Wonder Girls @ Star Golden Bell 081122

In the 22nd November episode of KBS2TV Star Golden Bell, MC Kim Jae Dong asked So Hee if she was envious of Sun Ye who was bound for Dongguk University having cleared the university entrance examinations recently.

Sun Ye and So Hee

So Hee replied, “I am envious about the whole going to university thing. I also want to go a university and try club activities. And also I want to sit on a bench, studying with my classmates, just like what they do in movies.” Kim Jae Dong asked another question, “Does So Hee want to try meetings (group blind date) in university?” So Hee replied shly that she wants to try that at least once.

The maknae of the Wonder Girls So Hee was revealed to be a passionate Rain fan. So Hee expressed, “After our debut, I saw him (Rain/Bi) in person and he was more handsome than I thought. I thought ‘ahh so this is Bi-oppa.’”

Who did So Hee, Ye Eun and Yoo Bin idolise?

Ye Eun was revealed to be a big fan of a certain male idol group. “I was a Shinhwa fan, but among them, I liked JunJin the best,” said Ye Eun. “So much so that my cellphone’s last numbers were JunJin’s birth date.”

Yoo Bin explained her liking for Eun Ji Won, “At that time, I did not just check his schedule, but I also went to see his leading role movie Seventeen multiple times.” Eun Ji Won was coincidentally filming with them and said some grateful words to his fan, “Thank you very much. I am now the fan instead.”

Has been almost a month since Sun Ye won the 60th Star Golden Bell Challenge. So no one has managed to win it since then. That was until Sun Mi who was picked for the challenge and subsequently becoming the 61st Star Golden Bell Challenge winner. The Wonder Girls are very intelligent girls.

Sun Mi 61st Star Golden Bell Winner

Credit: Kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com + ab


56 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Star Golden Bell 081122

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  3. I heard they showed this today. I missed it cos was at camp Anyone know when the repeat is?


  4. I cant wait for this episode…
    KBS world woll show this episode next week…
    Which is on my birthday…muahaha….
    I must watch the episode because there’s wonder girls and eun ji won..hehe…>w<

  5. why i only heard that person who had asthama is sunye not mickey like someone here said? i heard that she had some problem with her breathing after sharing love concert, not sure that because her asthama or not but now her health is not ok, all that what i heard from daum.

  6. Our girls are not just wonderful,talented,pretty but they are also brilliant..

    Sunmi won the star golden bell challenge..
    she must be so happy..love the smile ^^
    YeEun unnie looks so pretty.. i love looking at her.. =D
    MinMaknae is cute =D love her laugh..
    Yoobin looks so gorgeous in those kind of hair.. =)
    Sohee Mandu likes rain/bi? CUTE!! ^^

    I love Wonder Girls forever!!

  7. ooo… sorry, saya dari Kuala Lumpur, your from Malaysia too right? wow thats fantastic… Wonder Girls fanbase here in Malaysia are increasing… my sister and her friends loves them! even my mom liked their song nobody! I’ve always been rooting for them, and so far many people are attracted to them!

    I just watched apart of it… Ye eun unnie looked really cute and shy when she said that she is a fan of Junjin and about her phone nunmber… Lots of Wonder Girls fans guesting in this episode…

  8. @aku ska wonder girls bah..

    are you from Indonesia, I’m Malaysian so i kinda understand what you were saying… Di blog coolsmurf kamu boleh dapat pelbagai berita terkini tentang Wonder Girls,ia membantu para peminat Wonder Gils supaya lebih senang untuk kami yang duduk di luar Korea mendapat informasi tentang Wonder Girls… nice to meet you, are you new to wonder girls?

    I hope Micky oppa gets better! i wonder why people thought it was Sunye unnie…

  9. i just watched wg cut on youtube. sunmi jjangg congrats! she’s so cute & smart 🙂 love her ❤ can you believe the 60th and 61st winners are both wonder girls hahaha i bet on their next guesting another member will win lmao

  10. eh lupak tek, cne nak oleh berita terkini pasal wonder girls tok coolsmurf??ko tok eh lambat da juak post..

  11. cheobih..yea, sun mi menang eh..boh ktorg mok anok2 indah..sohee ya nang kiut bah…jenis nok pemalu..tauk ka pemalu ya pa???kdak sohee la..he2yoobin kiut jauk dalam show ya, rasa mok di cubit2 jak pipi nya yang tembem ya,ye eun macam biasa ayu, sun ye tok lebih2 gelak..nyaman rasa ati tgga cdak happy2 n gelak2.mun la ktkorg tok x ska b’anok2 nak ka lagik bez..dah da upload star golden bell di youtube ya..tapi ada dua igek part jak..nok len blom gik..agik 2ngu craziiChloe upload nok lebih2 ya..sapa yang x puas ati juh a agak aku kat swak tok..lamak juak x bpukut ngan org yang x phm bahasa..

