Individual Wonder Girls Nobody Tango Dance Animation

Not going to say which is the best or favourite to avoid flaming. To each his own. Everyone has their own opinion and own favourite girl. And, this is only the rehearsals. They have just uploaded 1 to show us from the many countless rehearsals they have done in the days leading up to their performance.

Ye EunSun Ye

Can’t we Wonderfuls just support them and live happily as one big family?

So HeeSun MiYoo Bin

Do you think JYP Entertainment would be kind enough to upload the group rehearsal clip on Well, stay tuned tomorrow.

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102 thoughts on “Individual Wonder Girls Nobody Tango Dance Animation

  1. LoL! ppl! ur ALL biased! ur not pro tango dancers so u CANT rly judge whos better..u just THINK u kno whos better and whos worse…ur voicing ur opinion…go ask an expert to judge whos better..and thats wot i exactly did..i asked my dance scul teacher and she said ye euns moves r the cleanest yoobins strongest and sunyes attitude is the best…so calm down okay//sunmi and sohee r kidna young for such dance so maybe thats y they r less “good”
    but they r all SOOOOOO good!! wot more can u ask for?

  2. my fav is sun ye….
    she’s a great:




    and oozing with charisma!!!

    keep up the the good work sun ye!

    love lots! :p

  3. Can’t people pick their favorites without negativity towards the others? It’s really easy…
    I love *all* the WonderGirls, but SoHee is my favorite! 🙂 Because she’s witty and effortlessly funny, in a very cool way.

    The end! 😀

  4. i love sun mi but she needs power look at sun ye and ye eun…so hee actually looks good soo tall..i love them all

  5. aww. gawd, if you are a true wonderful thenre you should learn to love them all. keke.

    i love them all 🙂 each of them has their own unique thing that make people love em. keke.

  6. Ignoring the rest of the fighting comments, since they’re all doing the same dance, there’s not much to compare. I only thing I can say is I like Sunmi and Ye Eun’s outfits. xP

  7. Keke…. I hope there will be a group rehearsal!
    I’m not gonna say anything about all the bashing.
    If you were a true Wonderful you’d shut your mouth
    and love all of our girls just the way they are.

  8. i liked ye eun’s the most because she looks down and then bam she looks up, if that makes sense. she looks seductive lol

  9. oh all of the wonder girls has their individual characteristic or charisma and they are doing a fine job. Tango dance is not easy well practice made perfect. Wonder girls have well done on mkmf show. I hope JYP will upload their group rehearsals with 2pm. Wondergirls fighting!!

  10. ^agrees…. there seem to be people instigating…and you guys are just falling in the trap…relax and stop being so competitive….

  11. this bashing thing would be so funny if it wasn’t so PATHETIC.
    Here’s the thing, i really think some trolls are doing this on purpose to break us apart. i said this a lot of times, but i’ll say it again. DON’T MIND THESE PEOPLE.

    As far as i can remember, the bashing always starts when a fan of WG1 (Wonder Girl member 1) appreciates his/her particular favorite member. That is ok. GOOD, even… because we are wonderfuls, and we love our girls. But when this fan started to bash WG2 just because it seems like WG2 outshines WG1 or for other foolish reasons, that’s when things get fishy. I mean, are we a fan, or are we not? If we are really a fan, should we bash a member of the group??? The answer is NO. Because only ANTIS do that. And I think a lot of antis are trying sooooo hard to break us apart.

    foolish, foolish people!

  12. i agree with “aku ska wonder girls bah”…

    all the 5 of them are the best!!!! no matter what their flaws are, i can only see how wonderful they are.

