So Hee and NichKhun Nobody Tango Dance Rehearsal

Guess they are releasing the rehearsal clips 1-by-1. Nobody Tango rehearsal video of So Hee and NichKhun which we saw at the 2008 MKMF.

Shy So Hee running off at the end. ^__^


61 thoughts on “So Hee and NichKhun Nobody Tango Dance Rehearsal

  1. Shes got a great body for a 16yr old right?
    Awwww, i love you!
    Sooo cute when she ran away right after
    the guy was just standing there LOL i have a feeling
    he was making a funny face to those guys when he still stood there when she ran away like he knew she was xD
    Classic. hahas love sohee ! ❀

  2. you know, i really love sohee’s hair!!
    it’s so long & thick! mine used to be that way when i was younger…but now it’s so thin T_T
    anyway, yeah, sohee does have a great womanly body for a 16yr old–i always say i’m very jealous of it!!!
    her dancing style is very nice. it’s very “clean” and her movements are distinct.
    as an observer ,i think sohee’s dancing is better since her movements are more clear and graceful, BUT sunmi looks more passionate when she dances. imo πŸ™‚
    cant wait for more!! i loved sunmi + taec’s!!!
    (i love taecyeon, he’s so sexy!) plus i love sunmi so perfect! haha

  3. YAY i cant wait for more of these
    tho i do have to say i like the taecmi couple more slightly different style… BUT stilll sohee and khun were cute

  4. ahah, that was cute when sohee left khunnie at the end :]
    they did very well πŸ˜€

    but i still think sunmi and khunnie are a better couplee ;]


  5. And guys lay off the comparison with MiSo.
    Theyr’e both SMOKINNNN HOT.
    And they both did EXTREMELY well with this tango.
    I couldn’t stop watching either practice over and over again.

    Right when the vid first started I didn’t think they could capture the intense sexiness of the MKMF perf cause of their casual wear BUT THEY DID. PERFECTLY.
    I think Sohee is gorgeous. And not just in the cute way.
    I truly think she’s pretty, sexy, hot, ADORABLE, etc just like the other members.
    I would KILL for her body. ESPECIALLY her legs.
    BTW guys the unnies probably only cheered Sohee and not SunMi because they know how shy Sohee is, so for her to be so into it was amazing cause of how hot it was!

    thanks coolsmurf!

  7. she was much better than sunmi, she didn’t mess up at all
    And then her legs are so long she wasn’t kidding that time on chocolate, when sunye was talking about her wearing jeans..
    Thank you so much for this!!:)t

  8. being a wonderdya addict, there is no bias in me, when I say that Wooyoung is the one who messed up..he let go of her hand..but its all good…they played it off well and def a kodak moment.

  9. Sohee ah!! lol…
    I love watching her dance the most…she just gets it…
    I loved how she ran off..hahaah… I gasped when he ran his fingers on the side… O__O… Sunmi don’t get mad!! lol

    I’m enjoying these vids…Bring it on!

    they are so adorable together!
    the dance looked SO good and I’m happy i was able to see them better since they were put in the back that was AMAZING
    thank you JYP for this gift!!

    they make a perfect couple hopefully JYP will pair them again!
    Sohee πŸ™‚ she’s so shy Nickhun was smiling at the end who wouldn’t be happy he just got so much skinship with a Wonder girls member! ^^

  11. even tho shes dancing in sweats it still looks good
    lol. she looks so peacefull. she has such a good body!
    not to skinny not to fat!

  12. I really like watching So hee groove, dance and make suave, sexy and distinct moves. She looks good when dancing. Her moves are very clean and distinct —SUAVE..and very sexy too. To add up, I like her long legs and curves as well. I envy our Mandu So hee, for such a young age she has a VAVAVUM body…(I think she has grown taller

    And when NICHKHUN slides his hand through so hee…wow that was so sexy…
    And I like their part when So hee makes the fetus like pose while on NICHKHUN’s arms…oh so romantic…

    They look good..har har NICH’s very handsome and soHee’s so cute…
    TAEMIN is also hot…I keep watching the rehearsals over and over again..
    Sunmi really improved on her dancing…and she is more gorgeous now..i THINK also that TAEMIN couple is more intimate with each other…Can’t wait for the other clips of the UNNIES…

    I think the fans will be more GAGA if the couples kissed in the end..or give an attempt kiss cutting short before their lips meet…WWWAAAOOOW!!!! ❀ THAT’s ONLY my WISHFUL thinking…if they did that on the last MKMF I don’t know what will be the people’s or fans reactions….hahaha LMAO…I not a big fan of 2PM but now I am getting real hooked with the pairing thing…between WG and 2PM…

    ❀ But for me I really wish Sun MI and Nichkhun looks better than SOHEE & NICHKHUN —my wish ful thinking again


    haha cute ending when SOhee ran away..she’s very shy and awkward towards her partner…and I hear someone teasing her….^___^ not sure if its Sunmi ….oh Miso Love.

