Yoo Bin and Junsu Nobody Tango Dance Rehearsal

We have our final rehearsal clip which was released today. Nobody Tango rehearsal video of Yoo Bin and Junsu which we saw at the 2008 MKMF.

Sun Mi was so worried in the background ^__^

This concludes the rehearsal videos from JYP Entertainment. Can’t get enough, here’s another one from Mnet Wide News uploaded by xxreverie.


58 thoughts on “Yoo Bin and Junsu Nobody Tango Dance Rehearsal

  1. @willsupportsunye+sohee,
    Please stop putting words in my mouth!,and don’t be using my name against me,I LOVE all of the Wonder Girls,but exactly what does that have to do with who is the best dancer in free style,and have you seen all of Ye Eun’s audition videos for JYP!? She was a little bit younger and still did good,but yes the ones that you have seen she was probably 17.
    Also,I hope your comments are not directed at me,I love Sun Ye and So Hee,I actually support them to the fullest when others bash them,cause I know they have talent! Just cause my name doesn’t feature them,and you go to look for more of my previous comments,you think I dislike them or something,you’re wrong. Although about saying Ye Eun is wonder girls best singer,I agree I have said that,but NOBODY has to take that as a fact,treat it as a preference of voice. If you don’t think she is the best singer,by all means it’s your choice whether to think that or if another member is the best singer it’s completely your opinion.
    You on the other hand are treating everything I say like a malicious attack on another member,when I am not.

  2. Many of you supporters and bashers blow things way out of proportion. I wonder if any of you take the time and read over every thing you type down. Or if you get hooked on one line of a person’s comment and reply only to that. It’s quite upsetting that you are all arguing about these bashers, but in your own posts your arguments can be considered the same. So please take the time to think before you post because you can unconsciously sound just as bad as someone who doesn’t support Wonder Girls. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on a professional level, and comparisons will always be made, like all of you just showcased.

    And on top of that, when Alvin makes a post he always tags and titles them specifically with the girls’ names if it’s only about one. If you are not a fan of that member, then I suggest you go and look for the name of the Wonder Girl you support and post there.

    This is a Yoobin Junsu practice video, let’s talk more about their rehearsal. Not about who sounds better in an argument or which girl danced better.

    I loved her intro, it was very strong.
    I think this is what JYP meant about her skils, that she’s been so trained in the hip hop scene she needs a bit more exposure to other styles. And I can see that she’s been learning a lot.
    Great dancing.

  3. @wondergirls4ever_94

    I’m glad that someone here thinks like me!, I hope that things do change. But, you know what , the thing is in Korea SoHee and SunYe are always going to get more attention and I’m afraid that this will only lead to more disgruntled fans of individual girls.

    Hope, it changes BUT I doubt. Hope that they’re more people like us..Oh btw, weren’t you the one who wanted Micky and Sunye interaction?

    I found this on the g-ye fandom site..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdI6tw1fOYU

    I think they were leaving together cuz its at the same place! I’m hoping for these 2 to interact more in the future.

  4. Guys…stop arguing about who’s the best and who’s the worst about Wondergirls. Can’t we just all appreciate each of them for their own respective talents? I mean they’re all so awesome we should be loving all of them. And of course most of us have our favourites but we shouldn’t put down any of the other girls cause its the whole group that got them to where they are today and even further.

    Now back to the video. Yoobin is so hot here and so is Junsu and I love this pairing cause its my fave girl from Wondergirls and my fave guy from 2 PM paired together πŸ˜€ All the dances look awesome though πŸ˜€ The whole thing was awesome full stop πŸ˜€

  5. I think we can share the way feel about each girls dance (keep in mind it’s just a rehearsal) without calling tragedic issues or bashing, we are all wonder girls fan, that’s why we care and post here. A different point of view than mine don’t hurt me.
    All of this to say here
    you can see each girl doing the same step during them rehearsal.
    For me, Yoo Bin has more feeling here.