  13. nak pa d kata ktorg tok..benda camtok pun mok on a..bagi aku setiap ahli wonder girls tok ada keunikan n keistimewaan nya mpun..aku ska cdak suma bah..aku ska sun ye sbab nya tetap senyum n hepi walaupn susah, ne pat ko tga artis nok slalu jak ceria even nya pun hee ya mun d tga dari segi acting pande pa ny blakon, bagi aku ya 1 advantage kei WG coz ny pat promot nya mpun n group mbr nok len lgpn nya kiut pa, pande menari juak kdak sun ye..sun mi yang kiut, nya tetap menawan ati dengan sikap pendiamny n vocal yang sedap, ska na nga nya berik eun bagi aku ompuan korea paling ayu..x kira nya nyanyi ka menari ka kelaka ka mesti ayu..sapa padah nya x diberi perhatian, sapa x ska nanga org ayu..yobin plg pande rap dlm suma artis korea, tok bukan bias tapi hakikat bla aku dgr lagu korea len..nya sexy walau x pki sexy..bla aku tga cdak trima award mkmf ari ya, aku rasa bangga jak jadi peminat cdak..sbab cdak suma yang usaha keras mok bjaya n x lalek ngn pandangan org..wonder girls has proven dat they ol r worth to be luv, each n evry1 of org nok slalu bash2 ahli2 wonder girls tok sbenanya x patut pdh benda nok burok2 sbb org yang bkata sedemikian mdoakan perkara itu..nemu dik..boh mok x ska org sblm ko ngenal org bah..

  14. it’s okay to have a favourite. it’s okay to show more love for your favourite. it’s okay to say a certain member is the best. having a favourite does not mean we don’t love the other girls. i love all the five girls equally, but i just have a soft spot for sohee. do you really need to reply to that with a “nooooo you have to love all the members. you’re not a fan because you like sohee more!!” i don’t think so. it’s the same everywhere in other fandoms. people have a certain member that they’re a little biased towards. it’s not a big deal. just as long as we support the girls, it’d be fine. so stop all this whining and unnecessary bashing. proclaiming your love for a certain member alone is not bashing. we all know we love all the girls inside.

    and i agree with ds.

  15. Nice animations!

    I think it’s completely natural and totally fine for people to have a “favorite” WG (or anyone/anything else), and to want to say out loud how much they love and support their personal favorite.

    The two things that shouldn’t need to happen are: when people decide to say negative things about any of the “other” girls rather than sticking to positive things about their own favorite, and when people take offense because someone else expresses support for a favorite WG that happens to differ from their own favorite.

    Being a extra-devoted fan of one WG should not have to mean being an “unfan” of any of the others, and it shouldn’t be viewed that way by others. Example: I can’t help but adore one of the girls especially, but the other girls all are awesome in their own ways as well, and when I see someone saying how much they adore one of the other girls, the thought in my head is not “how dare they not see how great my favorite is”, but rather “how great it is that the other girls have fans that support them as much as I support my own favorite! They all deserve to have such devoted support!”

  16. EXCUSE ME.



    im not saying hes going to shut it down since i have no relationship with him personally, but its so pathetic that if it does continue, then it’s inevitable that the site would go down to ease the tension between stupid netizens.

  17. I agree with you Alvin Wonderfuls should just support them all together & stop bickering who is better. I think they all did good & look really well I don’t really have a favorite anymore it use to be Yoobin then SunMi & so on but now I just really like them all.
    Wonderfuls should be like Shapleys (or Shapleys have their individual person they like & love but we support all CSJH The Grace members regardless & we don’t bicker really who is better we know each member is better than the other in certain areas & it’s fine we acknowledge that but we don’t full out flame whoever doesn’t like our favorite.
    Everyone is gonna have a favorite ppl just have to learn to accept that.
    Who cares if someone likes a certain member of WG & think she is better than others, at least that person supports WG & that’s all the matters.

    Wonder Girls HWAITING!!

  18. wow!

    they started differently, huh?

    very cute animations!

    but, why don’t you cut the part of dorky sun mi and yoo bin? It’s very very funny!

  19. @random: I haven’t heard that anywhere! That’s so sad! I hope it’s been exaggerated or something, bc SunYe already works so hard..

  20. ^ u’re wrong, they do read what we write and share it amongst themselves. thats why korean wonderfuls were pissed off about sunye bashing.

    @yebakk, wow!, you are so mature!. Impressive.

  21. You guys could bash me all you want, but my favorites are Sun Mi and Yoobin! In MY opinion, Sun Mi’s was the best. Ho~ ho~ ho~ ho~!!

