Wonder Girls Ivy Club Catalog Scans (7P)

Scans from the latest Ivy Club uniform catalog which is free by the way featuring the Wonder Girls, figure skater Kim Yu-Na and boy group Battle.


0ab79c7c3a6b8ced5794c7d1953205f605c3e8340c45c707d462ae9106644a63e354396ef61b67426defe59345ca3f4bef80299d1ce0d846d4eb7d2cc8a8d977Ye Eun2460d3dbf5e521cc1762691a62c6245e1

Download the original sized magazine scans.

credit: 涩熙@WG-CN


30 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Ivy Club Catalog Scans (7P)

  1. I LOVE THEM PICTURES, but is there any way the entire catalog can be scanned..? I wanna see the entire thing, please..? ^^

  2. Sun ye looks like she’s modeling, lol.. cool uniform.. needs better shoes..
    So hee’s I just don’t like sadly.. i wanted her’s to be cuter.. 😦
    Yoobin’s is the most creative and cool.. and she looks all girly! 😀
    Sun Mi looks like a french girl!! *u* I love it!
    And ye eun is sooo clean cut and sharp!! I want her outfit.. and her socks and boots!!!! ♥

  3. these uniforms are so complex!

    i think no high school will buy them! ha ha ha!

    Ye Eun and Yoo Bin look fun!

    but i like miso’s styles most ^O^

  4. Aww they all look gorgeous <33 Sunye is too cool with her attitude, Sohee looks adorably shy but coy at the same time XD, Yoobin is sexy with those thigh highs, Sunmi is so unbelievably pretty with the long hair and beret, and Ye Eun is cute with her omona! stance.

    Love these! ^^

  5. i think yoobin’s got the coolest uniform on! haha she looks sexy and i love the color of her uniform.

    OMG!!! SUNMI! She’s soo freakin cute!!!

    love love looove.
    And I LOVE SunMi’s solo here!
    I love everything about it
    LOVE her hat. LOVE her clothes!
    MiSo is especially cute here xD
    Haha I like how in the group pic all the girls have a hard face on. And Sohee’s just smiling.

    thanks coolsmurf

  7. ^to student ? LOL

    anyway yoobin was ROCK!! HAHA , her hair all flying & everything.

    i like the whole set everyone look super cute.

  8. I love the uniforms on WG!!
    They look so cute.
    MiSo of course,they look the most natural in school uniform XD
    The 3 unnies are working on it! Love Yeeun’s style!
    Sohee looks cute with the scarf and santa hat(?)

  9. I likee Sohee’s Scarf!!
    YeEun’s outfit and SunMi’s my most favouritee =)
    Yoobin and Sunye lookkk like super model xD fiercee much!

  10. Sun Ye looks really good! Her pic actually reminds me of Snow White for some reason.

    So Hee is so cute! very long scarf….

    Yoo Bin,Her outfit is kinda weird lol,but lovely pose none the less

    Dorky Sun Mi has a great posy,and very nice smile,I like her hat.

    Ye Eun looks very pretty,and her outfit is nice as well.

  11. Sunye’s got SO MUCH STYLE!
    check out the back view of the blazer!
    sunye and yeeun’s so cool~~!
    (love yeeun’s shoes!)
    sunmi and sohee’s just too cute.
    yoobin’s look is sexy with the ruffles on the sweater/blouse. 🙂
    ooo and with black highsocks.

    SUNYE’s look.
    workin that supermodel persona!
    work it work it!

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