  6. i’ve always wanted to say this… so i hope people will just understand my comment and not bash me, its just my point of view… i really don’t understand why sometimes people say that Ye eun doesn’t get the most attention…

    the thing is, sunye and sohee always seems to be compared and get bashed! I can’t take this anymore! Ye eun is getting attention, she is never overshawed… her talents have been highlighted these days… I think she is the one getting the spotlight, i don’t really care who gets the spotlight cuz i love them as Wonder Girls… but please, open your eyes people, in talk shows its always her talking more than others… if you look at the reality show their doing, Ye eun is getting the attention by fans, sunye just get critisized…

    about who’s the best… i’m really tired of people saying that ye eun is so good at singing she should do more collabs… then like always sunye get bashed…why does sunye have to be the involve? its not her faulth she’s talented! seriously, can’t you just accept that their all talented?! I rarely ever see people bashing sunmi or yoobin or ye eun… why does sunye and sohee has too be the bad one? Sunye has always been my idol, and so has the other girls… i’m sure we all have favourites but please remember they are after all together as The Wonder Girls!

    Why does have to be Ye eun vs Sunye and Sohee vs Sunmi?! geez… please think carefully before bashing any of them, they are all talented, they are like sisters, we fans should love them and support them… not compare them, they are a group not solo! Wonder Girls and Wonderfuls hwaiting!

  7. I loved all their rehearsals… got to see how the dance is really supposed to look like.

    Isn’t sohee the lead dancer anyway? I read that somewhere. Plus she got the tell me dance break in the mv.

  8. AMEN to willsupportsunye+sohee
    sohee,sunye,sunmi,yeeun,and yoobin’s level of popularity got to where it was because of who they are, how they act, and how we FANS digest their personalities. everyone who is a fan of them has their favorites because their own favorite appeals to them. so if one of your favorites doesnt end up having more fans than the other, maybeeee it’s because they’re not as appealing as the other ok? so don’t get all anal about it and try to “up” your favorite to the top of the group by “subtly” putting the other girls down. you know who you are.

  9. @sunmi and yeeun fan

    umm…yeeun’s ‘freestyle’ dance during her audition v. sunye’s ‘freestyle’ dancing during her audition at the frigging age of 12.

    Wow, good way to reach the conclusion that park oppa has a better free-style dance!!. and, whats with the “since sunye has had the longest training …”, that just goes onto to show that she has a LOT OF talent (singing and dancing) cuz JYP chose her at the age of 12. Do you know that he planned to launch her as a solo artist? He saw that much potential in her and it was her decision to be in a group!.
    If you look at any polls taken for which grp artists can make it as solo artists , you will ALWAYS see Sunye’s name on that list, Always!. ( and since I’ve seen your earlier comments:: you think yeeun is both a better singer n dancer..then why do you think this is the way it is?)

    I hate to put things like this , but this is the way it is. Just cuz you have a favorite member does not mean that you refuse to acknowledge the other obvious talents.

    If you said yeeun had the best personality, or is the nicest wonder girl et al, that is all fine. But, to keep on comparing her and sunye and then cribbing about how its not fair that yeeun doesn’t get attention and her due is just not fair.

    I care for all the girls but recently I’ve noticed that the others are rallying behind the other wgs and bashing on sunye and sohee because they APPEAR to be more popular. How immature is that ppl!, why are we behavng like this. We shouldn’t be like this.

    OH, and btw!, if you are gonna turn around and say that sunye is the leader cuz she was the longest trained n all, NOT TRUE!
    Lee Hyori was the last to enter Fin.Kl and she was leader, Yunho entered after Junsu , Taeyeon too. So its something in her that JYP saw.

    As for Sohee, stop with all that she looks disinterested or that she gets all the attention, what can she do of ppl are drawn to her!!. Jeez, so its okay if tomm ppl started adoring sunmi just cuz shes lovable but since sohee dusnt behave in a certain cute manner,she dusnt deserve that ? O_O

    She is the one who always keeps quiet and tries nt to get attention and sunye too. If you notice sunye and sohee keep quiet until spoken too. Its yeeun who speaks the most of the time. Now am I supposed to understnd that she tries to steal the spotlight?? NO , i dunt think so. So , maybe you ppl need to give sunye and sohee some space and a break.