    But I love all the Wonder Girls!

    WonderFuls, let’s unite! =D

  22. i’ve said this before and i shall say it again.


    CASE IN POINT: look at all the stupid comments WG has been getting from WONDERFULS lately; here or soompi or wherever.

    i would rather be a fan of WG but not associate myself to being a Wonderful.

    it’s just plain disgraceful.


  23. i love all wonder girls…Peace.
    they are unique in individual. personality & talent
    that’s why i love them..

  24. Let me ask all me fellow Wonderfuls this question…

    Would you be a fan of the Wondergirls if each was EXACTLY the same as the other?

    To me what makes the Wonder Girls so special is that even though they are a group, they are each unique in thier own different way.

    Whether you love all the girls equally or you have a particular favorite, pleae support them in everything that they can do.


  25. this is really getting silly… please, lets all make up… please… i’m begging! can we not fight and just get along! please… nobody is to blame here! PLEASE! FOR GOD SAKE, LETS END THIS! WONDERFULS LETS NOT FIGHT, WHAT WILL WONDER GIRLS THINK ONCE THEY KNOW THAT WONDERFLS ARE FIGHTING OVER THE MEMBERS… do you want them to feel guilty, do you want to see them quarrel?! please,please,please put and end to this…


  26. are you guys in middle school or what?
    little kids these days…please grow up.

    people have their own opinions. people have their own favorite(s).

    don’t be too sensitive. don’t be too emotional.

    p.s. – sunye always has that something “extra” when she dances. i love it. ❤ for exampe: intro with her shirt. so hot!

  27. Ughhh, this is insane. Why can’t us Wonderfuls get along together like how we use to be???oh whyyy?!??Why Lord, why???see, i’m getting dramatic damn u guys.
    Fighting among Wonderfuls and Wonderfuls is just as LOW as those antis who despise your idols don’t you know that??It’s damn dirty,filthy LOW for fans to act like this. Most of us here are getting sick of it and we really want to see an end of it. You guys are a MAJOR disappointment not just to us, but also to WG themselves. Tskk Tskk, shame on you.

  28. On behalf of Yebakk,I apoplogize,not all Ye Eun fans are like that.

    Also,Nobody translates our messages to Wonderholic,the only thing that has happened so far if us translating Wonderholics messages.

  29. Just remembered this, since nothing else seems to be working X__X (I’m getting desperate trying to get us to come together.)

    Do you guys realize that this thread is being scoped out by Koreans? Do you remember that? There is this one entertainment blog in Korea that takes bits and pieces from THIS VERY BLOG and takes the time to TRANSLATE the majority of the comments. That’s right: YOUR COMMENTS!

    Can you imagine what Korean wonderfuls would think if that blog translated this particular post? Can you imagine what they’d say about some of the comments posted here? Well, can you?

    For the good of all things wonderful, for the well-being of our girls, and for this blog, the WGs thread at soompi, and all Wonder Girls community, stop this.

  30. what the…those stupid Wonderfuls..only the one that bash i mean…not all ..
    what the ..okay..if they really like WonderGirls…then it should be all of them..whats up with bashing one of them..that just hurts! If the Wonder Girls find out they will be hurt..whats the point of doing that..not only one of them will be sad in fact..ALL OF THEM will be sad. Yeah. Without even one of them whoever they are in the group..IT WILL NOT BE WONDER GIRLS ANYMORE. The whole group all 5 of them become Wonder Girls. if one of them is missing then it wouldnt and nvr will be Wonder Girls anymore..and to thos of you who DO BASHING AS THEIR HOBBIES..thnk before you even say anything! It hurts no matter what ever you say. Not only one of them ALL OF THEM. No one in the group is least popular or most popular…most talented of anything they are ALL EQUAL. If you dont like one of them..well that means u DONT LIKE THE WHOLE GROUP AND DONT COME AND BASH ABOUT THEM. DONT BOTHER. BCUZ YOU DONT DESERVE TO BE A WONDERFUL ANYMORE.

