Sun Ye and Wooyoung Nobody Tango Dance Rehearsal

We have our 4th Nobody Tango rehearsal clip of Sun Ye and WooYoung which we saw at the 2008 MKMF. Unlike the actual performance, you can see clearly how it was supposed to be like. YooMi tease at 0:47 was pure dorkiness!

The girls will only be on Music Core this week.


53 thoughts on “Sun Ye and Wooyoung Nobody Tango Dance Rehearsal

  1. i love you forever (3x) your my energy;) Sun Ye i love it when sing it;) co’z your my energy you have nice voice really cute^.^

    Sun Ye-4-EveR;)

  2. Sun Ye is a great dancer :O
    loved the YooMi chemistry lol
    i kept going back to the scene where Sun Mi comes out from the door then went to see Yoo Bin XD
    and then when Yoo Bin did that thing, then Sun Mi kissing her ahahaha!!!
    it was funny

  3. OMG! Sunye is soo cool in this one! As soon as Sunmi walked in i completely ignored her tho lol
    Yoomi was so adorable! makes u feel like hugging them!

  4. That was great. Too bad her hand slipped away from Wooyoung during their actual performance. But it was still great though 🙂

    YooMin = rofl xD

    And that last pose at the end screamed “Tell Me” lol
    Am I right~~~? xD

    I can’t wait to see Yoobin’s. Kyaaah~~~


  5. This is HOT one that i ever seen <333333
    Leader way more hot and hot
    her dance was so perfect OHhhhhhhh Leader jjang!!!!!

  6. this is SO HOT!
    i wish they’ll do more tango.

    that little messed up bit at mkmf, was nothing.
    they still look hot doing it.

    lol at yoobin and sunmi!

    sunye held it til the end and cracked up. hahahaha
    LOVELOVELOVE SUNYE!!!!! *hugs*

  7. before i always thought that sunye and sohee are best dancer out of the group and i also thought that sohee dance clean than sunye, but after i watch this tango rehearsal of sunye and sohee i totally say sunye dance sooooo much clean and full with passionate Awww…. Leader so professional ^^

  8. wow, I didn’t even notice that Sun ye made a mistake while dancing the tango version…She danced very well as if she didn’t made a mistake,…as expected from a great dancer.!^^..

    go sun ye!!..

  9. is the tall guy in teh back with the rest of the 2pm members rain??? i counted 7members plus their manager and i haveno idea who he is haha it’d be cool if it were him

    and wow sunye and wooyoung top all
    so exact and on point
    powerful, charismatic, executes the moves the best imo
    and the ending was sooo sweeet

  10. WOW!

    kind of makes you think, ” so thats how its done”. I also love what Sunye is wearing here. The layered look relly relly nice.

    Wooyoung is so smittened!

  11. as expected from leader min..min sunye jjang!!! i love how she and wooyoung smiles at the end of the’s just <33 hehehe…i love watching them perform, it’s just soo passionate and all..and nyuma couple is love..they are such a dork..hahaha..cant wait for SuBin couple next!!hehehe XD tanx for sharing!

  12. omg that was so freakin hot. sunye dancing is so smooth. dang, look at wooyoung look at her in the end. usually people look at themselves in the mirror but he like gazing at her lol

  13. oh. one mistake though ):

    the guy should never open his fingers when caressing the girls back. its sort of rude.
    “i own this. my property.” in a sense

  14. is it so inevitable that people must COMPARE members?

    so, i’m currently learning Tango in my social dancing class and my god, its crazy how quickly they can learn and nearly perfect a whole routine in such a short time.

    !! awww. sunmi and yoobin look cute.
    its really chill to see people having fun while handling business

  15. All of the WGs tango videos have been very, very good! But Sunye Is The Ultimate! I cannot take my eyes off of her in this dance, right from the dramatic opening through all of the gorgeous moves and poses and to the dazzling smile at the end. Go Amazing Leader Min!

    Yoobin/Sunmi in the background was totally adorable, also.

  16. Sunye’s was the best, in my opinion!
    Her moves were a lot sharper than everyone elses.

    & I loved the ending pose.
    Now I REALLY wish they hadn’t messed up during the real performance on MKMF night =\

    Can’t wait for Yoobin’s clip next! Yay

  17. Sunye and Wooyoung ws friggin amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish that Sunye and Micky oppa collab sometime in the future…

    I think Micky oppa and sunye would make an amazing couple..

  18. LEADER MIN!!
    Why is she so damn hot?!
    I just finished watching QUIZ and Sunye is so damn talented at everythign she does!
    She was hilarious at that ep. I reccommend everyone watch it.
    She’s really good at tricking people xDD.
    But anyway back to her clip
    And I LOOOVE the other members just mess around.

    thanks coolsmurf

  19. I really love the Wonder Girls and I really hope that they start doing solos!
    Just like BB, these girls need to start that too.

    SunYe’s dance here was amazing, I think give her 5 more years and she is gonna be next Lee Hyori, scratch that she is gonna be the first Min SunYe.

  20. MY LOVE! shes the best ahaha
    the feet thing that they do in the middle is
    sohee and sunmi are mad adorable!

  21. This has got to be the best rehearsal clip ever!

    Woo-Ye are the bomb and SunYe, omg , I wish I could dance like her. Everyone was just staring at them when they were dancing..Cleanest lines and moves.

  22. wooyoung oppa is so hot! their chemistry is good, so sexy! sunye unnie is really good at dancing, i hope in their next album they have a song that shows more dancing skills… these girls are great! I love Khun and Wooyoung the best in 2pm, they are so hot!!! sunmi and yoobin, so dorky!!! hahaha!!! sunmi is always cheating, sometimes she’s with sohee, then ye eun, sunye and now yoobin! hahaha… love the chemistry they have towards each other!

  23. The best clip for me!. LEAder Min was spot on here!!!!!!!. The ending pose was cute, wish they had been able to execute it!

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