    I’m so glad that hyunah isn;t here anymore or we’d compare binnie n her as well!!!

  10. Everyone needs to calm down.

    All the girls did well in this, that’s why it’s called “rehearsals”.

    I personally liked the chemistry between Yoobin and Junsu as I felt the “feel” of the tango with them. Totally hot.

  11. i wish they would upload rehearsal videos of the disco version! i love that version…it’s very fun. πŸ™‚

  12. @ Popo,just cause I choose Ye Eun that means I’m biased!? I put Sun Mi last so that should tell you I was far from being biased.

    I don’t know what your talking about,but I was talking about who is their best dancer without routine dancing,and even though Sun Ye has had the longest training she might be the best for routine dances,but free style she is a little bit far from it,I saw her dance freestyle,and it wasn’t really pretty. Hyuna was their best dancer free style, I agree So Hee is now too,but she lacks confidence. I have seen Ye Eun through her auditions and have to say,she just got better with training(I’m not saying ”OMG! She is the best dancer in the world!”,No I’m just saying in WG),Yoo Bin also isn’t that good of a dancer for free style,truthfully her appeal can just win for korean citizens.

    Well my opinion will stay the same although it has changed a little,I’m starting to think So hee, Ye Eun, Sun Ye,Yoo Bin,and then Sun Mi,or still Ye Eun,So Hee…

  13. sun mih was good about making her movements sharp but she needs to work on her balance and her smoothness between her transitions.

    soh hee’s dance is really smooth. whenever she dances, she likes to make the dance her style. Every angle she dances is perfect and it looks amazing. i don’t know how she does it but even though she is making a small move, it still looks good. the movements could had been exaggerated a little (her leg lift)

    yeh eun dance was sexy. The first word I thought of was sexy lol she had a lot of feel into her dance. I think she messed up in the beginning but other than that it was good

    sun yeh had the most energy and I liked that she had the most every except that could turn into a negative because she was exaggerating a little too much. Sometimes I feel like she forgets that she’s not alone she likes being independent a lot of times she needs to tone it down even though I think it’s because she is in the middle and think that she needs to shine a bit more…?

    yoo bin was crisp with her own style she needs to work on balance but not as much as her rhythm. She also lacks knowing her beats with music… she messed up the most lol

    best dancer alone was sun yeh

    best couple was sun mih and tek yun because they had the whole skinny with tall height going on. they matched well

    best feel for the dance was yeh eun (especially her solo slip omg so sexy and hot lol)

    couple that worked the best was sohee and khun. Koreans like to call it λΉ„μ₯¬μ–Ό μ»€ν”Œ γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ best face and body yet they worked back and forth really well

    best chemistry was yoo bin and joon soo. Surprisingly I chose them. The rehearsal was a lot better. it wasn’t as awkward

  14. though it wasn’t the best out of the bunch, this is my fav rehearsal.. dunno why, just something really sexy about it…lol

  15. @wow
    totally agree with you, these days everyone around here rallies behind their favorite without even really giving it any thought!

    I love yeeun but to say that she is the best dancer!. She is an EXPLOSIVE performer, an extremely charming girl and has amazing presence on stage.

    But, if you were to put ur biasedness aside for just a minute Sunye is definitely the best dancer. Hyunah, was like Hyoyeon for SNSD..she pops like mad and theyr’e good and all…But ppl like Sunye and Sohee (WG) and Yuri and Yoona (SNSD) are better dancers over all.

  16. @Popo,I was just asking for others opinions,that doesn’t mean if they say something bad about my two favorites,i’ll get mad at them =).


    I think Hyun Ah was their best dancer,in terms of dancing without a routine she really was their best.
    Now it would be(at least for me):
    ,Actually I’m not sure,I would say in terms of whose the best dancer without a routine now it would be Ye Eun, So Hee, Sun Ye, Yoo Bin,and my lovely Sun Mi.