  31. I follow the soompi thread quite regularly and ppl really are getting over sensitive. I used to love reading soompi threads but I only go there to get the newest scoops now.

    I love the girls and I have a favorite one too but I love them so much that my fav one changes all the time.

    I hope this bashing tendency fades away very soon.

    P.S. love this blogs’ impartiality. Keep up the good work.

  32. sry, some random but does anyone got a news that leader have laboured breathing or may be asthma (i’m not sure) yesterday?? my friend tell me she read from some korea site
    is it true?

    and i never think that park is least popular
    she is THE MOST popular amongst them
    in international or korean fans she’s THE MOST
    THIS IS “FACT” that most of you should know!!!!
    without park, WGs is nothing really NOTHING
    cause she’s lead singer/dancer/composer/co-leader – -”
    she’s THE MOST HARD WORKING in this group
    not only that, there’re so MANY REASON that i love park
    she deserve all of love from wonderfuls


  34. all of you have favorite and you can praise like you want to do, but please dont blash to sunye more she not wrong in anything, just saw she blame herself just only that i feel like i’m crying,

  35. Views?! who cares…
    there are alot of wonderfuls in korea –
    it’s not about how got the most views …
    even the wonder girls said themselves that they have different kind of uniqueness ~

    a true wonderful wouldn’t bash on any member even if they have a favourite and a least favourite-

  36. i actually do know who coolsmurf favorite is and i hope it’s not the reason that i think it is. it’s very dissapointing.

    i’m actually not surprised that this is happening. it’s common for korean fans as well. favoritism is common between all the artist groups. but why can’t wonderful be different? why do we have to be the same as other group artists?

    i love them but i lean towards one member on different days based on bashing and become a bit more overprotective of that member against another. because apparently, there is a member that gets bashed everyday.

    most of the rating for the dance is so bias. yeah i know that that girl is your favorite but based on how they actually danced, you should make your judgement because YOU LOVE THEM ALL 5 MEMBERS so you should have no problem doing that right? either it’s a group photo or dance, people looks at their favorite girl and comments about them. that is how i know who their favorite is. why can’t you say that all of them look pretty? or say sun mih came out the best in this picture “logically”

    i shouldn’t bother though. not like i can change the world.

  37. woah alvin O_O i didn’t know that things ike this are happening in your blog and at soompi.well i dot go to soompi anymore…. let’s just love them all equally ^_^ please dont bash on other members….

    it’s not really hard loving them all ^_^ all of them have different personalities which makes them different and unique from each other…true wonderfuls accepts them wholly(is this correct? lol) and even their flaws…..^_^stop this nonsense please…cause no one will win anyway ^_^

  38. i really don’t like some of the new fans…you have your soompi mentality and are just ruining the fandom….i miss those days where there was only about 7 comments on this blog per topic… when there were no arguments over stupid stuff…. some of the new fans are bringing shame into this fandom….seriously wish to bring back the old days…. WG were maybe less loved, but at least we didn’t have a bunch of know it all walking around, causing havoc…. bleh, why do I even bother??

  39. LOL.. some of you over sensitive. So far i think no bashing happen here right?? We just say who da best and here many people say that Ye Eun the best but they didn’t bash other girls right? So is ok if i’m say Sun Ye da best!!!!

  40. People just needs to stop being close minded…so what if I say Sunye’s was the best?? it doesn’t mean i like the other girls any less… or that i think theirs wasn’t good…. we just we to be a little bit more open and allow diverse opinions…
    My opinion is not worth fighting over….The moment some of you realise it, then we will all be good… I think Yoobin’s was the best, not because shes my fav and not because it was the best….just cuz I thought she was really adorable…now don’t tell me that simple remark is worth arguments…

  41. I love them all. they each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but together they are the Wonder Girls. each girls is talented in her own way.

    if you have a favorite, there’s no need to bash the ones who aren’t your favorite.

    Also, Alvin’s probably done icons of all the girls so far.

    I think there are a couple people out there who just want to fan the flame…. to everyone else, just ignore them.

