Ye Eun and Chansung Nobody Tango Dance Rehearsal

We have our 3rd rehearsal clip which was released late today. Nobody Tango rehearsal video of Ye Eun and Chansung which we saw at the 2008 MKMF.

Lol at the awkward slide at the end. But it came good at the real thing!


52 thoughts on “Ye Eun and Chansung Nobody Tango Dance Rehearsal

  1. Omg.. I love my ye eun!! She was so good.. she surprised me and made me proud~ she really did!! I’m so glad she’s getting more attention!! She well deserves it.. i love everyone in WG!! I can’t wait to see yoobin and our lovely leader!!! 😀

  2. yeah, this couple had the most physical contact… the moves weren’t as clean as sunye’s and wooyoung’s but the passion more than made up for it. too bad the camera wasn’t able to catch the slide part in the actual performance just when they were able to pull it off really well…

    everybody i think did a good work.

  3. Ye Eun definately surprise me. 🙂
    Her moves are so sharp and powerful. LOVE IT!!!
    And agree, she does look hot!
    She just oozes chaisma……

  4. that was really good.
    she did the best of the girl’s at :14 (:
    this couple moves very well together.

    yay ye eun (:

  5. whoa their body contact and moves are so passionate. ye eun an chansung’s is the bst so far.sohee’s was swift and all but i just thought i lacked hat passionate feeling. sunmi’s was good. i can’t wait to see sunye’s, i love the way she dances!

  6. Yay, go Ye Eun!! Her dance was definitely the most difficult and she pulled it off real well. Most sexiest goes to her too. 🙂

    I was getting kind of hot and bothered because they definitely were closer in proximity. WOW

  7. YeEun’s dance move epitomized the tango. The intimacy, the proximity, the sexy moves. Hellz ya, Park Oppa!

    YeEun always struck me as the kind of person that wouldn’t be afraid to get down and dirty (LOL), so I’m glad she did something rather daring.

    I think I’m shipping a new WonderDay couple xDD Park Oppa looks good with too many people. Gosh, YeEun, stop looking so dang hot.

    Not afraid to get down and .. intimate?
    lol haha
    Tango dancing requires some hardcore passionate contact.
    I’m so glad that they’re not afraid to do what they need to.

    thanks coolsmurf!

  9. also, he touchedeed her but? lol
    but oMFG hers was th ebest xD
    cant weait to see sunye and yoobun unni’s~

  10. her line at 0:09 is just perfect, so sexy
    while she is probably the least skinny in the group, i think she and yoobin have the most woman like bodies, the other 3 are still in like teen phase

  11. Ye Eun is very pretty. She is always so nice and so natural. Whenever he sees a natural smile ..
    Her dancing is excellent, and the last step was spectacular.

  12. I think YeEun is the best so farr ^^ then comes SunMi then SoHee but who knows ^^ havent seens YooBin and Sunye ^^

  13. OK i quickly watched SoHee’s and SunMi’s solo rehearsal and i can definitely say Yeeun was the best, she was the most powerful and had no mistakes, Sun Mi did a little mistake in the beginning and SoHee didn’t kick high enough and her legs weren’t always fully stretch (but on the she was PERFECT)

  14. haha, i said wow the same time the person in the video did, Yeeun Nearly did the splits WOW.

    I can’t wait to see Sun Ye’s and Yoobins now ^^

  15. @mikkichan
    lol i have to disagree with u though.. i felt that taecmi’s dancing had more passion and better timing than the other two.. to me the rest felt like dance dance whereas taecmi felt it had a real tango feel to it 🙂

    BUT the slide oh, the slide… it takes the cake on the MKMF itself, I really have to admit SungYe’s dance was the best on the day itself 🙂 stupid cameraman

  16. I love how she almost couldn’t come up at the end and Chansung pull her up with his strength LOL Awesome partnership right there <33 Though TaecMi is my favorite couple, I admit that this couple’s dance is the best so far. I can’t wait for Sunye and Yoobin clips.

  17. ye eun’s is probably the best one so far. their all good don’t get me wrong! but ye eun’s is a lot stronger and has more passion? lol. but the slide at the end was rather awkward hahahahaha xD yoobin is next probably.

  18. @ giantdino
    I agree with you about the MKMF 😦

    i like how they dare to touch each other, i don’t mean in the sexual way though. I think Tango dancing requires something more than just making the right moves but rather it needs some passion. So in my opinion, this couple dance the best.
    Well, ok i might have some bias here, kekeke
    can’t wait for the other couples’ vid to make fare judgement!!!

    Thanks for the update.

  19. ye eun is improving. I was surprised that she danced so well.i really hope that more people pay attention to her. I hate that people said that she had the lowest popularity, u guys are wrong. she had many fans in korea like her fans club. yoon eun hye also underrated during baby voxson times but now she is so popular. yeeun will be liked her, chansung you are a lucky guy. hehe,dont touch my yeeun. ye eun you are the Best.the dance floor is hot though.

  20. no.i think ye eun danced better than others. hate that mkmf did not capture yeeun scenes on the real perf. clear and swift ,yeeun u are awesome.abt the floor dance,one word HOT. chansung should be mo careful,i also saw that. but they were really not shy abt the body contact. yeeun saranghae. you danced well

  21. ah finally. although the steps are not as swift as sohee but yeen and chansung were not shy abt body contact. and the floor dance is hot hot hot but am I blind or angle problem? I saw chansung touched yeeun senstive part. ye eun u had done well.i likd ur very the most. yeen u are hot.jealous of chansung .

  22. oh gosh!
    YeEun glide and dip so beautifully!
    and she used chansung not only as a human jungle gym but also as a human pole!
    oh my gosh the way she slide through him is ahhhhhhh!

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