  17. Favourite order
    1. Yoobin
    2. SunMi
    3. YeEun
    4. SunYe
    5. SoHee – too me i think she put the least effort in this however i think in the real perforance she did good

  18. geesh i get that we allhave favorites. but dont be biast in your decisions deciding who dances the best.
    anywyass after watc hing all these i have to say that
    sunye’s got the moves down completely and has added her own flair into them.
    sohee’s really clean in her movements except for some points there and there. but she’s almost completely got them down too.
    sunmi is really graceful. not so goodtechnically but you can see she’s definately got the skills to bring it
    yoobin- i’ve noticed especially during the dancepart in irony, thatshe’s a little messy at times, but here i thought she actually did really well minus balance problems and such. but yoobin’s actually a good dancer and she adds her own flair as well.
    yeeun- she gets the movements down correctly but she just doesnt have her own style of dancing yet like sunmi. but she’s always confident which shows in her performances and she looks good doing the moves.

    My goodness
    These girls cease to amaze me!
    HAahah@Sunmi… :DDD
    I agree with some of the comments.
    I don’t want to compare them since they all did so well.
    I mean seriously tango dancing is HARD.
    They all did wonderfully and I too applaud them.

    thanks coolsmurf

  20. i think all of them are special in their own ways, be it in dancing or singing. but i think sunye has the presence of a dancer and performer. she’s got that high energy level whenever she’s up for a performance and executes every little move with such energy that when you look at it as a whole, it really comes off as powerful.

    all of them are talented and i love the girls to death, i do, but just felt like voicing out my thoughts, so(:

    wonder girls jjang~

  21. Yoobin is a good dancer!. how does it matter is she’s not the best here or otherwise?.
    Sheesh..ya, and someone wanted to know who are the best dancers. Personal likes aside, if you saw, MinAhn girls are most technically correct and have a natural charisma with regards to dance performances.

    Yoobin is stylish and Yeeun is powerful and a very sure dancer. Sunmi is improving but she definitely is the weakest dancer amongst the girls.

    Happy? Since you wanted an opinion. (now don’t be all upset since you are a sunmi fan!)

    It was a sincere opinion since you sought it.

  22. I have changed my mind after rewatching the videos of each girls in a raw, Yoo Bin is the more into it, she has just a balance problem one time, even so in my eyes for the timing and execution she is best.
    Yeah i might not be really straight minded you know because she’s my favorite.

  23. I usually think that Yoo Bin dance the best(she is very natural with the move) but here i’m a bit disappointed, for me i prefer Sun Ye and Ye Eun dance here. Yoo bin didn’t rock it like i was hoping but i’m still a big fan of her.

  24. Sorry Yoo Bin lovers do not bash me cause we are all wonderfuls,I mean I love Yoo Bin too,but I kinda think Yoo Bin is a little weak in her dancing,your right I can’t do better,but what does her dancing have to do with mine,I mean I’m only just saying,even if she didn’t have so much training we can’t use that as an excuse since she’s had real training now,all I want to know is do any of you think she is the best dancer in the group cause that’s what I always see people writing. If not,who is the best dancer?

  25. LOL @ dbsk
    hahas wondershinki action (;
    hmm .. i kinda like sohee’s rehearsal the best.
    But they’re all great .. maybe im in her favour but xD

  26. Ye Eun and Sun Mi are <3!!!!!!!!!!!!! EunSun ftw! ahaha

    They all worked so hard and it definitely payed off!

  27. hahaha… i was thinking the same too… but as long as she is comfortable, she would still look hot!

  28. the part when xiah oppa laughing was when he saw daesung performing… its not a wondershinki momment… i dunno why it was mixed with this clip… sorry wondershinkers, guest we have to be more patient….

  29. yoobin unnie so hot!!! she so pretty in black!!! are you sure that part where xiah junsu was laughing was when they were performing?

  30. Theya ll did awesome but I have to say my faves are BinSu’s, Taecmi’s, and ChanEun’s. The moves are more challenging, especially Taec and Sunmi’s.

    loved it.

  31. Finally, after watching all the tango rehearsal from the Wonder Girls, I decided not to compare them. Each girl did wonderfully. They did to their best knowledge and I applause them. (Tango dance isn’t as easy as everyone think). Thank you for all the videos.

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