Album Sales Volume for Tell Me, So Hot and Nobody

The following are statistics compiled by the Music Industry Association of Korea (MIAK) pertaining to the album sales volume for the Wonder Girls Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody albums for the months of August and September.


Nobody had some amazing numbers upon it’s release on 22nd September, selling 28,160 copies (No.20), it’s best-ever showing since it’s debut.

So Hot

So Hot have sold a total of 45,737 copies (No.17) since it was released on 3rd June with 3,946 shipped for the month of August. It proceeded to sell 3,762 copies (No.11) in September with accumulated sales of 49,499 albums.

Tell Me

Wonder Girls first album The Wonder Years came in at No.47 with accumulated sales of 72,823, selling 993 copies in August. Numbers for September were unavailable as it dropped out of the top 50 finally after nearly a year.


23 thoughts on “Album Sales Volume for Tell Me, So Hot and Nobody

  1. the wonder girls rock!!!
    u guys did so good on the jonas brothers tour in boston i hope u guys come back soon!

  2. their sales aren’t impressive, snsd has better sales! JYP artist isn’t very great when it comes to the Album Sales Volume… JYP should try to do something… SM artist had always gained alot when it comes to sales… not being mean, JYP needs to figure a strategy for them to reach 100,000 copies… but then again, in the finkl and S.E.S days, S.E.S always had impressive sales than finkl… but finkl had always remain on top…

  3. Woo!! I have my Wonders Girls cd in my car right now! My brother bought me a copy from Hawaii last summer! I was jumping up and down like fool at the airport!

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  6. I don’t think their sales are impressed or even something to be proud of. They’re really popular, but on sales is avarage. Others popular singers sold more than the Wonder Girls.

    Maybe their koreans fans download more their songs, instead of supporting them by buying their singles or album.

  7. wow hahahaha coindcidently, i just bought so hot, nobody and wonder years yesterday [& wonderday camera while ago] since it has always been sold out >.< and i couldnt get a copy so i told the store to reserve one for me when it comes.. and finally ! [i couldn’t get it from the internet since i dont have my credit card yet] now.. im trying to find the wonder begins… wonder girls are really getting big everywhere ! congratulations ~ wonderfuls are everywhere to support wg ^^

  8. I wish MIAK was fast with the charts…. These are numbers from 2 months ago..and the final statistiques for this year won’t be out until january….these are numbers from september.. I know for sure that “So Hot” is already in its 50k and so is “Nobody”…WOOT WOOT!

    I’m actually not worried for the album sales..WG sells more online, and I think this time around BB was their only competitor on online sales….I’m won’t be surprised if they took the digital daesang at the Golden Disk award.

    Last time I checked Hanteo, it said our girls were among the best sellers this year, 3rd or 4th spot i think…Go go go!

  9. impressive!

    ^yeah, WG’s songs are more popular in the internet (their sales for dl’s, ringtones, bgm, and etc are very high compared to their cd sales). hopefully their next album will sell out like bb’s

    thanks for the update!

  10. (-_-),

    in korea,wonder girls popularity aren’t in comparison with their album sales..
    for example dbsk and big bang new album (out in market almost same time with nobody) sales reaches 400k and 500k easily in a short time..
    wonder girls songs is a big hit on internet but not in the market..
    ermm…even snsd’s album sold around 130k although Tell Me album is gaining much more popularity in the nation..

  11. woah!! thnx for the info wondersmurf =)
    i thnk i need to buy their Nobody album sonn..wen its released..cuz i want the full version! =)
    actully i wanna buy all of their album o.o;;

  12. i think if their albums are sold in music store internationally, they will get better result. nevertheless, it is still an awesome figures esp. for a girl group.

  13. I was thinking that wonder girls sales are low when you think they are very popular, i live in France and scores like that for disks can been done by independant artists without major behind.
    France is around 60 millions peoples and 50 millions for South Korea there is not a big big difference, so why the score are so low in South Korea when an artist with the fame of wonder girls can reach 1 million disks sell in France.
    No wonder why JYP try so hard in USA, or other singers are going to Japan, korean sales scores are like jokes.
    It’s just my point of view, maybe i’m wrong.

  14. wonder girls are jjang!
    anyone going to the jyp concert in Orange county march 6??
    wondergirls coming to US again!!!~~~~ =)

  15. I’m proud of them, they have grown and its fun too see them as they become bigger and better! the first album was great, it was very cute… the cover was so cheerful and suited their image of being teenage girls who wanna have fun!
    I’m proud of their so hot single, because the sales was amazing, its not an album but it was impressive with the sales! I remember when it was all hyped as we waited to see their comeback! from cute they went to sexy, they build more confidence and their fanbase grew bigger!
    the 3rd single was good too,it showed everbody their vocal ability! nobody was excellent! saying i love you was fabulous and i tried was very nice! they just get better and better, they keep giving us great music every time they have a new single!
    i cant wait for their 2nd album, i’m sure jyp and the wonder girls will work that magic again! WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS FIGHTING!!!

  16. Woah!
    The Wonder Years just now dropped out of the top 50!?
    Holy crap! that’s amazing!
    I bet the girls are even more amazed considering that’s the album that started it all and they didn’t think it would get this big.
    If you check out each album group picture you can see how much the girls have grown
    The first album they look like little girls just having fun
    2nd album looks like they’re mature and think highly of themselves (part of concept it was a comical self centering)
    3rd album look at them! they’re gorgeous young ladies!!
    I’m so proud of them and I hope that in the future their next full album will TOP all of these sales!

    thanks coolsmurf

  17. wow. finally dropped out in september for their first album?! that’s pretty good (: thanks for the info alvin!

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