  42. I have a favorite WG–and I don’t think prefering one over the others makes for bad Wonderfuls–but even she doesn’t shine as brightly as she does when the other 4 WGs are around. I like them best together and there’s always a kind of a void if one of them is missing (due to school or acting or whatever).

    That said, @ youweresaying?: I don’t think that’s a fair assessment of the girls’ skill or popularity. Korean Wonderfuls pride themselves on being “Mannerfuls” so we all should do the same!! Stop the infighting! ^O^

  43. I also want to say sorry to all Ye eun fans if I have made you guys hurt or annoyed! I ‘m sorry…

  44. i’m not balming all of them… sorry if anyone thought that way… I was just got so mad! I know most of you here are older than me so i don’t want to start arguing with you…
    @kjpop, i’m very sorry for not thinking carefully, thank you very much for your explaination… don’t think negatively though, i love The Wonder Girls! its just i’m quite sensitive when people actually start comparing… just ignore me… I should act my own age right? I’m 14… so I’m old enough to think wisely! Sorry again…

    can we all just forget all this hating please… lets leave all that behind and start all over, WONDERFULS HWAITING!!! LETS BE STRONGER THAN EVER, LETS SUPPORT THE WONDER GIRLS AND MAKE THEM PROUD TO HAVE FANS LIKE THE WONDERFULS!!!

  45. ^ Those “YeEun” fans you’re referring to probably just misunderstood.

    Right now, Al’s icon thingy is YeEun during her first “Baby I Love You” performance. To anyone that isn’t a regular or just came here today, it’s likely for them to believe that he’s a YeEun fan. But all the oldschoolers know he’s not.

    It’s a misconception. Don’t blame YeEun fans.

    I bet if Al had a Yoobin, SoHee, SunMi, or Sunye gif, people would believe he was a fan of them. That’s just how it is. Don’t single out one girls’ fans because of a misconception. That’s being unfair.

  46. Can’t you fans of Ye eun stop it! Please… stop bringing alvin into this, if you think that Ye eun is his favourite fine whatever, but don’t start saying why you think alvin picked her… obviously you haven’t been reading alvin’s blog lately…

    i think we all are being immature now! i’m also blaming myself for not acting my age sometimes, the problem here is everyone is defending their favourites! Don’t bash me, but the main Wonder Girl you defend is Ye eun, and bash Sunye.. (not all of you) thats why there is always a quarrel and debate between wonderfuls!

    I haven’t heard people comparing yoobin or sunmi… i wonder why Ye eun is highlighted and praised, while Sunye and Sohee gets bashed and critisized… if you want Wonder Girls to become stronger, we wonderfuls must become stronger and support them all!

    I’m sorry to everyone who sometimes feels that my comments are annoying or sensitive… i really don’t mean it… i love the Wonder Girls, i really like being friends with you wonderfuls… I hate it if a member is always bashed while the other is getting the attention… and then people are questioning why the Ye eun and Sunmi not getting attention… they are equally Great! Ye eun and Sunmi are getting attention, please don’t run away from the facts…

    Support all the Wonder Girls… maybe we all have favourites but please remember that they are all equal, all talented, and not perfect! maybe sometimes we have our opinions, and i’m sure its ok to let it out… But please, don’t let this silly situation make us wonderfuls be enemies to one and another… The reason this blog was created is for us international fans gather and keep updated with The Wonder Girls whom we all like! Don’t put Alvin’s hard work into something where we all fight and start to compare… Wonderfuls… Please lets not argue and continue supporting The Wonder Girls…

    I’m sorry if i have done anything wrong to anyone, I’m deeply sorry if i’m the one who is always comparing the girls.. I’m sorry for everything! Please don’t fight, remember our position as fans…as Wonderfuls!

    Wonder Girls and Wonderfuls Hwaiting!

  47. the way I see it there are 2 camps — the v.popular amongst international fans ( sunmi+yeeun+yoobin) and v.popular amongst korean people — sohee and sunye.

