So Hee Has An Exciting Future Ahead of Her

Currently a member of the Wonder Girls who is also making inroads in the movie industry, Ahn So Hee is just only 17 (Korean age). Based on her appearance, you really can’t believe that that’s her age. Her adorable appearance has already won her an army of fans. With her debut movie I Like It Hot/Hellcats, she has already walked three red carpets at her age as an actress.

So Hee has already walked 3 red carpets at the age of 16

At the red carpet of the 13th Pusan International Film Festival on 2nd October, So Hee wore a cute black dress flanked by Park Joon Hyung and Park Jin Young. So Hee sported a dumpling hairstyle to complement her popular nickname of Mandu (dumpling). On 22nd October at the red carpet of the 2nd Seoul International Family Film Festival, So Hee wore a red dress with black leggings, with her hair let loose. Her appearance really got people guessing about her actual age. At the recently concluded 29th Blue Dragon Film Festival last week, So Hee one-piece black dress attracted the attention of many.

We can only anticipate an exciting acting future ahead for So Hee.


49 thoughts on “So Hee Has An Exciting Future Ahead of Her

  1. i always feel so hee were my younger sister, and hope that all happiness will come to her!

    always by your side, so hee!

  2. Aw, I love this girl!! She’s so witty and goofy and doesn’t taker herself too seriously. Go SoHee!!! So stylin’!

  3. sohee looks really cute in the first outfit.
    such nice legs :] lol. shes going to be even
    more fammous then she is now in a few years.
    i can just see her becoming a famous actress!

  4. Go Sohee! We Wonderfuls always support you from behind 🙂
    So proud of her right now *wipe tears*
    I really like her role in I Like It Hot as a rebellious teenager. She’s really good for a beginner! I hope she gets more and more offer in movies and dramas!

  5. wow she looks older than me but shes not (I’m only older by TEN days…!) I want her legs~ she looks very pretty ^^

  6. hehex, so hee is too sexy for her age. xp
    but mandoo is still so cute 😛
    specially when mandoo gets too shy..

    haha. i’ll be looking forward on so hee’s acting career ^_^
    hwaiting mandoo!

  7. I still can’t believe that shy little girl we all were introduced to not so long ago has slowly grown up before our eyes and is becoming a very mature and successful young woman.

    I only wish the best not only for her but the other Wonder Girls as well.


  8. lol, i think ab’s list about the girls 🙂

    i love them all! sohee keep working hard! your doing so great! 🙂

  9. I agree with zhey.
    I think it’s that when people treat her like cute little mandoo Sohee then they don’t see her as a serious artist.
    But when she acts mature and people actually see her as an actress/singer/idol star then I think she likes that alot.
    She’s so young but already she wants to be taken seriously.
    That’s another thing I love about her.
    Oh and I also agree with v_mie
    SunYe is the heart of WG.
    Yeeun the brains.
    Sohee the face of.
    Yoobin the sexy body parts?
    SunMi the funny bones? xDDD
    Woot for WG.

  10. Sohee really loves when people treat her like an mature adult, she really loves being mature not being little miss cutie mandu. That’s just my thinking though.

  11. Sohee is so grown up now. I love her acting. She gorgeous and beautiful. I can’t wait until she takes a role in a action drama as main cast. (She’s got the body for it) but romantic is fine. heehee. Well, lets wait and see for her acting to be open to the world. She’s already on my A-list!

  12. I wonder which kind of female role Sohee will play in her next movie.
    She is like the blessed one, she is already so succesfull with music and even in movie industrie, she is only 16(for no korean) it’s amazing, without talking of her uniq look.
    I hope in 2009 that all the project for JYPE and Wonder Girls will turn into success
    For me it would be so nice if one day all the Wonder Girls play in a movie(but i guess i can still dream about it).

  13. In my opinion
    ye eun is the brain of WG
    so hee is the face of WG
    as long as SoHee,YeEun,SunMi,SunYe&YooBin
    still together as Wonder Girls
    i will support them
    & Hyun Ah.. you’re always Wonder Girls to me

    Thanks JYP for creating lovely Wonder Girls .

  14. i just cant wait to see how her career will turn out when she’s in her 20’s, i think thats when she’ll be given more opportunities and i hope that she embraces challenging projects as well as being a WG!!!

    i cant see her out of WG or anyone else for that matter…

  15. “So Hee sported a dumpling hairstyle to complement her popular nickname of Mandu (dumpling)”

    ^LMAO? ahahah dumpling hairstyle how cute.
    i think she look the best with the black dress with her hair down.

    anyway i think in the future Sohee will do so well in acting , i can see her becoming A-list.

  16. you just cant deny she’s the image of wonder girls
    sun ye is the heart of WG
    then so hee is the brain of WG
    even if you think they dont have much talents,you should know they are what WG is made of right now

  17. @yo: So intense!

    Anyhow, I like SoHee as an actor because she has an interesting face. Right now there are many young Korean actresses who are actors only because they have huge eyes and were uljjangs in the past or something. SoHee was good in “I Like It Hot” and I’m interested in seeing her in different, more challenging roles in the future ^_^

  18. Oh coolsmurf
    I believe her movie is I like it hot not Some like it hot.
    Some like it hot is an olllld american movie from the 1950’s
    Just a correction..

  19. I agree with yo.
    She was THE cutest dumpling girl I’ve ever seen in my life.
    But now she’s on of the THE prettiest young ladies I’ve ever seen.
    I really think she’s gorgeouss.
    She has the ability to be SO CUTE, or incredibly hot, or drop dead sexy, or even just simply pretty!
    And yeah I would agree she does have talent.
    I would kill for it!
    First acting experience in I like it hot? I thought she was pretty good!
    Her singing? I like it! There’s no way in ever I could sing like she can.
    I cannot WAIT until she comes out in another movie.
    Definately top the charts.

    I LOOOOOOOOVE her dress and shoes in the 3rd pic.
    But her hair..
    I think her hair in the 2nd pic is simply beautiful.
    The middle part isn’t the best for her..

    thanks coolsmurf

    소희 파이팅 🙂

  20. she acted really well on some like it hot. she does have a great future ahead of her. sohee fighting !

  21. Anyway, SoHee is adorable and I just can’t get enough of her cute cheeks >.< She is truly the most beautiful dumpling that I’ve ever seen lol. Ahh, I just want to pinch her cheeks.

    Continue to work hard and be WonderFuls’ cute little mandoo ^_^

  22. sohee is freaking pretty and cute and she has talent -_-;
    she’s worked as hard as any of the other wonder girls to get to where she’s at now. i thought she did terrific with her movie and she’s definately improving on her singing skills. if you look at tell me –> nobody..she’s definately improved. and also if you see her sing in the Dreamgirls song “I love you I do” she’s freaking good. so stop bashing her and start noticing her talents before you start being biased.

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