  13. i think ye eun would be the next one lol. πŸ˜€
    both sunmi and sunye did great ! i love how sohee just ran off lol.

  14. i007

    You need to get your facts straight. She didn’t mess up it was Wooyoung, you could see it on his face. Had she messed up wouldn’t she have had a sheepish look on her face instead of the surprised look (which only lasted for like a micro-second!).

    It’s not bias, maybe YOU shouldn’t be so anti-sunye!

  15. this make me thinking of TBJ when their solo pic released
    the two maknae always releasing before three unnies hehe
    cant wait for the rest, it be more and more HOTTTT !!

    AND FOR SOMEONE!!! rewatch that clip again and again
    thats WOOYOUNG MESSED UP, it’s wooyoung’s lil fault,
    NOT because of our LEADER at all!!!

  16. So Hee is a really good dancer & NichKhun is so cute. πŸ˜‰
    Can’t wait to see the rest of the rehearsals especially Ye Eun’s!!

  17. to i007,
    like i know Leadah Min never messed up her dance before, once she mayb messed up her line in ‘Take It’ but for her dance, she never messed up, she look like best dancer out of the group, and she most hard working and practising so its hard for her to messed up esp. with dancing thing ^^

    Sohee n Nichkhun was such a cute couple,
    sohee shy in the end was really cute! ❀

  18. that was the cutest thing i have ever seeeeeeeennnnn XDDD soheeeee and khunnnnn! so adorable how she ran off and left khun standing there like a statue kkk~~

  19. LOL @ freeze
    sunye ever messed up her dance move and her sing line too,
    she always mess it up, guy, please get fact and dont bias

  20. why other members didn’t support by screaming for sun mi?

    they just supported so hee? coz she was hot?

    i think both of them did very well!

  21. it will be a good way if you dont comparing them to each other
    they hav own way ^__^
    and dont forget that dance moves was create by choreographer
    not by them self ^__^

  22. i wanna see my Sunyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <3333333333

    and i just wondering too, in some wooyoung fancam
    what sunye saying, it not like her counting beats,
    it look like she saying something to wooyoung,
    maybe “wooyoung shiii…. you know? i’m wait this award for a long times ? if you mess up today, i’ll kill you guy!!!!” haha

  23. rite!!! leader min never messed up her dancing line ^-^
    look at wooyung’s face after messed up thing,
    its obviously that he messed up.

  24. yayyyyyyyy πŸ™‚
    sohee & khun ARE cute πŸ™‚
    sunmi + taec = young & sexy couple
    sohee + khun = cute couple
    …rest = ???
    cute cute

  25. at yebinx3
    she mouthed things before they messed up. i wonder what she said. im thinking shewas counting the beats and saying how many couples already did their thing lol

  26. @Kari

    same here, wanna see leader min..though I wouldn’t say they messed up…they were still (IMO) the couple with most stage presence and chemistry..

  27. Wow, her figure is beautiful, just like Sun Mi; I’m so jealous of them both. I wish I could fly around beautifully and flawlessly, ’cause she looks so amazing. πŸ˜€ And I love the end where she runs off.
    I want to see Leader Min! Her and her partner messed up on stage, so I wouldn’t mind getting to see what their dance is supposed to look like.

  28. ya, its not important sun mi is better or sohee is better..
    i like miso couple, i love wg..

    wew, curious who will be the next..

  29. aww. that was cool to watch!
    haha, it’s a lot cuter without the flashy outfits.
    and so hee running off was definitely cute. :]

  30. OMG!!!!!!!! SOHEE AND NICHKHUN!!! THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER!!!! they’re both sooooooooo cute, making them look soooooo cute together~~~~~omg!!!!!!! i loved it when they danced!!!!! soooooo cute!!!!!!! Soheeβ™‘Nichkun!!!! even tho sohee’s mine and i don’t want anyone to steal her, nichkun is an exception, since he’s cuter and hotter!! Sohee and Nichkun all the way!!!! I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!!!

  31. the cutest couple!!! haha!!! nickhun was still standing when sohee ran away!!! they are so cute!!! you can here the unnies laughing…. can’t wait to see who’s next!

  32. even though she wasn’t dressed up at all she is so stunning. i didn’t think that tango dance would look good without the skirt and dressy shirt or something. she just had training pants on with heels LOL amazing. wonderful couple except her run off later on lmao

    did you look at the cards that wonder girls members sent us? it’s in the wonder girls “wonderFul” daum cafe if you want to post the translations on here

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