    I don’t think that they’re many wonderfuls around, they say they are but they most probably like only select members.
    IMO. Hope this all settles down before the girls go to the states, cause if they realize there is differential treatment while they’re there … that would be bad.

  48. This is so ridiculous that one can only laugh. What else can ya do in a situation like this? There are those sensible people that choose to listen and those than aren’t sensible enough. All we can do is laugh. **or shrug it off, but that’s meh ><

    I though it was 1 love for 5 wonders? Geez, guys, what happened?

    Anywhozies, SunYe’s was my favorite! She added a lil sass to hers with that shirt.

    Haters & Antis – YOU ARE DISMISSED 😀

  49. @jen, the sad thing is that it isnt, ive been obvserving for a while and im sorry to say that they have gotten to obssesed with their fandom…..

    after seeing all of the gifs, i gotta say that Yoobin’s tango def caught my eye because she used alot of force and Sohee’s seemed to be so gentle, hahah! my cute lil Sunmi missed a step and so did Yeeun(good thing it was a practice and not the real thing!), dang look at Sunye go! i wish i had her confidence in dancing!!! *_* because im really bad and stiff at dancing!

    **i just wished that WF’s could love and respect each others opinions and just let them be and not take it to personally because we’re just hurting our girls when we fight, its kind of sad how we are so internally divided, in comparison to other FC’s that are going through rough times and are so united…

  50. This is sad, fans of WONDERGIRLS going against fans of… WONDERGIRLS! This needs to stop. It isn’t right. I understand that we all have our favorites but we shouldln’t be putting down the other members and instead give them support as a group. They are one and we fans should be too.

    Stop this bickering and let’s show the girls our support. They all have flaws but they all fill in what each member lacks, as in they work as a team.

    Think of what the girls will think if they knew all this was going on? Their fans fighting against each other.

    Not right.

    WG, hwaiting!
    Wonderfuls, hwaiting!

  51. aw it’s sad how wonderfuls are now bashing and creating so much ruckus over a small matter. please please don’t let this lead to… something majorly horrible. we, wonderfuls, got to stick as one :] all the girls are talented in their own ways, and each of their flaw and specialty makes up wonder girls.

    anyway, thanks for the gifs. love how sunye plays with her top. so sexy like that~

  52. Sunye was definitely the best dancer for me, Sohee was a close second. Wasn’t really feeling the othere but Sunmi’s so cute 😉

  53. ….
    Each one has their fauilts. And each one has their strengths. Which is what makes us love them so, for their strengths AND FAULTS.
    I truly just do not understand the bashing. <.<.
    It is understood that everyone has their own opinions. And so praise their favorite member. But there is no need to bring the others down! There is a clear difference of praising and bashing. Please don’t step over taht line :/

    I love Sohee here!
    Her steps are so CLEAN and BAMMMM.
    She’s in my opinion the best dancer.
    But me saying she’s the best dancer does not mean that I think the others suck. I think they’re all wonderful but Sohee just stands out a little more.

    thanks coolsmurf.

    Left some space after the ranting incase you are to delete.

  54. i can’t believe that wonderland has turned into a battleground against other wonderfuls

    you like who you like but no need to shove it down everybody’s throat
    no need to bash other Wonder Girl also

    WG is a group
    not a single person
    without any one of them there would be no WG

  55. Let this do the talking , youtube tango videos.

    Sohee Sunmi

    Added: 4 days ago Added: 5 days ago
    Views: 193,833
    Views: 212,795 >

    Sunye Yeeun

    Added: 3 days ago
    Added: 2 days ago Views: 112,543

    Views: 137,720 >


  56. Wow! @ WONDERFUl ^__^, never heard of that word lol Super tangoriffic.

    Also,The girls did really well…..anyways they did very good. Wonder Girls are ❤

    Just stop,what’s the use of who is Alvins favorite? He knows who he likes,and that’s all there is to it,it’s his choice we shouldn’t make this big thing out of it. If you think you know who is his favorite keep it to yourself,and don’t write it down,Alvin will most likely take off these previous comments.

  57. luv em’all but really prefer ye eun
    best singer best dance best smart best personality
    and many etc. cant stop loving her
    her tango was da best out of em !

