Wonder Girls At Busan Dong High School as Vita 500 Ambassadors 081126

The Wonder Girls made a surprise visit at Busan Dong High School this morning as Vita 500 ambassadors to lend encouragement to students preparing for their examinations. They also promoted drink Vita 500 and ace your examinations. The Wonder Girls also had an autograph session for the students.




30 thoughts on “Wonder Girls At Busan Dong High School as Vita 500 Ambassadors 081126

  1. Aww YeEun’s so adorable looking there! And as usual, there goes her fan-service again *^^* She’s so sweet~

  2. binnie is so far away from the other members =[
    i hope she is okay! and i agree sohee is a
    wonderful addition to Wonder Girls. if people
    dont have anything nice to say they shouldnt
    say it.

  3. @ Fannie! Please refrain from calling any of the girls bad names! So Hee is a wonderful addition to Wonder Girls,and it will be kept that way.

  4. oh man..yoobin really looks like she ready to cry
    cheer up yoobin!! we’re hear for you:)

    the girls look great and i’m liking yeeun and sunye’s jacket:)

    thanks coolsmurf you are JJANG!!!~~

  5. In the pictures, Yoobin standing pretty far from the rest of the members. Anybody know what happened?
    Don’t want poor Binnie being upset.

  6. awww!! more students passed the exam this time?? good to hear >< is it because of the Wonder Girls? xd
    i thnk it is! Hope they feel happy about it =)

  7. YuBin why so sad eh?
    we want your beautiful smile!
    its like her mind is somewhere else…
    lol at YeEun at the last picture im telling you shes been influenced by SunMi’s 4 dimensional self! and look at SunMi smiling at her YeEun Unnie
    as if saying “yeah YeEun unnie thats the way you do it welcome to my world!” LMAO
    lol SunYe and her mic and SoHee and her hoodie!
    very cute!

  8. Ahaha,Actually they all look distant,not from there selves,but from the crowd,and agree lol @ the air five.

  9. huh? binniee whats going on? missing younha? lol
    i kinda couldn’t look enjoy the pics, cuz she looks so gloomy…CHEER UP BINNIE!!

    Love Miso’s jackets

    LOL@Yeeun in the last pic.
    She’s so fun. 🙂
    I hope Yoobin feels better.
    Or it could just be bad timing of pics..?
    SunYe’s so cute checking her mic in the 3rd pic.
    Haha her facial expression is like hmm…
    Sohee looks so cute with her hood up!
    Yay for the girls

    thanks coolsmurf

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  12. @xris.
    well the wonder girls are ambassadors for vita 500.
    vita 500 was going too reward the hs with the highest passing rate examinations with a cash award. and since WG are ambassadors, its appropriate for them to be the ones to present the award.

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