Win A Ticket to Watch Wonder Girls on 2009 JYP Tour

Wonderful fan Reynaldo has organized a contest out of his own pocket where you can win a ticket to catch the Wonder Girls on the 2009 JYP Tour.

credit to juicebox@spectacle for poster.

poster credit to juicy@spectacle

A contest where you can do what you do best!


  • Do a cover of one of the Wonder Girls Songs
  • Create a wonderful wallpaper with your photoshop skills
  • Rewrite lyrics from a song and make it WG themed
  • Hand sketch any/all the Wonder Girls
  • Do a video of you dancing to one of there choreography

    The month of December will be for LA, and Janurary will be for the NYC.


  • Contest has started as of 2008.11.22 11:00am PST
  • Deadline December 22nd (MAYBE extended due to holidays)
  • No spamming. If caught, you will be disqualified and banned
  • Yes you can enter the contest for both. But do know if you win the first contest, you will get an LA ticket, etc.
  • Deadline must be met. No exception, no excuses.

    1st Prize Winner will get the $150 ticket to the show. I don’t know what the seating area is but since its the most expensive it has to be good lol.

    2nd and 3rd prizes TBD.

    I’m doing this contest out of my own money. No other person in spectacle is chipping in for the ticket. I’m working two jobs from 9am to 9pm just to make this happen. I know not everyone has a job or is fortunate to go. I don’t make much at my job. So I’m actualy sacrificing lunch, going out, black friday, and buying stuff until march to make this happen. As I learned from the Wonder Girls you have to stay humble no matter what position you are in or where you are in life. Generosity knows no strangers. This is my way of showing thanks to Wonderfuls from not only in US but internationally for always cheering on the Wonder Girls no matter what happens to them. Think big, Do big, Win big!

    Side notes/ideas incubating

  • Confirmed judges are Reynaldo and coolsmurf. More judges in future.
  • A voting poll may be up. People who have 50+ posts are only allowed to vote
  • 1st prize maybe exchanged (if available/exchangeable because I might end up buying the $150 ticket in advance) to two $80 tickets. But if the majority wants two $80 ticket then may it be changed.
  • Please if you just joined spectacle for the contest, do your best to go around and be active. Introduce yourself and chat. We don’t bite =)
  • Rules have not been made yet. Check for constant updates.
  • NYC ticket will be for January once again. It will be once again a $150 ticket depending if it’s available at the time I get paid for the purchase.

    As always, check back at SPECTACLE! forums for updates.

  • 42 thoughts on “Win A Ticket to Watch Wonder Girls on 2009 JYP Tour

    1. the soompi forms dont work for me is there a official website that has info about the concert and buying tickets?

    2. thats so genereous reynaldo =) I am sure the wonder girls would be proud to have a fan like you
      I’m looking forward to seeing the entries!

    3. actually I ordered already. They have $150 for sitting or standing. There’s first row of seats, then behind that row is the people that stand as I was told.

    4. BoAspika / anyone else who knows where to buy tickets : WHERE DID YOU BUY THE TICKETS FOR THE 2009 JYP TOUR???
      i want to go to the one in New York and desperatley would like to know where to buy the tickets.
      please help me!!

    5. well i’m excited
      i’m going to try real hard.
      i tried for BoA’s contest and failed..
      BoA and wodnergirls are my no.1 fav celebrities ><


      I’m definitely going to enter! I’m definitely going all out!!!

      THANKS, GUYS! This is really amazing for those that don’t have jobs and have no way of getting tickets and all. =] If I win, I’m definitely traveling to NY!!!

    7. ahhh!! this is such a exciting event thing..o.o lol!!
      hmm..yay so people who has 50+ posts are allow to vote? but then how do you know if u have mor than 50 or not?…umm..cuz i really wanna see the others hard work and vote =)
      but then im not sure if ive got enough posts T-T…sigh

    8. OMG! are you serious? this is so awesome!i think im going to enter this contest and try my best to win =) btw…. where do i send my entry?

    9. awww, this is so neat! i will definitely enter! i’ve got a couple of brothers that live in NYC, so i would just have to worry about transportation there! woo!

      … hmmm. i have no idea which one to do! it’s between a dance or a cover of one of the songs! even tho i do draw too… maybe i’ll do them all and pick the best one!! 🙂

      i’m so excited about this!

    10. Ahh that’s so generous!
      A true wonderful I must say.
      I would love to enter and try to win! But sadly there’s no way of me going. ._.
      Good luck to all those who do enter though!
      Thanks to Reynaldo for giving everyone a chance to go!
      I really hope the girls see this and say something!

    11. Ohh you are a true and generous Wonderful Reynaldo! How sweet of you to do this! I will definitely try to take part in this. I’m sure your generosity and kindness will be paid back. 😀

    12. Yes, I was the first buyer.*hehe* When I first read it on the soompi thread I thought so cool this person is taking money out of their own wallet for others to be able to see WG.
      Hope everything works out ^____^

    13. woooo..that’s very generous of reynaldo….hmm..since i dont live in US and i dont have a passport yet, i cant go..but to all of those joining the contest, all the best to you guys!!! just try out, who knows, you might actually win it..and tanx for sharing the info..WG+Wonderful=1

    14. So I’m first to comment about my own contest. What should I say… THANKS!!!! LoL, hope this turns out good. BTW I purchased my ticket already front row, BoAspiKa was the first ever customer though. I woke up a little bit late in the morning so He/She got to it before me T_T.

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