  58. Oh my god, this bashing thing again? I thought we were way over it. Truthfully, I love SunMi the most but I love all the girls! Without any one of them, it would not be Wonder Girls! Wonder Girls fighting!

  59. how convenient that people turn up to say that people turn up when someone is speaking up for the members who keep getting bashed. So, things are heated up now and it wasn’t when these members were getting bashed. I don’t remember anyone calling for a ban on comments then?

  60. I think you’re going to have to disable comments or something for some time Alvin. This is getting ridiculous by both bashers and fans. Once again they managed to drag in all the negativity from previous posts into this one as well. Way to go both sides. You all think you’re so justified. Get over it, the hate will be there and the love will be there as well. Doesn’t mean you have to argue about it in every freaking post. It becomes a broken record after some time. Is this what Wonder Land has turned into?

  61. to the delusionals,

    Way to go , drag Alvin into this fight now. How does it matter who his favorite is? But, don’t force your favorite on him. I’m happy for him if his favourite is yeeun but I have a strong suspicion that its not.

    Good for him, if it is.

    Hate all you bashers and antis, love the girls.

  62. i think Alvin’s Favorite member is Ye Eun too *hand down*
    i dont know if i’m worng too, but i saw him use Ye Eun’avatar on Wonderland and in accout on YT, and blog head i saw Ye Eun always on the middle, this things make me feel like that hehe ^^ i love Ye Eun too and i’m so happy that you love Ye Eun like me <333

  63. ^ equal love is the hardest thing that wonderfuls can do,
    everone have favorite member, for me i think if you cant love them all you shouln’t overpraise your favorite like i saw some of _____’s fan on soompi or youtube do like that , it make me feel lose temper.

  64. haha.. @sys

    I’m sorry but I think you gt that wrong, Alvin’s favorite member is sunye not yeeun.

    And, I don’t ever remember him showing any outward preference for any one girl on this blog!. He’s a true blue wonderful.

  65. we could live as a happy family only if the sohee and sunye bashing hadn’t started. The fans of the other girls are over-sensitive when it comes to the other girls but feel no qualms bashing these two. They are the ones who started this differential treatment.

    I honestly do love all girls, but recently have become more protective of these two thanks to all the bashing. And, earlier it was just a few ppl bashing, but now its become a trend and its a dangerous trend.

    You know what , I agree that its sad that yeeun and sunmi dunt get as much attention as they deserve but thats not gonna make me think that sunye and sohee should not get the attention that they get.
    These days EunSun is the trend ( good, thats real good!) but MinAhn are the outcasts (not good! 😦 ).

    And, we all are part of the problem. You say how?, all of us rally behing yeeun and sunmi when they weren’t getting attention n all but a very few of us come out and defend sunye and sohee thinking that they have many fans who will end up supporting them. Big Mistake!

    And, till things get better ..I’m sorry if you think i’m being biased or whatever but am gonna stick up for these two girls.

  66. well, i must say i’m a true wonderful and i love em’ all!!!

    remember, this is not the kind of dance routine they’re familiar w/

    what we see at mkmf is really great enough

    thanx coolsmurf for sharing


  67. ^ everone have their fav member ex. like alvin, he like yeeun and he always show his love toward yeeun than other member, other wonderfuls are the same ^^

  68. yoobin looks a bit scary, but oh well what can u do.. sohee and sunmi are sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!<333333 i love sohee and sunmi!!!!

  69. i know. it was wierd. why were Wonderfuls fighting over who is a better Wonder Girl than the others, bashing on the other WG as a consequence?

    you cant be a true Wonderful if you dont trully love them all with their imperfections and flaws. sure we might have a favorite but ultimately we should love all of them.

    i am a true true true wonderful.

    i want for the entire rehearsal clip. maybe the disco version of Nobody? keke. calling on JYPe!

  70. Yeah the Soompi thread has been so much spam lately it’s driving me nuts. I think it’s mostly the new Soompi-ers who are causing all the trouble. Anyhow, group rehearsal would be nice!

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