Wonder Girls 2nd Anniversary Project by Yongwonhi Forums

Yongwonhi Forums is now preparing a project to celebrate the Wonder Girls 2nd anniversary and they need some donations to make this a success!


The following are the gifts that they have decided upon:

Group: Photobook | Message Board
Sun Ye: Jewelry | Graphics Tee/Hoodie | Traveling Pillow
Ye Eun: Traveling Pillow | Eating Utensils
So Hee: Cap/Beanie | Black and White Portrait
Sun Mi: Traveling Pillow | Matching PJs
Yoo Bin: Build-a-Bear | Rapping CDs

Interested in contributing, click here and/or here for more information.


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls 2nd Anniversary Project by Yongwonhi Forums

  1. thank for putting this up, alvin! awesomeness.

    is the black and white portrait really that bad? we meant it as a hand-drawn portrait, not, taken, haha. still bad? XD

    That’s so exciting!!!
    Thanks a bunch for the info
    Will be glad to help!
    If I can..
    Hope alloot of people can help out for this

    thanks coolsmurf

  3. i dunno bout the black/white portrait for sohee… generally black and white portraits are used for funerals =T

  4. wow that’s really nice of you, helping us out 🙂
    thanks coolsmurf, we really need donations and the help too

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