So Hee @ 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards Red Carpet 081120

So Hee was the only Wonder Girl on the red carpet today. Don’t ask why.


Dressed in a one-piece black dress, So Hee’s outfit required high expectations to be able to flaunt it. The accessory in the middle of the dress was just for show and did not act as a belt or something. Thus, you would need to have a slim figure to pull this off. A simple black dress with minimal accessories or design means that a less than perfect body would be exposed easily. But thanks to her long legs, So Hee was able to carry it off with ease.

Kay’s Favourite Picture


More of So Hee


Wonder Girls Nobody performance has been updated with the Wonder Girls as kungfu girls.


77 thoughts on “So Hee @ 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards Red Carpet 081120

  1. Wow…sohee looks like an 20 years old lady ar…
    i more like her hairstyle before…hehe
    beautiful legs!!

  2. the dress is really nice for it showcases her very nice legs but personally i thought the make up wasn’t right…

  3. SoHee looked mature in that black dress and without the girls.
    she looked so different.
    nice look.
    the clutch is cool~~!

  4. i saw this on KBS world on Nov, 20th, but i just saw Bi with Rainism, couldn’t see WG, hix hix hxi T_T T_T_T_T

    their outfits are totally glamorous! soooo beautiful!

    about so hee?…. simply the best! she looks awesome!

  5. Well, she’s technically the only one that’s officially an actress, y’know? Isn’t weird to have singers be in a film festival like that? Not weird, but not exactly the most appropriate.

    Those dresses they are wearing makes Sun Ye’s waist look so small!!! ^^

    I’m not really a fan of Sohee’s eye make-up and flat-top hairdo on the red carpet though. Sohee looks so different. @.@

    I hope that each member gets chances to do solo activities, too! I think that each member has the potential to do so, and not just being in features of other singers’ songs, but like… SOLO like Sohee does it.

  6. HOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!
    Cute little mandoo Sohee has grown into a beautiful young lady.
    Granted her cheeks are still there but now I can’t help focusing on her gorrrgeous long legs and to die for slim figure.
    S line!
    LOVE her simple black dress. The big buckle accessory in the middle was perfect.
    She’s so pretty and GOOOOOOOORGEOUS!
    I agree with a couple people here though that my only complaint is her hair part line..
    For some reason it just looks a little weird in the middle for her.
    Idk why.
    Despite that she still looks HOT!
    Looks like she had fun too 🙂 Loooove her smiling.

    thanks coolsmurf

  7. @ omg

    you’ve got issues!

    Sohee looks nice, wish she had dressed in a lighter color that was more her age. She has many many years left to work BLACK.

    Also, wish that the other girls had walked the Red carpet.

  8. She looks pretty!
    I love her shoes.

    The only complaint I have is her hair though..
    I wish she hadn’t parted it in the middle >_<

  9. She looks pretty!
    I love her shoes.

    The only complaint I have is her hair though..
    I wish she hadn’t parted it in the middle >_<

  10. I love her style here. The dress is cute and the shoes! Omg, love the shoes. I really think she’ll be a fashion icon in the future. If she isn’t already… Great model potential too.

  11. Her hair is black, but its only the bottom part she dyed i think since when the light hits the top of her head, her hair is still a bit brown there-COOL.

    I agree she looks gorgeous, killer legs or what.

  12. i don’t know if i’m right but she looks like kim min hee here. 🙂
    pretty gal… our mandoo is turning in to a fab woman. i still can remember how cute she is in her omona days. :))

  13. she dyed her hair! love it!
    so pretty!
    and she likes to do that pose. hehe
    where she crosses her legs!
    she knows what works for her!

  14. Her hair and eyebrows are darker this time. Something isn’t right. I think her hair being split doesn’t look good on her. She look gorgeous and I really want her shoes.

  15. must be hella nerve-wrecking to walk the red carpet alone… but god, sohee is so stunning. such amazing legs, too! and she’s smiling a lot(:

    love the girl.

  16. she looks so cute & simple! and it makes sense that she walked the carpet alone, because she’s the only actress of the bunch~ It’d be like if there were an award show for songwriters or something and SoHee were to show up–that’d be weird and out of place too ^^

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  18. haha I love your commentary!
    spoken like a true fashion guru~

    I love the first pic!! she looks so cute~she’s such a cutie!!

    thanks for the pics galore!

  19. i think their performance was cut at the last moment because they got an actor to sing for the first time in his career.

  20. i thought they were going to sing another song apart from nobody, and i didn’t see any see secret weapon either… it wasn’t as great as i imagined…

  21. im sorry..i dunt like it..its too black..she’s young, she shouldn’t go for an all black look..

    her skin looks too pale too..but they look gorgeous in the performance..esp sunye!

  22. Since So Hee is only who have played a lead role in a movie, she walked the red carpet as an actress, she is really shining here.

  23. she’s so gorgeous and so grown up!!
    i love everything except for the eyebrow….her eyebrow made her looked like a clown….but again,the dress,the hair, the posture are all WOW!!

  24. i’m watching it at kbs world right now… can’t understand a word they are saying… their nobody performance was so and so, they looked tired…. sunmi and sohee did well! nothing special so far….

  25. The makeup looks… a bit weird. Like her eyebrows/eye area.

    The first few pics she looked great though! How come I didn’t see this even though I’m watching! o.o

  26. she looks great! and she does NOT have fat ankles. dunno why she always mentions that. cuz she has pretty legs.

  27. is it me or is her eyes red??? she looks so tall! cute sohee has turned into a wonderful young lady, i hope she gets to act in a movie or drama soon! or maybe, the girls can all act together and do a movie! hahaha… can’t wait for their performance!

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