shoes
    yeeun’s dress minus the funny blue thing hanging. haha

    lets all drink VITA 500!! haha

  11. omg. sunye always surprises me when she poses for photography. love her pose her. very cute and unique from the rest. yoobin looks good. its nice for her to be in the centre, cause she rarely gets to. sun mi’s hair is so awesome. i keep lovin it day by day. so hee, very kawaii as well. ye eun looks so sweet. she is always sweet so no surprise there. go wonder girls. woohoo. they are my favourite girl group. my favourite male group is none other than DBSK!


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