  12. yay for sunmi!!!
    SGB in astro kbs world will be air on tuesday 6pm(malaysia time) and sunday 11.50pm(m’sia)..
    but after 3 weeks from korean date (with subs)..huhu..

  13. Wonder Subbers has gotten really fast so don’t put anymore pressure on them guys. Did you see how fast they were subbing the Wonder Bakery episode lately? Not that speed matter since we should be grateful to them regardless.

    I hope they’ll show more Yoobin, YeEun, Kyujong and Hyunjoong (did I spell his name right?) interaction in this episode.

    And Star Golden Bell is usually aired on KBS World with eng sub pretty fast (only a few weeks after the original air date), and then they’ll be up on youtube or other places so yeah..there’s no need for bother Wondersubbers for this anyway.

    And NO SunYe is fine, it’s was Micky YooChun from DBSG who got the asthma attack…so chill out guys. Though, I feel bad for him and DBSG. I hope it’s nothing serious and he’ll recover soon.

  14. can’t wait for the show to be aired on kbs world!

    sohee is too cute :3 and yay for sunmi being the 61th6 Star Golden Bell Challenge winner! they’re so smart~

  15. i think sohee’s personality is changed alot now she is more open and bright !! :]
    so happy for her :]
    they all look so cute and adorable :]
    SunMi !!<333

  16. ^^^

    same here!, its just flying around that sunye is the one who had an attack. I heard that she has been having respiratory problems.

    YOOCHUN!?. Omg, I’m worried if its him as well. I hope its neither.

  17. what? this is confusing? is it micky or sunye?? and i didn’t know sunye had asthama… can you tell me the webisite, i’m worried!

  18. ^^oohh binnie love kiddie jiwon,,,, love him too… hehehee

    ^^and its not Sunye but Yoochun….. dont know if its true but thats what i read….

  19. @asslol2, yup yup, the girls have the WonderSubbers, but they have alot but alot of projects on their hands at the moment, and since most said that it wasnt that great, its probably not a priority on their list, and true that the girls have been going on a bunch of programs lately so itd be difficult to keep up and sub them all….

    WonderS501!!!! man im so looking forward to this SGB episode, im going to be like a hawk to spy some KyuBin(hahah! rhymes with Cuban!) and HyunEun(sounds like im whispering Onion…) hahah! i love all these couple names…


    and congrats to my alien Sunmi for being the 61 SGB winner!!! so what was the winning question????

  20. OMG.. i read in soompi sunye collapsed due to an asthma attack or something. is this true? i hope its just false rumour

  21. ^ We’re getting faster!!

    Anywho.. Err, I’m not a fan of SGB (sometimes they make their guests do the silliest things + the interviews are so predictable!) but like most everyone else here I’ll be watching because of the WG ^_^

  22. actually there is wondersubbers… but they aren’t as fast as soshisubs …they have been subbing wonder bakery lately… just have to be patient, they are very busy since wonder girls are guesting in many shows…

  23. dled it just earlier before, i liked how summi looked so shocked she was like REALLY?! O_O lol 2 bad i dont no wat the eff they sayn ~_~

  24. WHOA! YAAAY! GO SUN MI! That’s so cool that the subsequent winner is a fellow WG member! WOOHOO!! YAY SUN MI!

    Odd that she is chosen to answer though since the seniors are usually chosen right? And I’m sure she was the youngest next to Sohee or something.

    And I was just about to ask where Sun Mi was because the first pictures didn’t include her.

    Yoobin looks maddd crazy in that one picture on the bottom right. XD


    Okay ignore my stupid rant just now. Im excited to see this episode. I really think WG should go on variety shows more cause we’re able to see thier personalities better. Having thier own show is alright but theyre in thier comfort zone of having each other there but when the guest on different shows its nice if we could see them try to open up and interact with other celebs.

  26. hahaha! go sunmi! the wonder girls are so clever! ye eun unnie and yoobin unnie reuniting with the SS501 members.. i wonder if there were any interactions! can’t wait for the subs!

  27. Haha I loved this episode!
    They asked Sunye if she would be doing any meetings and she said no. xD
    Also for more spoilers I did a post on spec! that also has the full article of Kay unnie’s and some added ones of my own.
    They’re so cute! 🙂

    thanks coolsmurf!

  28. I wonder why no one has uploaded this onto youtube yet. Regardless, I watched it on a Korean site and it was pretty cool…not as funny as other episodes but not bad. I love SGB.

  29. I can’t wait for this to be uploaded and subbed ^__^

    It seemed like a really fun episode! I mean:

    Yoobin + YeEun get reunited with their ss501 boys!! LOL

    And Yoobin gets to talk to Eun ji Won! W00t! LOL *fangirls*

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